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DUmmies Believe Al-Zarqawi Video FAKED By Evil Bush Regime

Although you might be shocked by the title of this DUFU edition, is it any real surprise that the DUmmies think that the Al-Zarqawi video was faked by the EVIL Bush Regime? They said the same thing about the Osama Bin Laden tape released just before the 2004 election. You see, in the world of the DUmmies and their Leftist cohorts, the Al-Qaeda terrorists are mostly just a fictitious invention to divert our attention from the real source of EVIL in the world---the Bush Family Evil Empire (their childish term, not mine). You can see the latest paranoid episode of this belief in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Al-Zarqawi: Holy Warriors Standing Firm (Video)." So let us now watch the latest DUmmie comedy show as the DUmmies proclaim in Bolshevik Red how Bush faked the Al-Zarqawi video while the comments of your humble correspondent, wondering if Bush used a slimmed down Ron Jeremy to portray Al-Zarqawi, is in the [brackets]:

Al-Zarqawi: Holy Warriors Standing Firm (Video)

[Produced by the BFEE Studio.]

CAIRO, Egypt - In a rare video posted on the Internet, al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi accused the West and the United States of waging a "crusader" war against Islam, but said Muslim holy warriors were standing firm.

The video showed al-Zarqawi wearing an ammunition vest over a black shirt, with what appeared to be a black headband. An automatic rifle was propped against the wall next to him.

In the past, al-Zarqawi has made statements only through audiotapes posted on the Web, although photos of him obtained by the U.S. government have been widely circulated.

The video came just two days after a highly publicized call to arms by al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden — on an audiotape played on Arab television — that encouraged Muslims to support his group in its war with the West.

[And now for the wacko DUmmie take on this...]

I saw the video a few minutes ago on CNN. IMO the person does not look at all like the last photo posted of him...

[This DUmmie posted a pic of a clean shaven Al-Zarqawi and uses THAT as EVIDENCE that it isn't the REAL Al-Zarqawi.]

They have found an actor! Congratulations. Yeah, the fat bin Laden was getting boring and the audio messages were not a great success.

[How perceptive. You are correct. The CIA used Ron (The Hedgehog) Jeremy to portray Al-Zarqawi in that video. Since we couldn't pull a fast one on you with the fake Osama video, we will have our actor slim down for the next time an Osama video is released.]

This actor was shown walking around on two legs.
Did he get a leg transplant in the field?

[Still waiting for your brain transplant?]

The Spooks who attempt to twist our minds and opinions ... Aren't even being either nuanced nor discreet anymore. You'd think that they installed a partisan hack in the CIA, or something equally deleterious to the USA peoples' secruity? However, they sure got that "terra terra - the sky is falling!" theme down pat.

[The CIA needs to be better nuanced to fool you guys. Okay, next time we will train Ron Jeremy to speak better Arabic.]

george has the cia movie company working overtime bin laden and al zarqawi in the same week or so.

[The BFEE Studios are operating 24/7.]

Robert Fisk says Zarqawi is a myth. Now quite apart from the fact that many Iraqis - along, I have to admit, with myself - have grave doubts about whether Zarqawi exists, and that al-Qai'da's Zarqawi, if he does exist, does not merit the title of "insurgency mastermind", the words that caught my eye were "US authorities say". And as I read through the report, I note how the Los Angeles Times sources this extraordinary tale. I thought American reporters no longer trusted the US administration, not after the mythical weapons of mass destruction and the equally mythical connections between Saddam and the international crimes against humanity of 11 September 2001. Of course, I was wrong.

[I am sure that many MSM reporters also believe that Al-Zarqawi is a myth too but won't say so publicly like the DUmmies are doing.]

This "Video Zarqawi" seems to have - what some may refer to as Black Irish blood within his genetic mix? The creamy tinge to his skin in this video - is in stark contrast to the images within the photographs sported in the past. IMO, this variance cannot be explained away on the basis of lighting differences. BTW the background set-up looks like it's complements of Mattel, Inc.

[Wasn't there also a bottle of Bushmill's in the video? That would clinch it as to the Zarqawi As Irishman theory.]

You would think that if "Zarqawi" was going to release a clip.. the background would look a little more ominous than a dorm room.

[Thus spaketh a DUmmie interior decorator.]

Bin Laden and Zarqawi in the same week... If these videos are legit, which I think they are, this could signal something very, very bad headed our way.


Look at the area between the orbs of the eyes and the eyebrow area? Look at the colored picture above and note the excessive skin coming close to "hooding" the eye? Now look at at the Video Guy - see it? This excessive skin is gone and his eyes appear wider and more visible. Gee I didn't know that whatever HMO that covers Terrorists R Us has a Plastic Surgery option to include a forehead lift?

