Monday, November 22, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 11-22-04 (DUmmies Dejected Over Ohio Provisional Vote Count)

It looks like the DUmmie Coyote’s Acme Co. package in the form of a vote recount is now exploding in their faces. BEEP! BEEP! The Bush Road Runner is ONCE AGAIN leaving dust in their faces as the provisional ballots now being counted show Bush with a leading margin. Now sit back and watch the cartoon show of the dejected DUmmie Coyote in this THREAD being outwitted yet another time. As usual the mournful DUmmie whinings are in Bolshevik Red while the comments of your humble correspondent, thoroughly enjoying the cartoon show, are in the [brackets]:

Ohio Provisional Vote Count Update... The latest data concerning the Ohio provisonal vote count shows 25 counties have completed counting ballots. Approximately 75% have been deemed valid. Bush has picked up an additional 7905 votes Kerry has garnered an additional 5636.

[OOPS! Warning to the DUmmie Coyote---NEVER open up the vote recount package from the Acme Co.. It could blow up in your face.]

Can someone from Ohio look at this site and give us a forecast? I mean in the sense of which are Dem strongholds and which are Repub strongholds and is this a trend to bush or just a surge based on which counties are providing results? There were 150,000 PBs, at least, right? So this is only approximately 13,500 of them. Is Kerry holding his own?

[No. He is losing ground. BEEP! BEEP!]

It appears as though the votes are breaking pretty close to the way they did in the general. Unfortunately there appear to be higher "throw out" rates in the bigger higher vote Kerry counties ie Lucas @ 50% Cuyohoga @ 35%

[BEEP! BEEP! Once again the DUmmie Coyote is left eating Road Runner dust.]

As for the throw-aways, I'm sure the Kerry campaign is paying attention. I wonder what those counties' "excuses" are.

[The voter has been dead since 1932 and other similarly lame excuses.]

It sure seems like they are taking their time getting these votes counted.

[That is because the Ohio state officials like to get extra laughs from the DUmmie FUnnies by prolonging your agony.]

They have more provisional votes for * than they do for Kerry.

[AHA! Proof right there of vote fraud! Let the impeachment proceedings BEGIN!!!]

There was at least one case west of Columbus where a couple voted absentee and on election day. There might be another case up near Cleveland but I don't recall it off the top of my head.

[Glad you to see you kept a detailed record of vote fraud.]

Can I ask an unpopular question? I'm sure I'm missing something here and let me just preface this by saying NO, I'm not a freeper troll...but if the new hampshire recounts are pretty much looking like there wasn't any funny business and the provisional vote counts have Bush with 7905 and Kerry with it possible....that Bush...won?

[And on what basis, other than vote returns, do you make that absurd assumption?]

I would love to nail it to Bush and Co...its' just getting tougher to 'keep the faith'.

[KEEP THE FAITH, BABY!!! Visualize a Kerry presidency hard enough and you can create your own reality! I BEEEEELEEEEEVE that Kerry will become president on January 20!!!]

With 155,000 provisional ballots, and a "gap" of about 132,000, we needed to win by overwhelming margins. Even in the Bush areas. This data thus far pretty much rules out catching * in the provisionals. We'll have to do it via the fraud/recount route.

[Ah! The DUmmie Coyote always has a Plan B ready in case Plan A fails. Just be sure that vote fraud package isn’t marked "Acme Co." or you could be tasting more Road Runner dust.]

Update of the Update... The latest data show Bush +9029 Kerry +6202 28 counties reporting. 75% acceptance rate


doesn't look like the provisional ballots are going to make a big impact. Bush is gaining where he did well, and Kerry is gaining where he did well. Looks like it could be a wash. But at least they are being countned.

[That should be a great consolation to you on Jan. 20 when Bush is inaugurated.]

Continuing updates... The latest count is as follows Bush +12052 Kerry + 8062 37/88 reporting 75% acceptance rate

[So Bush increased his margin from about 2800 to 4000. Is that a good thing? Should we be making plans to attend a Kerry inauguration party on Jan. 20?]

that really does not sound good, no chance whatsoever of Ohio switching based on provisionals and under votes then.

[Quick! Send a bundle of cash to Bev Harris to make those provisional ballots go away!]

Had hoped that the provisionals had broke hard for Kerry even in the Bush counties but does not appear to be happening. Never know though big counties still out


I'm still holding onto that thin thread of hope.

[Maybe Billy Jack will ride to the rescue!]


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PJ, this is Beth from FR. Glad you got this blog started! The Wile E. Coyote analogy fits those DUmmies perfectly! The DUmmie FUnnies are a must-read!

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Blogger PJ-Comix said...

Thank you, Skinner. Or should I say, "Skinner."

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