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"Come November...What can we do if there is a repeat of '02 and '04?"

The DUmmies are already whining about the November results MONTHS before those elections even begin. And, of course, if the DUmmocrats LOSE in November, their excuse will be VOTE FRAUD. Is this any big surprise? The DUmmies have lost the past three elections and every time it is the same whine. Vote Fraud...Diebold...Vote Fraud...Diebold...Vote Fraud...Diebold... They just can't seem to face the fact that MAYBE the voters themselves rejected the DUmmocrats. Therefore we can now see the DUmmies getting their lame excuses for possible defeat together in this THREAD titled, "Come November...What can we do if there is a repeat of '02 and '04?" So let us watch the DUmmies let loose with their collective electoral whine in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, busy programming the Diebold software, is in the [brackets]:

Come November...What can we do if there is a repeat of '02 and '04?

[How about melodramatically standing up and revealing your real names like you hilariously performed following your '04 defeat?]

We have the numbers. We have the evidence.
How do we make sure that the votes are counted fairly and correctly? If there is obviously malfeasance, how do we prove it? Who's got our backs?

[Karl Rove has your back.]

There has to be a plan. We can't just wing it. We have to have an organized course of action set up in advance. I have no idea what that course should be, but I feel that it's essential. Any ideas?

[The plan is simple. If you win, declare that it was a legit election. If you lose, screech "VOTE FRAUD!!!"]

Celebrate or cry respectively. We gained seats in both houses of the federal legislature in '02. And we had gains in state governments in both '02 and '04. So if the results are the same as '02 ... we celebrate! If the results are the same as '04, we have a mixed bag. As already mentioned, we had gains in the states, but were swept in the federal elections. I would say '04 was a net loss. So crying seems appropriate. Which is why I'll be rooting for a repeat of '96, '98 or '02 and not of '00 or '04.

[Go ahead and root for a repeat of '02 when the DUmmocrats lost control of the Senate and DUmmieland had a collective mental meltdown in which your site was shut down for days.]

I have no doubt that if the Dems don't move spiffy, then after all the vote-counting is done, the Rs will still be in control. And for all the talk about clean elections, all the hard work put in by so many dedicated DU'ers, I haven't actually seen any concrete results, although if someone has a link, I'd like to have it.

[I better speed up on programming those Diebold machines.]

precisely. greg palast in his new book is predicting 4 million votes are going to dissapear. what are we going to do when people who are supposed to win by 10-15 points lose their elections? it is coming, it will be obvious, it will be blatant. will we take it?

[ONLY 7 million votes? I've been programming those Diebold machines to lose 7 million votes.]

I think four million either disappeared --
-- or were switched in 2004. No, actually more. i think Kerry won by 4 million, in the popular vote.

[Since Bush won by 3 million in the popular vote then 7 million were switched. It looked like the Diebold programming worked just right.]

I think we need some sort of network of response teams. We need people to work the media. We need people to file lawsuits. We need people on phone banks. We need legal experts. We need mathematicians. What else?

[Thought Police.]

So far, I haven't heard a damn thing from anyone with any authority or power to **actually** do something about what, specifically, they would do if the vote gets stolen again. Lotsa money coming in. Lotsa candidates out there. Lotsa great polls out there. Lotsa 'looking good for the midterms.' Not a lot of contingency plans to ensure a fair vote. I don't want to know about the platitudinous bullshit we get from our leaders. I want to know what *****specifically****** they have planned for ensuring that ***my*** vote counts.
Please tell me I'm wrong, that I missed the 'plans' memo, and that I have had my head up my ass.

[Okay, I'll be the one to tell you that you do have your head up Uranus.]

After people vote, they fill out the postcard and mail it. If a
Dem has 500 votes in a Precinct and 1,000 postcards, something is rotten, ain'a? (as they say in Wisconsin). Voter registration numbers can be used to cull out dupes or frauds.

[If it is Wisconsin, just mail in slashed car tires.]

If fear of a crypto fascist theocracy isn't enough motivation for people to give up on their precious secret "Australian ballot" then we are just f*cked. Mail the cards out beforehand. Voter registration number is on your card, mine is in my wallet. There is sure to be some slippage and Repukes will claim "voter error," which is why Dems need to win really big. If fraud can be proven in a few precincts, the worms come out of the can, people ask "How?" and once "How" is known (or even just cannot be explained)then the rest comes more easily.