[Look at the area between the your ears. It is empty.]

I was watching the video while on the treadmill at the gym. I was totally freaked out that anyone thought it was "HIM"! WTF? He is DEAD! This is a Hail Mary video from one of rummy's black ops teams for poor sinking bush.

[Note to rummy's black ops team: Please use more makeup on The Hedgehog for the next Al-Zarqawi video release.]

Why the skepticism about Al Zarqawi's role and existence?
Do people really believe it's all a CIA charade? I find that hard to swallow. That Al Qaeda would seek to take advantage of the invasion of Iraq seems perfectly reasonable. That it would be Zarqawi's boys blowing the shit out of Iraqi civilians, especially Shiites, also makes sense. If I were Al Qaeda, I would be doing everything I could to turn Iraq into a hellhole for the Americans (and Iraqis are just collateral damage in the jihad against the crusaders). That seems to be exactly what Zarqawi is doing. I think it's foolish to suggest that Islamic radicalism a la Al Qaeda is not at work in Iraq.

[Do I rate an invite to your Tombstoning Ceremony?]

The BEST answer to MINIMIZE the number of terrorist attacks is to raise-up the station of individual citizens in each country, i.e., lessen abject poverty and build hope for the masses. That's a non-starter with this ghoulish Neo-Conservative BushBotBorg Administration because it involves TRUE diplomacy. Heaven forbid! They only know how swagger and bully other countries all in the name of American Empire.

[Yeah, just give the Islamist extremists a big dose of a Great Society program and that will calm them down...NOT!]

Meet mr. Zarqawi. Somebody whose existance is highly questionable.

[The Man Who Never Was.]

Because it reads like the script from a bad Bond movie
with Zarqawi in the role of Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Al Qaeda as SPECTRE. He has lost a leg, died and yet he keeps coming back for the sequel. If you actually read any of the Arab press you will find a good deal of skepticism about Zarqawi's real importance or whether he is still alive. It is in the US media that he constantly gets top billing . This is because the US government desperately needs a black hat to justify all the blood and the billions of dollars that it is pouring into the sands of the Middle East. Any accurate picture of the complexities of the situation in Iraq, including a list of all the possible characters involved in the armed opposition to the occupation, would be too much for an American population already growing weary of the conflict. It makes life so much easier for the US authorities and the media to pretend that everything bad happening in Iraq is being orchestrated by one evil genius.

[Since this is the Middle East, all the hot Bond Girls will be completely covered by ugly black burkhas.]

Zarqawi is soooo fake! Total myth. I bet 99% of the sheeple believe that he really exists. It's refreshing to see so many here at DU not buying the Bush and MSM lies!

[Those DUmmies are SOOOOOOOOO perceptive! You just CAN'T fool them. Oh, and how much did Bev Harris scam you for?]

Okay, I'll bite: Is there no Al Qaeda in Iraq?
If not, who is doing all those bombings? You know, the ones aimed at Iraqi civilians, especially Shiites, in hopes of stirring up civil war? I don't see how that could possibly serve US interests, except in the most twisted conspiracy theory.
Maybe Zarqawi ain't Zarqawi, but to deny the existence of these forces in Iraq is just silly.

[Denying reality is par for the course in DUmmieland my soon to be tombstoned DUmmie.]

Is it me? Or Does Zarqawi resemble Emmanuel Goldstein?

[It's you and everybody else in the Room 101 known as DUmmieland.]

Dan Rather went to the hometown in Jordan of the real Al Zarqawi (coincidentally not long before the Freeper generated attack on him) and interviewed people there who knew him. The person they knew was certainly not the one being presented to the world, as I recall.

[And Dan Rather had the fake but accurate documents to prove it.]

It's got to be some DOD covert ops hack job ...
This "Video Dude" version of Al Zarqawi, with his cherub cheeks, would seemingly fit better swilling beer in an Irish Pub than firing an automatic rifle in Iraq. Something is very amiss because he just don't look the part.

[Maybe Al-Zarqawi is a harmless Leperchaun.]

ooohhh. i get it. they are 'testing' their latest 'hugo: man of a thousand faces' kit to see if we'll fall for it and THEN they'll 'find' a bin laden video or two during the election campaign.

[I picked up a really kewl Halloween makeup kit at the Dollar Store. I'll try to see if I can make myself up to look like Al-Zarqawi. Maybe I can get hired by Rummy's Black Ops Team for the next video.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do the DUmmies always give so much credit to the Bush Family? Any thinking person would know that all neo-con activities are controlled by Hitler, who gives his orders directly to Dick Cheney regulary in an undisclosed location.

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