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DUmmie FUnnies 02-20-06 ("Hackett on 'Hardball'")

I KNEW the DUmmies would IMPLODE before this year's congressional elections set in but I never realized it would happen so soon. The first shot of this leftwing implosion was Paul Hackett's appearance on "Hardball" today. If you haven't seen it yet, try to catch the rerun or find the video on the Web. It is an amazing piece of video. Paul Hackett accuses his own Democrat party in general of "swiftboating" him and the Sherrod Brown campaign in particular of spreading a smear campaign against him by passing around photos of Hackett supposedly committing War Crimes. Yes, Hackett did come off as a loon (a clip was played of Hackett accusing Bush of being a coke addict) but he has served a GREAT purpose by guaranteeing that the Ohio senate seat remains in Republican hands. Hackett has also sowed so much dissension that it might even prove costly in other senate and congressional races. You can see the beginnings of the leftist implosion in this Daily Kos THREAD titled, "Hackett on 'Hardball'." Yes, I said "Daily Kos." I have found that their threads are just as loony as those in DUmmieland and, really, it is basically the same people who post at both places. As usual the DUmmies With A Kos rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thanking Hackett for sinking the Democrat chances in Ohio, is in the [brackets]:

Hackett on 'Hardball'

[My favorite "Hardball" episode yet. A Democrat sinks the Democrats.]

Paul Hackett was just on "Hardball with Chris Matthews". What did you think of it?

[The IMPLOSION has begun among the Democrats. Look for even MORE in the future.]

The show had three parts: a news report summarizing Hackett and his campaigns; an interview with Hackett; then an interview with Howard Fineman about Hackett.

[The middle part with Paul Hackett body slamming Sherrod Brown was my fave!]

I thought the first part was rather straightforward and without prejudice; I thought Paul did an admirable job in the second part, but Tweety was determined to make the Dems look bad and eventually got Hackett to accuse Brown of swiftboating him; in the third part, Fineman basically summarized that Hackett is a bit of a loose cannon and even though he resisted attacking the Democratic leadership, he lost credibility when he took shots at Brown.

[I thought Paul Hackett came off as a LOON in the first part when he accused President Bush of being a coke addict based on NO evidence. The second part was the best with Hackett accusing the Brown campaign of running a smear campaign against him by secretly showing around photos of Hackett supposedly committing war crimes. And Fineman tried to cover for Brown by accusing Hackett of being a mental case which we already know but that doesn't detract from the fact that Hackett pretty much ruined Sherrod Brown's senatorial ambitions in the second part.]

I am a former Hacketthead who thinks that it is time to move on to accomplishing our mutual goal: taking the Senate seat from Mike DeWine. I was losing faith in Hackett until now-- I thought he did a great job on the interview and wasn't as harsh on Brown as he could have been (or as hard as people in DKos have been). He was realistic about his lack of funding compared to Brown and did not attack the Democratic leadership as hard as Tweety tried to put words in his mouth. I think he will have a great role to play in our party.

[You are the one who is being UNREALISTIC. In case you didn't notice, Hackett pretty much ruined it for Sherrod Brown in the general election. Now to read the other Kos they're DUmmies comments...]

DeWine's seat is beyond reach until the party leadership and Brown clean up their act. Hackett is under no obligation to be loyal to either one. If Brown can't win it without Hackett playing nice, he has no business running for the seat at all. He's toast against DeWine until/unless he learns.

[Sherrod Brown's toast was certainly burnt to a crisp on today's "Hardball."]

I was surprised that Hackett and Brown haven't spoken in months. They need to. I think they should lock themselves in a room until they work this out, then campaign together to accomplish their, and our, mutual goal.

[After today's episode, I don't think Hackett and Brown will EVER be speaking again.]

Work what out? Brown said he wouldn't run, Hackett took up the gauntlet. Two weeks later, Brown is in the race for whatever reason. Why should Paul Hackett have to talk to a guy who knifed him in the back? I get sick of "politics as usual". "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." - I know, Bush can't say that. Should Paul come back for another knifing?

[I love it when Democrats stab each other in the back!]

If Paul is committed to taking the Senate away from the thugs that run it now, he'll help Brown win.

[After watching this evening's "Hardball," I would say that the chances of that happening is somewhere between Nil and None.]

We should WIN this seat. I'm not happy at how this turned out for Paul; but he should not be bad mouthing Dem candidate; we need to pick up this seat WHEVER is candditate; if we cant beat De Wine this year in Ohio with all their negatives, when CAN we win?

[Don't worry. Massachusetts is still safe for the Democrats.]

Hackett didn't..... say anything I haven't already heard. Hearing it on Hardball though might carry that story to people who might not have ever found out. I'm sure the Brown supporters will be screaming about this one real soon.

[Hopefully either Laura Ingraham or Rush Limbaugh will be playing the audio of this AMAZING interview tomorrow.]

I hadn't heard. Hackett be quite so clear about the "swiftboating" issue. Until Hardball, I wasn't sure where he stood on the issue.
It's perfectly clear to me that he believes it came from the Brown campaign.

[Hackett just sank Brown's Swiftboat.]

A loose cannon is just what this country needs to unseat these Republicans. I like Paul, and I like how he stands up to this idiot of a President.

[A DUmmie/Kos endorsement of a loose cannon candidacy.]

I, too, was a happy Hackett fan. Then his staff handed a lot of Democrats' time, trust and money to the Republicans, free of charge. Exceptionally uncool.

[Karl Rove thanx Paul Hackett for guaranteeing that the Ohio senate seat remains in GOP hands.]

He was truckin' along just beautifully and then he stepped in it big time! Now I understand why many have been commenting that he isn't ready for the majors. Why did he find it necessary to accuse the Brown campaign of speading lies about his military career on national TV? And to go on and on about it? It was not a way to endear himself with anyone but the hardcore Hackett base. Not a way to mend fences and to take the high road.

[Why? Because it was all part of the Perfect Rovian Plan.]

His entire staff Needs to be preemptively blacklisted...and given individual opportunity to explain how they were not using Democratic time, trust and donations to do oppo research for the Republicans. Sorry. I'm not into party purges, but the pro-Pub info dump this morning is a necessary death sentence for a whole lot of campaigners' careers. Hackett himself, needs to address to general satisfaction that this move wasn't payback.

[That "pro-Pub info dump" was certainly a death sentence for Sherrod Brown's senate career before it even began.]

Too bad, we lose, once again.

[And this DUmmie with a Kos WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]


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