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DUmmie FUnnies 11-07-05 ("Where were you on November 2, 2004?")

Where were you in '62? Remember the movie, "American Graffiti?" That's similar to the title of this DUmmie THREAD, "Where were you on November 2, 2004?" However, instead of fond nostalgia for the past, in the DUmmies case it is yet another NIGHTMARE. This is why it is FUN to read their memories of not-so-long ago. As usual, the DUmmie nightmare of Elections Past is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, suddenly thirsty for that champaign that Susan Estrich was copiously guzzling down that November day, is in the [brackets]:

Where were you on November 2, 2004?

[Falling off my sofa at home while laughing my ass off at the drunken rant of woe being presented by Susan Estrich on FOX.]

As you all know, tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the 2004 election. What a ride this past year has been? And DU has been in the forefront of all the latest happenings.

[DUmmieland was in the forefront of the greatest mental meltdowns. Among my faves were all the DUmmies melodramitically "standing up" and revealing their real names. The various Alternate Reality threads envisioning John Kerry being inaugurated on Jan. 20 were also among my faves.]

So as we approach tomorrow's anniversary, I thought it would be nice to post about where your were one year ago (physically, mentally, etc..).

[Thank you for the trip down Memory Lane. I'm sure I'll get lots more laughs travelling down that road again.]

I'll start:

[I'll try not to laugh...for about 2 seconds.]

I remember logging in extra early on the morning of, as the polls were opening through out the country. It was typical fall day here in Chicago, but it seemed like something was in the air. Would it be the day, we get our country back? Well the early exit polls and analysis were looking very promising. And I recall one of the last updates I saw before heading out around 4:00 pm, was Zogby having Kerry winning in a landslide.

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And I bet at this point you were popping the cork on your champaign bottle just like Susan Estrich.]

Picked up my wife and son (then 2 years old), and we went to vote at the school a few blocks from our house. Everyone was talking about the amazing turn outs, record breaking numbers, etc... Got back home grabbed the laptop and started my routine (CNN, MSNBC, 1 Second of Fox). We all know how this story ends.

[Hee! Hee! Hee! YUP! We sure do know where this story ends. I only wish I could see video again of Susan Estrich's drunken rant on FOX News that night.]

The amazing thing is, as early as 3:00 am, people were already posting about irregularities and other incidents that were being reported. The report of the 4k extra Bush votes at a precinct in Ohio, was first noted here well before it hit the MSM.

[Actually I would have been amazed if the DUmmies didn't claim voter fraud. It's sort of a reflex action on their part whenever Democrats lose.]

Physically, I was
Standing in a cold intersection in southern NH, holding a Kerry/Edwards sign, and waving at cars going by.

Mentally/Emotionally: Praying (to what, I'm not sure - I'm an agnostic) that our country would be delivered from the evil * cabal.

["Dear God in Heaven. I promise to believe in you...But ONLY if Bush loses."]

The next day, I was sobbing like a baby as I watched Kerry & Edwards give their concession speeches.

[I was laughing like a delerious baby when Kerry & Breck gave their concession speeches.]

Registering voters in West Los Angeles

[REGISTERING voters on Election Day? No wonder Democrat vote fraud is so rampant. Did you work the West Los Angeles cemetary to register those "voters?"]

Walking by the Washington Monument. The afternoon was warm.
The sunshine was streaming over the area. Buoyed by early exits, I felt I was walking on air. Past the WH, dreaming about how wonderful life would be now. Dreaming about how now the poor and downtrodden would have new hope. How all children would now have health insurance.

[Cheer up. All these things did the Alternate Reality.]

It took me more than two months to get past an overwhelming feeling of dread and cried so many tears as if I were in mourning for my country.

[SNIFF! Here, grab my hankie.]

I was a Zombie for about two weeks. Didn't think I'd pick my life up again. Barely celebrated the holidays...was in such a funk.

[Is that you, Susan Estrich?]

I hate to remember it. When Rove wasn't indicted with Libby last week I had a sort of "flashback" of that time... But, I'm okay now about it all.

[All that happened was that Lucy pulled the football away from you, AGAIN.]

I'll never get over it.


When I found out Kerry had conceded, I was at work, and had to go to a meeting. I laid my head down on my desk and had a quick cry, then sat through the meeting practically catatonic.

