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Freudenschade! Will Pitt Angrily Turns Against ObamaCare

So where have I been for the past couple of months? Well, I decided to take a week's break which turned into two weeks until I wanted to come back in a big way with a HUGE story. Unfortunately no DUmmie thread was big enough for me so I continued procrastinating.....until now.

And now I have a story that is HUUUUUGE. Like earthquake huge. In fact, it might even make the news services. So what is it? It is that WILLIAM RIVERS PITT, the perpetrator of the Karl Rove Indictment Fraud and many other foibles, has now turned violently against Obamacare in a big way. It's going to be mighty tough for Harry Reid to write off Will as a "rightwing" shill. But in order to fully appreciate the full Freudenschade of this moment, let us journey back to last December when Will was all sweetness and light as he happily anticipated signing on to ObamaCare as you can see in this DUFU EDITION:

Well, I just had my first experience with the website...

[Yes, yes, Will. Tell us all about the joys of ObamaCare that you haven't even experienced yet.]

Creating a user name and account: easy.
Plowing through all the questions: easy.

[Pulling a complete 180 on ObamaCare: easy.]

Alas, I logged out to track down some personal info, and when I tried to log back in, it said the system was currently down.

[That should have been your lucky break from ObamaCare but you didn't take advantage of it. Hee! Hee!]

...but then, Ermahgerd! A phone number: 800-318-2596

[And now you are dialing 800-SOS-HELP!]

And it's toll-free, too!

[Pitt freebied his way into getting ripped off.]

So I'll be calling in the morning to finish the process.

[Oh, they'll finish you off alright. Hee! Hee!]

No. Big. Deal.

[Big. Rip. Off.]

Thanks, Obama.

[As we shall see, Will will be telling something to Obama a bit stronger than "Thanks." That was back in December, so how does Pitt feel about ObamaCare now that he has actually experienced it? Pitt told us yesterday in very strong words about What I've learned about the Affordable Care Act.]

What I've learned after a three-month war with these fiends: the ACA says the insurance companies cannot deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, which is true as far as it goes. But they can deny coverage for the life-saving medications necessary to treat those conditions. The insurance company I signed up with through the ACA exchange just denied coverage of my wife's multiple sclerosis medication. We're "covered," to the tune of $700 a month...just not for what she really needs.

[Perhaps Pitt needs to get a permit slip from an ObamaCare Death Panel for proper coverage. Don't say you weren't warned in advance, Will. Much as it might cause you more grief...Sarah Palin was RIGHT!]

A cozy loophole, that.

[Consult your local Death Panel that Sarah Palin warned you about.]

F*ck you, insurance industry.

[Spread the love, Will!]

F*ck you, Mr. President, you piece of shit used-car salesman.


From my heart and soul, f*ck you.

[Right about now, Will is ready to drown his problems in a Brosurance keg party as he experiences a case of heavy duty FREUDENSCHADE!!! And now we shall see how his fellow DUmmies respond to Will going rogue on their beloved ObamaCare...]

Hall-of-Fame Bullshit nailed it the first time 'round...

[Uh-oh! A severe case of DUmmie enmity aimed at our dear Will. So what is Pitt's repsonse?]

I long for a time machine.

[Why? So you can travel back to May 12, 2006 to scream at the previous Will Pitt to NOT post about Karl Rove being indicted?]

I helped, in my own small way, to promote this thing, because of the pre-existing conditions aspect that would benefit my wife. I feel like a f*cking dupe.

[Freudenschade, baby!]

On edit: I AM a f*cking dupe. Last time that happens.

[Trust me, Will. It will happen over and over and over again. You will continue to be an endless source for unintended humor.]

My wife is a breast cancer survivor...and I was in the same boat regarding the pre-existing condition thing...not encouraging to hear that it too was a bait-and-switch...

[Too bad all you Dummies were opposed to de-bate before the switch.]

I knew we were screwed when Billy Tauzin was welcomed with open arms at the WH while the single payer folks were told to take a hike.

[I knew Will was screwed the moment Will posted his happiness with the ObamaCare he had not yet experienced back in December. Freudenschade ALWAYS comes back to bit him in the butt.]

but it's all Lieberman's fault. He forced the president to give big insurance 600 billion dollars a year

[Actually the fault lies with ALL of the Senators who voted for ObamaCare.]

Anger IS a gift, my dear Will, and one you use most effectively. K&R for this most excellent rant.

[K&R for this most excellent freudenschade.]

I wish we'd gotten single payer, but can not understand calling him that. Or putting all the blame on Pres Obama as it is not all hos. Blame congress, ins companies, and even Will for not checking to see if it was covered. It sucks, but to rant at Obama that way? bah

[So BLAME BUSH! It was all his fault.]

