Saturday, December 11, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-11-04 (Watching DUmmies Watching Us Watching DUmmies)

It’s fun to watch the DUmmie Ants in my DUmmie Ant Farm. It is even more fun knowing that the DUmmie Ants know they are being watched as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Beware! We ARE being watched by Republicanazis-here are their comments.” And one of the “Republicanazies” being quoted is none other than our own DUFU PINGEE, dubyaismypresident . And, OF COURSE, our very own BELOVED DUmmie FUnnies is also mentioned!!! Now sit back and watch the Dummies watching us watching them. As usual their paranoid DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while you’re the comments of your humble correspondent watching them are in the [brackets]:

Beware! We ARE being watched by Republicanazis-here are their comments.

[Beware, DUmmie Vote4Kerry, is paranoid about being watched. Let us watch him list our comments about watching them…]

I know that some of you all may be newbies (I myself am new, also). I just want to warn everybody here that we are being watched by supporters of p(R)esident B*sh. This was posted in another thread, but I will repost and highlight some of the disturbing comments made by Freepers (a right-wing website, for those of you that don't know). Here is the link:

Disturbing posts from the above thread

To: cgbg

It is the talk of Dummyworld if you want further details.

I read the DUmmies FUnnies everyday. They are hoot ain't they.

30 posted on 12/10/2004 12:25:55 PM PST by dubyaismypresident (Harry Reid is an embarrasment to the Senate)

To: cgbg

Apparently they have postponed the lawsuit until next Monday.

This is the day the electors vote so they want to compete for media attention.

The Dummie link is:

Ohio Lawsuit Info

[And this marks the FIRST actual mention of the DUmmie FUnnies by name in Dummieland. WOO! WOO! It’s fun to realize that the DUmmies know what we think of them. As DUmmies.

I say f*ck 'em and the horseshit they rode in on.

[I say profanity is NOT the soul of wit.]

I'll second that. F*ck them

[No high marks here for originality.

I say F*CK EM! Those posts don't bother me!

[Sure, sure. And would you mind wiping that steam off from under your collar?]

For being ineffectual, spineless, and all the other weaknesses they accuse us of, we're certainly making them nervous, aren't we??

[So nervous that we are barely able to control our laughter.]

Ah, who cares about freepers. I didn't even know such a low life existed until six weeks ago. Why should they have some special attention? I looked over there and it seems a board of simplistic black and white thinkers who never even graduated from high school and never roamed more than a few miles from their Southern homes. We are not talking intelligence or worldly knowledge when we talk "freepers".

[Why thet ther DUmmie is a makin’ me humbled. If’n ah kin ever get outs of mah li’l holler in this here mountan from whar ah nevah romed but a few mahls, ah maght wants to shewt haim.]

It always amazes me how timeless that Willy Shakespeare is. Too bad freeptards can't read or understand Shakespeare or much else for that matter.

[DUmmies have a plentiful lack of wit (especially since they misquoted Shakespeare on this thread).]

FYI - they're always watching us. They're obsessed with us and they're nothing but heaping piles of dogshit masquerading as humans. They are the lowest form of pond scum in the known universe. They are subhuman ratshit. In other words: We could give a f*ck what they think, say, or do.

[Then you won’t mind the inclusion of your incredible wit in the DUmmie Funnies.]

They're psychological parasites-not just material ones. If we gave up feeding them the feeling of Real Life(tm), they'd commit mass suicide. Poison, knive, beat, and impale them. Metaphorically, of course. Point out their doltish, trivial, Lebensluegen and watch them slink away. I'd play with them more, but they're so f*cking boring in all of the mendacities, denial, bullying, dreary "insights", group'think'. Even their vices are pitifully lacking in realness or sense, never mind imagination. The biggest joke is their 'spirituality' if/when they pretend to some. Their idolatries are rather astonishing, though- a veritable WalMart SuperStore of glossy, big, imported, cheap, fakery-given, vanities and jokes-they-don't-realize-are-jokes. Basically: these people live in the New Jersey of the cognitive universe.

[While you live in the Fire Island of the alternative universe.]

