Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"How could this incompetent administration pull of MIHOP?"

The DUmmies seem to have something of a dilemma regarding President Bush. You see, the liberals are constantly harping on the "utter incompetence" of Bush. However, the DUmmies also claim that Bush MIHOP concerning 9/11. IOW, they believe that Bush Made It Happen On Purpose (9/11) and was able to keep this MASSIVE plot a secret all these years to the public (except for the paranoid DUmmies). So how to explain this disconnect? How could an incompetent President pull off the most massive plot in history and keep it a secret? Simple. According to the DUmmies, Bush is only ACTING incompetent in order to cover up his incredible scheming competence in pulling off MIHOP as you can see in this ironically titled (because of the incompetent spelling of "off" as "of") THREAD incompetently titled, "How could this incompetent administration pull of MIHOP?" So where do the DUmmies get the idea for this premise? Perhaps they stole the idea from a Saturday Night Live skit in which an barely aware Ronald Reagan is basically sleepwalking thru his day in front of others. Then when there is no one around, he suddenly turns into an ultra-competent dynamo giving brisk orders over the phone in a variety of languages. So let us now watch the DUmmies present Bush's incompetence as an act to cover up MIHOP in paranoid Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Bush can really pronounce "nuclear" with precise diction, is in the [brackets]:

How could this incompetent administration pull of MIHOP?

[Maybe Bush's misuse of "of" in place of "off" is just an act to make us think he is as incompetent as a typical DUmmie.]

Can someone in the MIHOP camp explain to me why this administration, the same one that totally f*cked up the planning in Iraq, and was in charge of FEMA during Hurrican Katrina, could have masterminded the worse terrorist attack on American soil? If you make posts in the 9/11 Forum about how the plane that hit the south tower had a missle pod, or that the passengers on board the planes were taken away to some secret location and held there indefinately, then how do you explain why the Bush Administration f*cked up everyone from pre-war Iraq planning (ie. not guarding important military sites in Iraq, including sites that held potential hazardous material that was guarded by the U.N.) and couldn't mobalize FEMA for the people in and near NOLA? I don't trust them to get anything right, and judging by their record of incompetence, I don't see how they could have pulled off 9/11.

[Stand by for some really HILAROUS DUmmie explanations of this dilemma.]

This administration may appear 'incompetent'
and, indeed, be so if you accept the point of view that what they are attempting to do is what they say they are attempting to do. On the other hand, if you take the point of view that they are achieving the goals they have in mind, but use 'incompetence' (among other things) as ruses because their stated goals and their real goals are not one and the same, then you could come up with a different appreciation for their capabilities.

[Ah, the incompetence as a ruse theory. However, there is still a fallback position for DUmmies who still want to believe in Bush's incompetence as presented by this very same DUmmie...]

But as I see it, it doesn't really matter. 9/11 wasn't done by "this administration" it was 'done' by a quasi-military 'black' operations group. These people, I can assure you, are NOT incompetent.

[Yes, Bush only AUTHORIZED MIHOP. However, since he is so incompetent, he left all the details to an ultra competent super secret Black Ops group.]

I agree, Bush& Co are not incompetent when it comes to
meeting their own goals. They want Americans to get the idea that the federal gov't is not going to be there to help them in the future, hence FEMA,etc.., that is also why they are bankrupting the treasury. As for the black operations group , sounds like a good idea for a new thread. Imagine the kind of technology/training/ & weaponry they would have. Stuff we don't even know about. As we go on about shaped charges, etc...I'm sure they have ways of demolishing a building in, well, 10-13 seconds flat!

[Ah! I see. The incompetent act serves not only as a ruse to cover up MIHOP but to make Americans think that Big Government is ineffective. And imagine the Black Ops group rigging up the WTC Towers with shaped charges without being detected!]

The incompetence is merely a ruse to achieve their goals...which they have done...and continue to do.

[Warning! The incompetence is just a ruse!]

Maybe the Black Ops boys aren't incompetent,
but the next time they pull an operation, they should better do a better job of tying up the loose strings. Like the little boner of at least five of the so called "hijackers", all of whom supposedly died in the "attacks", subsequently turning up alive and well. And the idiotic ploy of "finding" the undamaged passport of one of the suspects in the rubble heap. Yea, uh huh. They expect us to believe that jet fuel burned so intensely hot that it made steel melt causing the towers collapse, but a paper passport somehow floated down to ground level undamaged. Not unlike their insane bull shit of silencing witnesses to the Kennedy Assassination. If the ass-wads really expected the public to buy the "Oswald did it" Official Story, would it not have made better sense to leave the whistle blowers alone? As in: what, me worry? Give the appearance at least, that people like that are harmless crackpots who cause the Government no concern whatever. Harassing/ murdering witnesses has a tendency to draw public attention to the plight of the victims, and lend more credence to what they have to say. They may not be incompetent, but they're not the sharpest tools in the shed, either. In my opinion -

[They also made a huge mistake in allowing DUmmieland to remain online where the perceptive DUmmies could figure out the entire MIHOP plot.]

That said, are these guys geniuses? Hell No. Just look at building 7. Only the American Media could cover up such a glaring mistake as building 7's collapse, Silverstein's comments,and the destruction of the evidence. Without the complicity of the media they would be exposed as the shitbag traitors that they are.