So you agree President Obama is a "piece of shit used-car salesman" deserving "f*ck you" on DU?

[Any answer in the affirmative means you are]

They should have pushed for single payer with all their might. When the President took office he had a MASSIVE mandate. Instead the President said that single payer was a bridge too far and would be "too expensive". Well, he knew better. He knew damned well that single payer would have been substantially cheaper but it would lock out the for-profit vulture killers. President Obama deserves considerable blame.

[No, no. Blame Bush. It only makes sense.]

nothing was missed, Pitt is just playing to a certain crowd looking to be popular

[A Temporary Sockpuppet did the same thing in a Newton schoolyard.]

can you look into another plan that might cover it?

[Asked a DUmmie to Will to which Pitt replies...]

There are ten different health insurance companies in NH. According to the independent (family friend, ally) insurance adjuster I spoke to at length this afternoon, pursuing coverage with any of them would be a waste of time. Why? Because - according to dude - the whole "You cannot deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions" thing only applies to insurance companies within the ACA network. You heard all that shit about "Grandfathering." Well, this is that, and all of them will turn us down because they still can. I am in the process of running down the facts of the matter, but family friend and ally was confident enough to basically tell us not to bother.

["If you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period!"]

Ranting on the DU about how awful Obama is won't change anything Hopefully William Pitt will realize that for once.

[Perhaps but his rants do keep us highly entertained.]

what I think is moronic is the poster took the word of some 'personal friend' schmuck that there is nothing else to be done.

[You would prefer that Will consult with a stranger schmuck?]

Are you trying to say Will is an idiot?

[Well... Since you insist on asking...]

YOU are the one calling Will and Me and MILLIONS of others idiots.

[Registered DUmmies automatically qualify for that honor UNLESS they are LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!]

Will, appeal that decision!

[Get on your knees and beg your local Death Panel!]

It's not the Afordable Care Act. It's the For-Profit-Insurance Act.

[Which up to a few minutes ago most of you DUmmies were hailing.]

Have you appealed the insurer's decision?

[Please, members of the Death Panel, make an exception for us!]

Maybe there is something that was missed, that may help.

[Common sense. That was the something that was missed.]

Mr. Pitt's anger, granted, is basically misplaced. I agree with him on so much - but I think he doesn't go as far as we need to. I believe he still sees capitalism as salvageable given progressive governing.

[Yes, let us go to the Bolshevism of Venezuela where the citizens of the world's most oil-rich nation have to wait on long lines just to get toilet paper.]

Psst. The president didn't write the law.

[He was out golfing when that happened.]

Seriously, wtf. If that is not alerted on or hidden, is calling Pres Obama that is ok per DU Community Standards, I just don't know about this place.

[A DUmmie shocked over the Preezy being called names in DUmmieland to which Will responds...]

He hasn't f*cked you over. Yet. Cope with a different opinion.

[So, Will. Why did you "Lean Forward" in the presence of The One?]

What does the President have to do with your insurance company's formulary?

[Haven't you noticed a certain name in ObamaCare?]

Formularies are not determined by the President, and existed before ACA

[BTW, the DUmmies have discovered a new word that they love to recite over and over and over again in this thread: "Formularies." It is all over the place but I didn't want to bore everybody by repeating it in this DUFU.]

True, formularies existed, but that doesn't mean they SHOULD exist

[Does not believing in the existence of formularies make you a formulatheist?]

Canada has formularies. The UK has formularies. Single payer doesn't work without them. Neither does a system like the ACA. The only way to not have formularies is to nationalize pharmaceutical production, though that ends up just being formularies by another name, since then the government is deciding what drugs to make when.

[You get a nickle every time you mention "formularies" you lucky rich guy.]

Details.. everything is President Obama's fault when it comes to one Will Pitt and his stupid anger issues which need management and is not the gift he pushes.

[Is Anger Management covered by ObamaCare and is Bobo the Hobo one of the providers?]

Is he the insurance adjustor? Did he specifically promise you this medication?

[Pitt was asked about Obama...]

He handed the proces over to them. So, yeah. Buck stops.

[The buck stops with the golf caddy.]

But coming on DU and getting all dramatic and pouty? It's an old act, Will--it's immature and it's not getting that "Ooooh....ahhhhhhhhhh" reaction anymore. No, the ACA is not perfect but YOU didn't do your due diligence, either. And calling the POTUS childish names isn't going to fix your situation, it just makes you look like a petulant jerk.

[Perhaps Will can get that Ooooh.....ahhhhhhh" reaction by announcing that Karl Rove has been indicted again.]

