Tuesday, November 23, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 11-23-04 AM Edition ("Do extreme conspiracy theories hurt our cause?")

The main reason that the inhabitants of my DUmmie Ant Farm are interesting is that they are FUnnie!!! And the main reason why they are FUnnie is because they constantly come up with kooky conspiracy theory, even when the facts contradict such theories. An example is the Ohio Provisional Vote Count which, with half the counties counted as of this posting, show that Bush has a LEADING margin over Kerry. For a short while, as you can see in yesterdays PM edition of the DUmmie Funnies, the DUmmies were dispiritedly discussing this topic so disheartening to them. So this morning I pop back into DUmmieland expected to see even more commentary about the Ohio results which thus far is the only SOLID evidence that could overturn the election results, and I found NOTHING. Since the Ohio Provisional Ballot Count has done nothing but prove that BUSH WON, the DUmmies are instead desperately grasping at EXTREME conspiracy theories. A few DUmmies with a RARE modicum of common sense realize that it makes the DUmmies look like complete loonies as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Do extreme conspiracy theories hurt our cause?” So sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacle of DUmmies continuing to marginalize themselves. As usual the loony DUmmie self-marginalizing rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, enjoying the spectacle of watching Dummie’s defending their lunacy, is in the [brackets]:

Do extreme conspiracy theories hurt our cause?

[Yes, but on the UP side it helps get your DUmmie thread past the auditioning process and into the DUmmie FUnnies. But let us now hear more from DUmmie Spector who, due to his rare case of rationality in DUmmieland, will most likely be expelled from that nether region.]

I believe any recount effort in the hopes of overturning the current results is counter-productive and worse, pointless. More than likely, vote fraud occurred on both sides of the aisle. More than likely, the totality of the fraud was nominal- on both sides.

[Did I say that DUmmie Spector will most likely be expelled? After the above statement I would say Spector’s expulsion from DUmmielannd has become much more of a sure thing.]

While it is certainly possible that there is some form of republican cabal that had the power and ability to steal the election; how likely is it really? If this is indeed fact, how likely is it for us to uncover the truth? If they had this ability wouldn’t it follow that they also have the ability to ‘fix’ all recounts also?

[The Ohio Provisional Ballot Vote Count showing Bush with a winning margin---FIXED!!!]

If this election was stolen, we have much bigger problems. It would mean that everything our Nation stands for no longer exists. It would mean our ‘Freedom’ is an illusion. The United States would no longer exist and any effort to replace bush with Kerry would be utterly pointless. If this election was stolen it would mean that the entire government was our enemy and appointing a new figure-head would achieve nothing.

[DUmmie Spector is now starting to sound like he is promulgating a loony conspiracy theory of his own here. Perhaps he wants to get re-instated back into DUmmieland.]

Going on the belief that the election was not stolen, we have to change our current rhetoric, esp. the kind that is all too often posted here on DU, if we ever want the Democrat Party to achieve stewardship again.

[Uh-Oh! DUmmie Spector’s membership in DUmmieland is in jeopardy again for lapsing back into rationality.]

The wild conspiracy theories propagated by the left-most elements of our party damage our cause. They only serve to marginalize everything we attempt to achieve. The bush administration did not plan and execute 9/11. The bush admin did not form a nationwide conspiracy to steal the election. The Draft is not going to be reinstated anytime in the near future.

[OUTRAGEOUS!!! DUmmie Spector---You are EXPELLED!!!]

The more people rant and rave about these things only shows how desperate some of us have become. If you want to embrace a conspiracy, start looking at the people who front these extreme beliefs. I think a good number of them are freepers sent to divide our cause and marginalize our real everyday issues.


I guess I don’t get it. Call me ‘freeper’, ban me even, but until we start reigning in some of the most extreme things we say, we will not be united enough to put another Democrat in the WH.

[And that is bad? How?]

How many of the real liberals on this site really believe in some of these conspiracies? I bet not many…course I could be wrong. Am I wasting my time here? I don’t have time for people who don’t live in the real world, so please, let me know.