[Apparently you never recovered.]

I knew we were in trouble when a family showed up right before the polls closed. They had recently moved about 40 miles away, but hadn't changed their voter registration yet. The kids were wearing fundie t-shirts. The woman said, "We probably wouldn't have bothered, but it's just so important this year." I just nodded.

[Beware voters wearing Fundie T-Shirts.]

I was working GOTV in Las Vegas
Mostly vanning elderly Democratic voters, or ones without transportation, to the polls. Very well coordinated last year, I might add. Far superior to 2002.

In early afternoon we got a break and I snuck a peak at DU. Euphoria prevailed. Everyone was posting about the early exit polls and Kerry's certain victory. I took it at face value without studying the numbers. I called my friend Paul and he bet big on Kerry for us at the one website still taking action, since you're betting against other people not the website itself. Paul called me back and confirmed the wager. Kerry was a 2/3 favorite at the time due to the reports of early exit polls. Within a half hour of our bet, that went even higher, to 1/2.

Many hours later our GOTV group was excused, earlier than I expected. I drove home in a hurry and turned on the TV and DU, anticipating a night long celebration. At that point I decided to peek at the early exit polls that had caused all the celebration, and my wager. Within 45 seconds I was numb beyond description. The early exit polls were obviously garbage. You had numbers like up 18 points in New Hampshire, up 10 in Pennsylvania and down only 3 in North Carolina. I've studied state by state trends long enough to know those were glorified crap, skewed to Kerry by ridiculous margin. About 15 hours earlier I'd posted a thread on DU warning about the early numbers from 2002, how terrible they were.

Then I peaked at Ohio and Florida. It was the most sickening feeling since the SCOTUS decision in December 2000, actually much worse than that because I never thought 2000 would switch to our favor, but here I was for hours certain Bush had finally been properly evicted. The Ohio and Florida early exit poll numbers had Kerry only slightly ahead, one or two points. At that point I turned off my computer and TV and fell energy less on my bed for hours. Kerry was a certain loser. The early polls were all slanted in his favor, and since Ohio and Florida were only a point or two they would never hold up given how far off the other states were and therefore the trend.

DU was still celebrating even while I was in indescribable despair. The money I lost didn't mean a damn thing in comparison, although it was a four figure chunk and I scolded myself for not being more careful in checking out the early numbers, especially since I'd warned against putting too much stock in them.

[That was the FUnniest thing about Election Night. The DUmmies gloatingly celebrating their "victory" until reality slapped them hard in the face. Oh, and I feel even better now knowing that you lost at least a thousand bucks on the election.]

It was cold and rainy

The exact opposite of tomorrow which is sunny 70's.

I was full of hope.

Later enthused turned to disbelief turned to anger and deep sadness.

I feel better now.

[Thank you for that Election Loss haiku.]

took a day away from work to drive my neighbors to the polls. took the next day off hang a sign seceeding my apartment from the US union & posting a UN flag in my yard, then wandering aimlessly about the world.

[And you are still wandering aimlessly with your UN flag.]

I was at work - night shift
It was so close that I broke down and cried. My boss found me in an empty room and we cried together.

Of course, that was nothing compared to the next morning when I heard Kerry concede. I had Kerry posters up in all of my windows and I tore them down and tore them into tiny bits screaming in rage the whole time. I called one of my partners but I'm fairly sure he couldn't understand a word I said as I was sobbing but the gist of it was "That bastard f*cked us!!!!! He really f*cked us!!!

My body often responds to my emotional state in a way that can only be called poetic and within the month I had to go on a heart medicine (I'm still on it). My heart was broken.

[Apparently your head isn't in any great shape either.]


Blogger Ronbo said...

LMFAO! Excellent article! I've been doing lots of reading at DU and find it a gold mine for Leftist stupid crap to use as a straw man on my Blog.

It is interesting to note that not just any Tom, Dick and Harry can start a thread at DU. One must be totally Leftist PC and approved by the Party!

2:57 PM  
Blogger RightWingRocker said...

I laughed so hard I almost puked when I saw that "broken heart" line.

These people invest their entire existence into an election as if the whole world revolves around it.

If a socialist gets elected, I just work against him as consistently as possible and then work to vote him out at the next election.

What an idiot.


12:46 PM  
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