And the President of the United States personally f*cked you over? Get off it and get over yourself.

[Will will get over himself in just 24 business hours.]

Jury left it 3-3...some people can do/say whatever they want with no repercussions. That's something I'd expect to see at the cave, freeperville, etc. Not here.

[Don't forget the DUFUs. We're baaaaaaack again!]

This whole thread is just about one of the most cringe inducing, moronic things I've ever seen here. The OP needs to go sit his ass down somewhere.

[Where? On the couch of Jason Leopold's shrink?]

Really. Misplaced anger.. but the President is always handy when it comes time for will pitt to get his pos rage on.

[Isn't Bobo the Hobo available?]

It IS Obamacare that is the cause of Will and his wife's problem.


I don't like him either because he tends to *ahem, exaggerate things for reasons that I can only guess at.

[Just wait 24 business hours and you will see that Will didn't exaggerate about the Rove indictment.]

Yeah this sucks. I am terrified of losing my insurance through my employer because I do have pre-existing conditions and if I have to go onto the ACA there is a good chance I will be in the same boat.

[Pitt responds in his typical humane manner...]

It's a f*cking shark tank. Tie a pork chop around your neck if you jump in; maybe it'll be over quicker.

[It will all be over in 24 business hours.]

I am feeling a bit scared for him if that is him. I hope he was hacked. We democrats are supposed to be above the juvenile name calling and be proactive with finding solutions. We can solve this problem if we work together. We all want single payer.

[So in the meantime let us all PRETEND to like ObamaCare even though we really hate it.]

So it was covered before, and now isn't? And the entire ACA would be just fine, it if met one person's specific needs only? You'd throw out coverage of everyone else over this? And why not f*ck Congress and Joe Lieberman? What did you think the president was, a magician who could just make them pass a good single payer system? I wish we had that too, and no doubt so does Obama. But not enough of our fellow citizens do.

[Slammed the DUmmie in Will's direction to which Pitt responds...]

You're missing the point. They are providing general coverage, and then denying coverage for specific medications. Which makes the general coverage useless. My wife can go get a free scan that shows how fast her disease is ravaging her, because she doesn't have the medication she needs. Shell game, tree.

[And now Will feels DUmb for back in December playing the ObamaCare Shill game.]

And I was right. Will lives in New Jersey.

[Know-It-All Nadin only got the "New" part right.]

It's these kind of inexcusable problems with the ACA. That made passing the bill before we could see what was in it a real problem. I am afraid there will be many more people in a similar situation before it gets any better.

[As Nancy said, you had to pass the bill in order to find out what was in it..]

It isn't what was promised, we were lied to, and people are suffering for it.

[It took an effort to earn that Lie of the Year.]

Oh hell! I'm so sorry, Will.

[Is that you, Kathleen Sebelius?]

The ACA waw written the way it was through the efforts of two people: Rahm Emanuel and Liz Fowler.

[Wasn't that waw also written by Bawbwa Wawa?]

nybody else would have gotten an instant tombstone. It's almost like you are magic, man.

[Unless Will stumbles over Bobo the Hobo again.]

Congratulations Mr. Pitt. You are the Free Republic's favorite DUmmie today!!!!

[Also at the DUmmie FUnnies.]

The OP has been silenced. Post hidden and OP locked out. There won't be any more responses on this thread from him.

[Sniff! No more unintended humor from OPitt. However, a family members comes to the rescue.]

The OP crossed the line for me because I know that he knows better. And I believe there are probably options that would allow his wife to get what she needs, but he doesn't wanna talk about that. He wants to use it as an opportunity to talk down to Barack Obama using subhuman terminology.

[And here comes the reply from Raven aka Mama Pitt...]

Oh, you are so wrong!

[And finally...]

. Is this one of those Will Pitt rants that will be completely retracted in two days? Those are fun.

[Especially since it will give us the opportunity to play Will's theme song, "Self-Recanted Evening."]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

um, the correct word is schadenfreude, not freudenschade. You should fix that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

freudenschade is a legit word. an antonym of schadenfreude

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you don't know what Freudenschade is, you haven't been following DUFU for very long. :)

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

I wonder how many more Troglaman Clones/Moonbats are discovering what William Rivers Pitt is finding out - that they are going to be screwed just as brutally and ruthlessly by ObamaCare just like those who oppose The Obamassiah are being screwed, something that was NEVER suppose to happen since they are such true believers and acolytes of The One.

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Fred Phelps is dead. He bravely took on the facist Military Industrial Complex everywhere. He is a true patriot.

Godspeed great warrior!

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