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DUmmie FUnnies 11-03-05 ("There is one thing Liberals can do to prove to the Right we mean business...Buy guns.")

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I've done the DUmmie FUnnies due to Hurricane Wilma but the DUmmies have NOT disappointed me. They are WHACKIER than ever as you can see in this THREAD titled, "There is one thing Liberals can do to prove to the Right we mean business...Buy guns." So much for the phony liberal opposition to ownership of guns. What they really want is that EVIL conservatives be deprived of their guns while the leftwingers can go on a shooting spree to kill them off. Oh, you think I am kidding, dear reader? Well, read on and see the REAL intentions of the DUmmies and their leftist cohorts. As usual the shoot-em-up DUmmies blastings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent who is holding a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, is in the [brackets]:

There is one thing Liberals can do to prove to the Right we mean business...Buy guns.

[And KILL KILL KILL evil conservatives! Since we can't beat them in the arena of ideas, we MUST eliminate them from the planet!]

Yep, buy guns. Show 'em we are not going to put up with the bullshit any more and we are arming ourselves in preparation for their coming meltdown. I don't trust the brownshirt bastards on the right who have drunk the koolaid and as their hero starts slipping further and further into uselessness with greatly reduced power, I expect them to start forming armed gangs of thugs wh will go after anybody remotely resembling somebody with a Liberal political philosophy. In response, Liberals must arm themselves and prepare for the vilence they will attempt to bring down on us.

[THEIR coming meltdown, DUmmie Walt Starr? Can you twist yourself around enough in your strait jacket to see yourself in the mirror?]

So in conclusion, buy guns and lots of ammo. Practice practice practice.

[So in conclusion, DUmmie Walt Starr has just placed himself on the list of wackos that gun dealers must NEVER sell guns to.]

Flame retardant on.

[Don't worry, DUmmie Walt Starr. You will get mostly HIGH PRAISE for your wacko rantings from your fellow DUmmies as we shall see.]

I agree and I gave you a vote for your thread
I've been saying for ages that Junior is America's Ceaucescu and like Ceaucescu he's NOT going to go without violence. SO, S&W you're going to be needed more than EVER shortly.

[I agree, DUmmie ...of J.Temperance. Your name should be forwarded to the Secret Service. I repeat, DUmmie ...of J.Temperance.]

actually, it's been this administration
that changed my views on gun ownership and the 2nd admenment. I now UNDERSTAND why it's important for civilians to be armed - to a point.

[Next thing you know, you will be shocking us by expressing support for ownership of private property.]

I'm in a weird position since I have been considering taking shooting lessons and getting hold of a gun. My progressive husband is horrified at the thought. But my point is not that I'm afraid of petty burglars. I just grew up reading about Nazi killings of civilians and would like to think that if they came for me and my loved ones, I could pick off a few of them and make their job a little more difficult. Like you, I have recently felt that this administration has validated my worst fears. Maybe I'll get going with those plans.

[Weird. You have no fear of actual criminals but just want a gun to KILL evil Republicans. And what Alternate Universe do YOU live in, DUmmie Talismom?]

The only thing bullies like these understand...
are a punch in the nose and a big kick in the ass. We need to do it first with reason, logic and irrefutable argument to embarrass the reich on their Bullshit.
AND if that doesn't work.. then we just use bigger sticks.
Hoefully we won't need to be toting AK47s and Ammo Belts...
but if these f*ckers force the issue.... bring it on assholes..
we're more than ready. Ha !

[Thus bravely spaketh DUmmie U_L8R posting from deep within the bowels of his parents' basement.]

I think I will buy a good handgun and some ammo and lock it up in a safe deposit box - only to be brought out in the event of civil war. Can anyone recommend a good, powerful, large-clip handgun?

[Yeah. A Toys 'R' Us plastic 22 Magnum.]

Of COURSE if you want to scare the pigs even MORE, well then any kind of sawn-off shotgun or pump action semi. Girls like guns too and I'd recommend the .460, because AFTERALL a girl likes to get hold of the FULL 9 inches.

[The John Holmes Special...minus 4 inches.]

I'm partial to the Glock..

[You're partical to a Coo-Coo Glock. Emphasis on Coo-Coo.]

I was told a shotgun is better
if someone is coming up the driveway. Or a rifle. I have a rifle I just got fixed up. I also never, ever thought I would have a gun, but I am going to start taking target practice. Just in case I have to defend my family from whatever.


It is pretty disgusting that some DUers have this morbid fantasy.


The kneecapping would be stage one
If that didn't do it...well...stage two would be called for

[Kneecap Republicans and if that doesn't do it, just off them. Yet another reason why DUmmie ...of J.Temperance should be placed on a permanent NO BUY list issued to gun dealers.]

Has everybody taken leave of their senses? You're talking about a WAR? Please everybody reading this who still retains some sanity; speak your mind about this and don't let a bunch of gun-toting, shoot 'em up cowboys give freepers more talking points.

[Welcome to the World of DUmmie REALITY, DUmmie zanne. Sorry if you are uncomfortable with what your fellow DUmmies are REALLY like.]

Think about the Iraqi insurgents, though
They are have much less weaponry than the US military and yet are keeping us fighting pretty damn hard.

[The DUmmie Terrorist Admiration Society weighs in with a goofy point.]

About a year ago my spouse wanted for me to get rid of my guns and I said no way in hell I was. I told her that we might need them to protect the kids from the neo-cons. She told me I was drinking to much of the kool-aide from the left. Will its been one year later and now she is the one that is learning how to shoot a gun. I can see the neo-cons trying to start a war in our Nation and if they don't then I will not have to worry about shooting a fellow American. But I still think the Neo-cons want a second civil war.

[Apparently now even your spouse is drinking too much kool-aide. What? Do you both think Paul Wolfowitz is going to come running up your driveway while blasting away on an AK-47?]


Blogger Icarus said...

Welcome back, P.J.

I've missed my DUmmieFUnnies, although frankly the "Dummies slam South Park" thread you ended with was a true classic for the ages.

As for this one, well ... I can't decide if liberals are simply extraordinarily immature or mind-bogglingly hypocritical, or both.

Both, I guess. On the plus side, I guess they were just kidding about that whole gun control thing. :)

What a bunch of loons. I truly feel bad for the few sane ones in their midst.

Now if we could just make the DUmmieFUnnies appear on every television in America nightly so that people could see what liberals are really like .... they'd cease to exist in an instant and you could retire to a small South Pacific island with Petra Verkaik ...

7:42 PM  
Blogger RightWingRocker said...

The interesting thing about this thread is that these morons have finally discovered the true essence of the Second Amendment.

It was created to give Americans the ability to defend themselves from criminals and/or the government.

What makes the thread funny is the fact that they have no clue whatsoever that they have found this profound clue.

Now, PJ...

If you would, could you please help me out with the definition, origins and development of the word "freeper"?

I must be too naive to understand.


2:14 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...


A FReeper is a member and/or poster on the Free Republic site (that ALSO skewers the DUmmies... There's just too much material out there to work with! :)

7:04 AM  
Blogger Mongrul said...

I can't believe the homos on the left even know how to handle a gun. I'm sure they would shoot them selves in the head before hitting a sane person (meaning us. I say, let the fags try to arm them self’s, and watch (in wonder and glee) while they join the ranks of dead Jihadist who they love.(Piss be apon them)

10:30 PM  

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