I'm impressed by their ability to cap DU and then shift back to lower case.

[A very useful ability when you often have to type “DUmmie,” DUmmie.

I love the creativity, initiative and rationality that I find on DU.

[The BEST source of inadvertent humor on the Web!]

This one is for party of god.

[The party of God is all ears. Please continue DUmmie SueZhope…]

For the freepers who are reading this. Since your guy won fair & square
and since you are on the higher morel plane, and have god on your side.
Since us DUers are just liberals who have little power .
Let me ask you why are you getting off on reading this?

[The LAUGHS! What else?]

Shouldn’t you be cooking meals for the homeless ?
Or doing other good deeds that good moral people do.
Is it godly to spend time criticizing others?

[How much sodium would you like on your boiled potatoes?]

We are your friends
Jesus loves us..why don’t you?

[We LOVE the laughs you provide us.]

Us liberal elitists we already have been told we walk on a lower
morel plane . However you are the chosen group. There for you should be doing gods
Work. Is this the way you want to lead? Spending time with a bunch of
Liberals...when you could be walking with the lord doing good?

[Spreading good humor IS doing the Lord’s work.]

Please explain to me why there is such hate coming from your words?
I do not see Love there...........will you guide us to the good you now so well?

[NAW! Sorry, DUmmie SueZhope. I like you DUmmies just the way you are since you all are an ENDLESS source for laughs. Oh, and that FAKE piety shtick was HILARIOUS!]

That f**cking website is such a joke! They have the balls to call this web-site "Dummy World"???!!!

[Slight correction. We call you “DUmmieland.”

My Word to the Watchers is This:

You may have taken the election, but many of us are of far sterner stuff than you anticipate.

I come from a long line of people who ran counter to oppression. Two of My forbears were hanged in the Salem Witch Trials and yet a third died on the gibbet in England during the Chelmsford Witch Trials!

One ancestress was put do death for being a Quaker. My great great grandmother left an abusive husband in the 1850's and set off across country in a wagon with five small children. She prospered even though she was vilified as a "grass widow". The blood of our family saturates the soil of this land and I will not leave it!

I will NOT shut up and I will NOT go away! My grandmother fought you, My mother fought you and I shall fight you! I carry the legacy of those who fought proudly in the Revolutionary War, for FREEDOM, in the Civil War, for FREEDOM and fought and died in World War II for FREEDOM and I WILL not yield to you!

While I am American, and have been all My life, I come from the proudest of lineages. I am French, I am German, I am British and I am Irish and I carry the genes of each of those lands' best and boldest.
I am also Native American with family ancestors on the Dawes Rolls and from them I have been given the ability to wait under oppression and to hold what is sacred to Me close to My breast.

I DEFY YOU! Everything that you are, everything you represent is vileness to Me and to My kindred! And know that if I lose, hundreds behind Me will hate you as I do! If I win, I shall be EXACTLY as merciful in victory as you have been!

Know this and know it well, for it will be what undoes you: A populace with nothing left to lose is dangerous! Create tension and remove avenues of expression or escape and you create the very circumstances which have destroyed other traitorous regimes! You cannot crush the already crushed! You cannot stop the conflagration of those sucked dry! There are more of us than you think and we are angrier than you can imagine. We may not rise up immediately, but in EVERY small way we will work to fetter you, drag at your feet, slow your hands and blunt your swords. We are the New Maquis and we despise you! We are the French Resistance and we despise you! We are the Underground Railroad and we despise you! We are the Warsaw Ghetto and we despise you! We are the Defeated and we will triumph!

[You forgot to mention that one of your ancestors was Roderick the Ridiculous, Court Jester to the Emperor Charlemagne. Glad to see you keeping up the family tradition of providing lots of laughs.]

what a fascinating family history you have the people who discriminated against your ancestors were the historical equivalent to modern day freepers!
I have ancestors who fought in every American war since the revolution, which is something the freepers can't say I'm sure. They probably have always profited from but not fought in wars.

[YUP! I personally made thousands of bucks selling faulty muskets to the Army during the War of 1812.]


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