[Yes, you are wasting your time in DUmmieland, DUmmie Spector. Also I am very angry at you for trying to veer the DUmmies away from promulgating wild conspiracy theories. Are you trying to ruin my comedy material for the DUmmie FUnnies?]

Sorry for the long rant, I am getting pretty frustrated reading some of the things on this site…(this is a 'if the shoe fits' kind of thing...) Keep the Faith… cause I don’t know if I can anymore…

p.s. Of course, I may be a government agent sent to keep everyone off track…

[Hmmm….Well, at least Dummie Spector left us speculating on yet another wild conspiracy theory. And now let us hear from his fellow DUmmies…]

it never seemed to hurt the swiftboat liars.

anyways, it's only a theory if you don't believe the facts of election fraud that was commited.

[Yeah! Thank you for standing up for Wild Conspiracy FACTS. ]

I think what our friend is saying is that we need to not give them any more excuse to call us "left-wing loonies."

[“Left-wing loonies” are FUN to watch!]

Completely full of shit.

Thanks for playing, no one's buying.

[WHEW! Thanx for that. Now I do have an excuse to call you “left-wing loonies.”]

If you believe what you just said, you need to get the bushel basket off your head and take a good look at what's going on. Exit polls are and exact science perfected over the years. They don't lie but the media has and this election was stolen from Kerry..no doubt about it.

[Those exit polls are such an exact science that all future election results should be based on them since the actual election ballot results are just a mere technicality.]

Instead of calling out "Fraud" or "Conspiracy!" would we better served to call out "irregularities"?

[Yes! If you just dress kooky conspiracy theories with nice words, that will make lunacy acceptable.]

If you want to argue with persons who firmly believe the vote was hacked, you first have to follow all the trails of their evidence. Have you honestly done that? There is some pretty damning evidence there that would lead a reasonable person to believe that vote fraud occured. Not mistakes. Not fudging. Out and out intentional fraud.

[And I bet DUmmie Spector hasn’t even given a dime to Bev Harris. This shows just what a fraud he is. But let us now allow DUmmie Spector to defend himself…..]

The burden of proof is placed on those making the allegations. I have yet to read anywhere that the total sum of 'stolen' votes would put Kerry over the top in Ohio, or Florida for that matter. Give me the links that dispute that with evidence. It is a mistake to accuse anyone of anything before we have concrete evidence. Are you saying we have that?

[Proof? PROOF? We don’t need no stinkin’ PROOF!!!]

As far as voter fraud goes: there was motive and opportunity. Only a handful of people would have needed to know.

I don't think you're a freeper. I just think you're deluded by the idea of seeming rational during highly suspect times.

[Thank you for that highly effective comeback, DUmmie readmoreoften. I too am highly offended by DUmmie Spector’s misplaced ratinality.]

The whole premise of the war on terror is a flat out lie. The only terrorists are the government and its agitators.When they arent torturing (80% of the worlds governments torture their own people)they are scheming.

[Thank you, DUmmie LimpingLib, for steering this discussion back to its proper irrationality.]

Felonies took place during this election. Silence! More people need to scream!


When all is said and done, it will be revealed that bush won by an even bigger margin than originally reported. We will have to come to terms with that before we can do what is needed to make sure we don't lose next time.

[SHUT UP, DUMMIE SPECTOR!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHH! I REFUSE to come to terms with that! Instead I will visualize my own reality of a Kerry inauguration this January.]

. These "conspiracy theories" are based on FACTS.

They are not "wild accusations". If you did half the reading and research some of us have done, who wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the possiblity of corruption. Please, get informed. Son't be like the rest of the sheeple.
9/11 was an inside job and there is sufficient info to suggest this.

[Thank you, DUmmie ever_green, for restoring my morale. But, umm, could you tell me what those “facts” are? I hear them mentioned from time to time here in DUmmieland but never actually see them.]


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