[You better watch out. Normally apathetic people might vote AGAINST the DUmmocrats this year just to be entertained by your crazed reactions in the aftermath.]

I hate to say this, but we need to arouse peoples fear and paranoia and direct it at the voting machines.

[You're already doing a great job on the paranoia bit.]

RUN PARALLEL ELECTIONS to audit the results of your local elections.

[What a practical suggestion. Just go to the expense and effort of opening up parallel polling places and hope EVERYONE has the patience to vote TWICE just to validate your dopey idea.]



We have legislation in place for paper ballots even if there are electronic voting machines available in Montana. I realize I am simplistic and all that...but what would happen if there were indeed recognized, recorded, notarized...whatever it would take to certify them as LEGAL DOCUMENTS biparitsan exit polls? Having volunteers outside the polls do to this? Count me in...I'll take notes. No names, just are they registered (which they would be, otherwise they wouldn't have been allowed to vote in the first place) and how did they vote on the key issues. These could be compared against the 'official' results if anything looked fishy. I realize I'm making a big assumption that voters would be honest and want to assure that their vote to be counted as they cast it.

[It would get quite crowded in the poll booths with notary publics squeezing in with each voter. Oh, and thanx for your suggestion to toss the SECRET BALLOT out the window.]

Yes we must start now, we must act quickly...the clock is...
...ticking and November is really just around the corner.

[Start whining...NOW!!!]

"Who's got our backs?" nobody. The same nobody that has let this get to this point in the first place. In case it has escaped your notice, this country has undergone a coup. We have been occupied for six years and those responsible are not about to let it go just because a bunch of sheep stopped chewing their cud long enough to make a mark on a "ballot". I hope I'm wrong, but history is on my side.

[John Kerry has your back. Just look for the secret hand signal as he adjusts his tie.]

We have to try. But maybe we shouldn't be discussing this on a public forum.

[Your comments have been noted and countermanded by the Rovian Commandos.]

Grab a tube of K-Y and think of England. We're screwed. We have as much chance of re-taking a house of Congress as Smirk does of discovering the Higgs particle. Shumer/Emanuel's hand-picked candidate for the Senate in OH is 11 points behind Bush sycophant DeSwine. TO me that means that the Ohio electorate believes that * is doing just fine. If the electorate as a whole is so stupid and ignorant as to believe that this is the best we can do, than the American experiment is coming to an end.

[Bend over and grab your socks. Prepare for your Grand Lubbing!]

Anyone here good with graphics? We need pictures. Maybe a voting machine with a ghostly hovering Arab terrorist figure reaching into to it and manipulating the totals. Or maybe an Arab sitting in a cave hacking into our voting machines. What would be good captions? How about "Our voting machines are built by wealthy Bush backers and we all know who Bush works for!"

[How about a picture of Algore getting lubed by a Diebold machine?]

be a judge, or a poll watcher.

[And if you even suspect that someone on the poll line is a Republican, pull them out and disqualify them on the spot.]

The situation we have here - in November we will need some forensic accountants and statisticians coming forward with MANY people to figure this out. I mean MANY, MANY people to help figure this one out.

["Forensic accountants." That's a new term for me. It means liberal accountants who do the electoral obituaries for for the DUmmies when they lose so they can use manipulated stats to proclaim vote fraud.]

I will be taking a video camera with me EVERY time I vote!
That is for sure! I will never wander into a polling place without my video camera rolling. I'll also have my digital camera. If my vote is switched, I want America to see video and stills.

[LOL! Yeah your video of your ONE LONE vote is somehow going to prove vote fraud. Plan to enter that video on American's FUnniest Videos?]


Blogger Bill Dalasio said...

The commenter will be taking his video camera every time he votes. Well, given the venue, I can only assume he's indicating that he'll be voting multiple times. Kind of contining in a long Democratic tradition.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Bill Dalasio said...

Darn PIMF contining should be continuing.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

While I admire the current administration a great deal, I have large issues with many of the current policies (immigration, control of ports, etc.)

However, the alternative of handing the reigns over to DUmmies is not an option... It would be like handing your car keys over to your drunkard uncle...

But how did I get to writing about Ted Kennedy?

3:31 AM  

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