Wednesday, November 24, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies AM Edition 11-24-04 ("BEV! BBV!! WHAT IS GOING ON???")

From my lofty perch here in the 5th Dimension, peering down at the DUmmie mortals in your dimension, I am noticing a waning interest in DUmmieland over trying to overturn the election results. Perhaps one reason is that the Ohio Provision Ballot Vote Count has shown Bush maintaining his substantial lead over Kerry. Another reason is that a number of the slightly more rational DUmmies are beginning to suspect that much of this election fraud scam is being hyped up by Bev Harris in order to line her pockets with greenbacks sent in by desperate DUmmies seeking desperately for a way out of a second Bush term. It is amazing to see Bev Harris threatening to sue DUmmies for (GASP! SHOCK!) typing the words “Cleanup Crew” or the letters “BBV” on their keyboards. But a con artist knows how to stretch out the scam. And in Bev’s case it has to do with AMAZING REVELATIONS to come in the “Election Fraud Scandal.” Yes, she strung the Dummies along for a few days with a promise of a BIG REVELATION about vote fraud in Volusia County, FL to be revealed to the suckers on Nov. 23. And so what was the BIG REVELATION? Well, hold your breath, and read all about it here in this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies which features this DUmmie THREAD desperately titled, “BEV! BBV!! WHAT IS GOING ON???” As usual, the postings of the DUmmie suckers, easily parted from their money, are in Bolshevik Red while the comments of your humble correspondent, watching the latest chapter in the BBV scam with much amusement, are in the [brackets]:



Anyone have any clue as to what we can expect this "big development" to be? I don't see it on ?

[I can’t blame you for not seeing it. The promised 11/23 SHOCKING REVELATION for which DUmmie hearts were praying to overturn the election results turned out to be nothing but some lawsuit filed in Volusia County. But please send in your money to Bev. There will be some real SHOCKING REVELATIONS in the future. But first you MUST send MONEY!]

I know they are challenging the election results in Volusia County...

[PROOF OF FRAUD RIGHT THERE!!! Kerry is as good as INAUGURATED this Jan. 20. Oh, and send MONEY.]

That's the big development. They filed suit in Volusia.

[I’m so excited that my diaper is soaking at the prospect. Send MONEY.]

She said something about them filing suit in Volusia County accusing the director of posting election day results that don't match the actual count (assumption to be made that there are more for the Shrub than should be)

[A filed lawsuit means that the election results WILL be reversed in Florida. Send money.]

I think it's significant. Yes, we had a general statement from Bev that a quick glance over the numbers showed differences that seemed to favor Bush. But by now, Bev and friends have undoubtedly looked through all of the information carefully, and the good news is that they believe that what they found warrants a lawsuit.

[Plus it warrants another solicitation for funds.]

Bev was on CNN!

[Ooooh! And THAT proves election fraud! I get first crack at a dance with First Lady Teresa Heinz at the Jan. 20 Inauguration Ball.]

What's more likely is that we're going to have a long Thanksgiving weekend. People will be stuffed and sick of leftovers. Monday will come, and there will be something else to talk about...

[Shocking revelation of election fraud in Dixie County. Send funds!]

What's to look into--all CNN needs to do is show the video of Jeb's stooges putting out trashbags of original records (after giving Bev fakes) and the conclusion is obvious to anyone with half a brain. Which rules out the current White House occupant, of course.

[Trashbags! And they MUST contain election records! Case closed!]

HOW do YOU know that the GARBAGE wasn't just Garbage? Because someone told you that and you want to believe it so bad that you will..

[Garbage bags containing garbage? What an ABSURD concept!]

Do people REALLY want the media to mention that someone dug through garbage and "found" results? Don't you think that would make the whole movement look wacko or fringe?

[No problem there since the whole movement ALREADY looks wacko and fringe.]

Did SHE file a lawsuit? Nope. Can we get some Facts please instead of sheer PR?

[Of course Bev didn’t file the lawsuit. She needs to save her donated money to spend on important things like researching Vote Fraud from the harsh confines of plush hotel suites. And why am I suspecting deep skepticism in your above posts, DUmmie symbolman?]

But Symbolman left out the part where he forgot to solicit donations on the DU to cover travel expenses, meals, etc. to cover travelling all over the US to make the film and interview folks like Greg Palast, Danny Schechter, Jim Hightower, William Rivers Pitt, Janeane Garofalo, Theresa Lapore, all the candidates in New Hampshire, Avi Rubin, David Dill, Congressman Wexler, Cynthia McKinney, Kevin Shelley, Barbara Boxer, Don Siegelman, Larry Flynt, The Nation Magazine folks, Billionaires for Bush, League of Pissed Off Voters, disenfranchised felons, voters waiting in lines for 6 hours in Florida during election day... and many many others, plus take time to create many new animations... Oh, and Symbolman also left out the part where he forgot to threaten to sue the DU.

[GASP! Can there possibly be suspicious hints of con artistry by our Beloved Bev in Dummieland? And now let us hear from DUmmie symbolman again…]

…I don't want ANYONE to discredit the hard work SO MANY are doing with looks like to me a lot of grandstanding and PR to sell their future film - (Is she going to sell a film and is filming all this for that reason, for personal gain? Is that what's being funded with these donations? I'd really like to know that.)

Digging through garbage that may or may not have any results or impact may make for great storytelling or filmmaking, but when the media gets hold of it, we will ALL be marginalized.

I think some people here are out of control and wishing so hard for ANYTHING to change the election that they have lost all reason.

How about releasing the tapes, papers, whatever so that EVERYONE, including those here can crunch them or is this the very lack of transparency we complain about in the BUsh administration.

Handwritten lists of Democratic Pollwatchers? So what? Isn't everything documented? I mean, what do you mean when you say that?

There's an awful lot of context missing here..

[Also missing there, symbolman, is much hint of any rationality although you have been, surprisingly for a DUmmie, lapsing into it for a bit.]


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