Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DUmmies Claim Steven Crowder Caused Michigan Union Violence

You didn't see the union thug violence on ABC, CBS, or NBC last night but anybody who gets the REAL news from the web is aware of what happened in Michigan after the state passed a right to work law. The DUmmies also know that there was violence but guess who they think caused it? The victim, namely Steven Crowder who was on the receiving end of punches thrown by union thug/criminal Tony Camargo as you can see in this VIDEO. So how do the DUmmies come to the conclusion that Crowder was the perpetrator despite what is plainly visible in the video? Simple. They absurdly claim that the violence was caused by "rightwing" instigators such as Camargo and/or that Crowder initiated the violence himself but that the reason we didn't see that is that the video was edited? You can see these DUmmie absurdities for yourself in this THREAD, "Anyone who is surprised that a FOX talking head got punched in Lansing today is a fool." So let us now watch the DUmmies blame the union violence on Steven Crowder in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondence, noting that union violence is the type of violence that dares not say its name from the biased lips of Brian Williams, is in the [brackets]:

Anyone who is surprised that a FOX talking head got punched in Lansing today is a fool. 

[Anyone surprised that the DUmmies are making up absurd excuses to explain away the violence?]

I understand that at least part of the incident may have been due to paid provocateurs, but these people are playing with real fire. 

[I see. So union thug/criminal Tony Camargo was really paid by the Koch Bros. to instigate the violence.]

The union members and their families understand that the cowardly craven bullshit rushed through the legislature by these lame ducks is a direct threat to the welfare of their households. Unions and their collective power are the only reason these folks enjoy a living wage with decent benefits. No corporation ever volunteered to provide a better life for working people. That standard of living was TAKEN---sometimes with strikes, sometimes with the threat of a strike and sometimes with pick handles and bare knuckles---from moneyed interests whose only goal was more and more profit. 

[A brief pause now for the usual Bolshevik Blather before the DUmmies deliver their absurd excuses.]

You cannot expect to shit on people in the way that Snyder and friends just did and then expect them to treat you civilly. Is violence a good thing? No, but understand: right to work is unspeakably violent to the lives of union workers. To expect that to go unanswered is inexcusably ignorant of human nature and the passions these plutocratic whores have stirred up. 

[Okay, we now go from propaganda to outright threats...]

If workers in union shops stop paying dues, don't expect that to go unnoticed by the rank and file. Look for their cars to be decorated with spray-painted variations of "SCAB!" and "Freeloader!" Expect vandalism. Expect fistfights. 

[So will you be blaming Steven Crowder for the vandalism and violence that you are now threatening? And now to the rest of the DUmmies...]

This is going to get ugly. 

[Another threat but don't worry, you can blame any violence on Crowder.]

It is why I am considering changing my religion to Jedi... 

[May the Farce be with you.]

look at the tape - First off, it's clear that the Talking Head was breaching journalistic ethics by participating in the event - telling people to back away from the tent. 

[And for that he deserves to be punched out? And have you had a "journalistic ethics" discussion with WILLIAM RIVERS PITT?]

Second - there's an abrupt edit just before the fight starts. It looks to me like the physical part of the altercation started when the Fox talking head either tripped or shoved the union guy. 

[And yet with all those people there NOT ONE of them seemed to have a camera out to record Crowder shoving poor widdle Tony Camargo.]

I am told that the FOX guy TOOK A SWING at a protester. If so, we will NEVER see the whole tape. 

[Why? Don't those union protestors on the scene know how to press the "record" button on their cameras? Yes, an historic moment lost to posterity forever because none seemed to have recorded it despite all the cameras on the scene.]

 I grew up thinking a picket line was a "pick it line" since Daddy always carried a pick handle when he walked the line. Eventually, contracts were settled by negotiation instead of confrontation, but it never would have happened without at least the prospect of broken windshields and cracked heads. I was taught that scabs are lower than whale shit---and you know where that settles. Take care. 

[Dada was a thug and this DUmmie is proud of it.]

Hopefully the fighting will start before they all go away. Some may say I advocate violence, but you have to draw the line in the sand somewhere. 

[And don't forget to blame Steven Crowder for the violence cause by the union thugs.]

50 million in poverty, nearly that many on food stamps, 50,000 people a month being yanked out of their homes while we file over a hundred thousand more foreclosures, 1 in 4 seniors with NO income other than an insufficient social security, 24 million people on the November BLS report state they want a job, and the latest JOLTS report says there are 3.3 million jobs available. 

[Would you please tell us WHO is president?]

You can expect a douche like him to frame everything to make it look like he's an angel and the "union thugs" the aggressors. He probably did something off camera that he doesn't want us to see. Steven Crowder is a smug, unbearable asshole. He emanates an undeserved sense of self-righteousness that immediately makes any person want to punch him. I don't blame the union dudes. 

[Yeah, Crowder forced union thug/criminal Tony Camargo to punch him. As to "off camera" with all those people there and all those cameras out, how could anything have happened "off camera?"]

The right is going to use this for their anti-union propaganda. They will say that this is proof that union members are violent thugs. The Drudge Report already has an article to that effect. 

[Don't worry. The big networks are hiding the union thug violence by pretending it never happened.]

F*ck the right. If it's not this, they'll concoct some other bullshit for propaganda. If they're going to hate us, lie about us and f*ck us no matter what we do, I say it's time to give them a reason. 

[Oh, I see. Conservatives are making it all up but we'll give them violence anyways.]

After watching the video, I'm betting it was Crowder who got physical first. 

[How much money would you care to wager on that bet?]

Of course, they cut the part of the video out that shows exactly how the fisticuffs started. Hmmmm. But when the video cut from arguing to brawling, it was the union guy who was getting up after being knocked to the ground, and engaging in some righteous retaliatory violence. 

[Oh, I see. Union thug/criminal Tony Camargo was first knocked to the ground by that aggressive brute Steven Camargo who somehow managed to hide his aggression from all the cameras on the scene.]

Everybody has a videocamera in their phone nowadays. Shouldn't there be some unedited footage out there? 



Anonymous Corona said...

Mr. Burns - "Nothing delivers that personal touch like hired goons."
Homer - "Hired goons?"

That goon didn't know that Crowder takes his MMA training pretty seriously.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is why I am considering changing my religion to Jedi... "

Sith, more like it. Ugly, cantankerous, bloodthirsty, and oh, outright INSANE.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

"Hey, Crayola, fix that vent!"

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work in Michigan and am forced to be a member of a union. It is not optional and dues are extracted from my paycheck bi-weekly.

With the new laws, the real terror for the union hierarchy is just beginning. No longer holding a monopoly, the obvious questions from the rank-and-file membership as they decide whether of not to continue participating...

Questions like:
-"How much do we pay you? Well, that's gonna change..."

-"I don't like your choices for political financial support, can we eliminate that? I'll make my own donations, thanks."

-"Where is the independent auditing firm that reports to the membership?"

-"When will the review of perks, benefits, and salaries for union management take place?"

Not gonna happen? When the dues stop flowing and the gutting begins, there will be changes.

For the better, I think.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

Fat, middle-aged white men attacking reporters, it's those thuggish Tea Partiers again. What?
Who?...never mind.

4:25 PM  

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