[Damn that Building 7 collapse! How did we let that loose end slip by for the always perceptive DUmmies to notice?]

There are men and women who work in branches of the U.S. Government who will Kill without question, they DO NOT feel guilty about this. It is their job. If you feel differently about it you are living in a fantasy world. Go to your library, check out books about the U.S. Intelligence community, you may not like what you find out.

[You're killing me with your standup comedy and I bet you don't feel a bit guilty about this.]

Moreover, the government is incompetent only if you think they try to make things better for everyone - if you think they really wanted to liberate the Iraqi people and bring them democracy, if you think they really care about the troops and want to limit the number of casualties, if you think they were really trying to help the poor in New Orleans, etc.

[IOP---Incompetent On Purpose.]

So don't believe the puppet show in any way, and remember that irony is silent laughter for someone. In this case laughing at us.

[Even more ironically, you don't realize how RIGHT you are. We ARE laughing AT you.]

The window dressing is incompetence.
Bush is the perfect front guy. He plays his role so well, no one could think he's smart enough to pull it off. And that's obviously true. But the people behind him are and they had been planning their Pearl Harbor for years. On 9/11, Bush played his role perfectly.

[Bush was perfectly competent in acting out his incompetent role.]

Because it's not the Administration
It would be a military operation conducted out of the Pentagon.

[And it is a given fact that the Pentagon has absolutely NO ties with the Administration.]

Reason: "Double-Truth".

Two truths:

One story for the masses.

The real truth known only to the elites.

That's how they do it.

[We never counted on the super perceptive DUmmies to discover the REAL TRUTH reserved only for us elites.]

"Why not point something out?" Right at the start--the false premise that Bush failed at everything he did.

He stole two elections.

He successfully muzzled the media.

He subverted the Constitution and got away with it.

He's looted the public treasury.

[Which explains how he pulled off MIHOP.]

Seriously, it's called "Crazy Like A Fox" - where the fox rolls around and acts crazy and lulls the prey into thinking he's stupid - then, he POUNCES on them. It's also known as having a method to one's madness. It's also known as 'misdirection' - Bush is the hand with the magic wand in it that you can't take your eyes off, Cheney is the hand slipping the rabbit under the table that you never notice. He's stupid alright, all the way to the bank with all our money. How stupid is that? And, what does that make us? A retarded president has cleaned you out, sacrificed your kids and lives better than most of us ever will.
It's stupid to think he's stupid.

[But NOT stupid to think that YOU are stupid.]

Al Qaeda could have demolished the WTC by
renting offices in the building and working at night.

[Instead of just flying planes into the WTC which appeared on various videos which we are not to believe.]

yes, critical thinking skills are lacking these days. A steady diet of X-files and other government did it programs makes many people jump to conclutions.

[Like MIHOP.]

I wouldn't put anything past the government. Not a god damn thing. And I still wonder to this day, why and how it is that if the Government was taken so completely by surprise on 9/11, then how did they pull it all together so fast? As I recall, names and faces of the alleged hijackers were being broadcast within hours of the attacks. They worked mighty damn fast for people who (we are supposed to believe) got caught with their pants down - ? WTF?

[Chalk it up to the incredibly effective incompetence ruse.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't see that you had comments before. I've had you bookmarked for a while now, and I just love it.

I have an acquaintance who evidently fully believes all this stuff. Since he otherwise doesn't seem to exhibit any signs of emotional, psychological, or mental instability I have to wonder.

He keeps sending me stuff about WTC-7, for instance (I think his current position is that first about 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel was smuggled into it, the explosives were planted and the building was set on fire at about the same time as it was blown up so it would look like fire. He still hasn't answered my question about whether this was all done before the planes hit and a time frame [he does admit the planes hit, although he thinks one of them was small] and then they waited for an attack or if immediately after the attack they rushed all this stuff in.)

There is just no end to the ingenuity of conspiracy freaks.


11:49 AM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

It's not just the DEMOCRATS at the DEMOCRAT Underground who buy into these kookie 9/11 conspiracy theories. Such kookiness is widespread among MANY Democrats. Even many ELECTED Democrats buy into these 9/11 conspiracy theories although they won't admit it publicly.

Among the HARD CORE Democrats, such kookie 9/11 conspiracy theories are the RULE, not the exception.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Of course liberals believe that the government is a huge, evil dark-ops conspiracy engine capable of doing anything to anybody at any time and getting away with it; why do you think they're so eager to be the ones running it?


3:08 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

The problem the DUmmies face is called "reality".

Millions of people watched planes destroy buildings, and, in DUmmieland, it must be a "black ops project".

And WHY would a government want to do this to their own people? Obviously, it's the oil... or the Jews... or our agreement with the Reptilians from Epsilon 5.

The thought that a twisted religion has spawned a murderous cult is much too far fetched.

3:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Classic. If the facts don't match your theory, get different facts.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What would truly be some amazing logisizing would be to hear the DUmmies explain what the 'black ops' professionals did during the Clinton administration. I assume that they were in charge of carrying her ass around as she moved through the White House so that no antiques were damaged, but thats just my opinion.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Perhaps these freaks can just smoke a bowl and get together at the local IHOP to discuss the latest MIHOP over some nice pancakes.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You'll feel like a real ASS come Tuesday, since Rover rolled over...

I'm sure it won't be the first time...

8:34 AM  
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