Thursday, April 23, 2009

DUmmies Want To Torture Dick Cheney

Does anybody out there still doubt that the "torture" (interrogation) investigations are shaping up to be ENTIRELY political? The Democrats now want the "torture" (interrogation) memos to be cherry-picked. They don't want any memos released that show either that the interrogations of terrorist prisoners WORKED or that the top Democrats in Congress, including Nancy Pelosi, were kept apprised of the interrogations and that they APPROVED of it. Instead, they want to cherry pick the memos in order to make the EVIL Republicans exclusively look like villains for wanting to protect our country. That is why the Democrats and DUmmies are so angry at Dick Cheney. He wants all the memos declassified to show how effective the interrogations (not torture) were and now they are angry at him for calling their bluff. As a result, the DUmmies are steaming mad at him as you can see in this THREAD, "I'm sorry but it must be said. F^CK Dick Cheney!"

One other thing. Since when are interrogations classified as "torture?" Sleep deprivation and water boarding are NOT torture. No pain is involved. However, sawing heads off for fun as the terrorists do IS torture. Torquemada, Himmler, and Beria must be laughing their asses off at the Democrats bizarre definition of torture. Sorry, Mr. Gitmo Prisoner, but we have decided to not fluff your pillow tonight unless you are a bit more cooperative with us. TORTURE!!! So let us now watch DUmmie anger boil over at Dick Cheney in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the greatest abuse of the Gitmo prisoners came from Big Bob who was a FICTIONAL character, is in the [brackets]:

I'm sorry but it must be said. F^CK Dick Cheney!

[Damn him for calling our bluff and making our beloved "torture" investigations look entirely political.]

He's an evil bastard, filled with hate, and I hope to hell he gets his due within my lifetime.


[Entirely political "torture" investigations NOW or my head will EXPLODE!!!]

Yes he is one very sick human being..

[How dare he expose that our "torture" investigations are entirely political!]

It seems that something's afoot.

[It's called calling your bluff.]

After looting the treasury he has the resources to escape.

[Argentina or Paraguay?]

It's like he's daring Obama to do something. But for real, I think he truly believes he did the right thing by authorizing torture, why else would he so open about it?

[Maybe he knows that the memos will show that the interrogations WORKED plus Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats knew all about them.]

It's like he's daring Obama to do something. But for real, I think he truly believes he did the right thing by authorizing torture, why else would he so open about it?

[Maybe he is calling your bluff and shining light on how the Democrats are determined to cherry pick the memos in this entirely political investigation.]

I know it's not right to wish for bad stuff to happen to people, but, wow, sometimes my brain works overtime conjuring scenarios wherein Dick Cheney endures a living hell.

[Let me guess. You are conjuring scenarios for Cheney much worse than water boarding.]

We need to smoke them out of their spider holes and lock 'em up.

[At the same time you free the terrorists in Gitmo.]

Even Gore didn't say much until around when the Iraq war drums starting pounding


He's a bucket of f*ck. He's a f*ckbucket, oozing the kinds of slime that make even hyenas and vultures leave their dens and nests to find kerosene or Chlorox to drink until they die because the stench so shocks them. He should suffer daily waterboardings while listening to "Disco Duck" on a loop, with intermittent breaks in a cage with rats, a la the scene in the movie 1984. And he should be fed nothing but supplements mixed in with cat shit and wash it down with cat pee.

[Hmm... It looks like we will have to turn up the voltage during your electro-shock therapy sessions.]


[He already gave the Democrats their comeuppance by demonstrating how political these investigations are.]

I want to know why that MFer isn't dead yet, with all his heart problems. I don't want him to die though; I want him to live to be convicted and sentenced.

[And be forced to read Pied Piper Pitt's endless PARTIAL BIRTH NON-APOLOGY for perpetrating journalistic fraud.]

Yep, death would be too kind a fate for him. Long, lingering disease with pain would suit him more well.

[Quote the DUmmie adamantly against "torture."]

I will enjoy every moment of his suffering, may I live to see it.

[But heaven forbid we tickle a terrorist with a feather. That would be "TORTURE!"]

Hang him for treason along with 9 or 10 of his former associates.

[LIke Nancy Pelosi and the other top democrats who were all fully aware of interrogations that you now have redefined as "torture?"]

Waterboard him!

[But not the Gitmo terrorists!]

Give him a gallon of laxative then tape a garden hose to his mouth and stick the other end between his wrinkled cheeks.Once every 4 hours too of course.

[Said the DUmmie who is also outraged over the non-existent torture of Gitmo terrorists.]

How about conviction & execution for war crimes?

[And for thought crimes.]


Blogger Corona said...

Dehydration must've ended that rant.
I'm guessing certain Dummies want to make terrorists look like Mr. Rogers when compared to them. Seems to be working. But, you know, apples and oranges.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

No, no, Corona.

When comparing Dummies and Terrorists, it's not "apples and oranges".

It's "feces and vomit".

12:59 PM  
Anonymous MAS1916 said...

Let's send Team Obama duck hunting with Cheney. Cheney probably wouldn't miss and would be the only one that knew which end of a firearm to point at the target.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Big Gay Al said...

So the DUmmies aren't really against torture, it's just that they believe the wrong people were tortured. Lots of little Pol Pot wannabes wandering around the DU fever swamp.

You'd think that Democrat control of the White House and the Congress would calm the DUmmies' raging anger but it seems only to have exacerbated it.

Now only show trials and mass executions can satisfy them. Maybe Obama will be their Joe Stalin.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...


Does anyone remember a conservative movement to try and imprison Clinton-era participants in the unlawful Bosnia invasion?

I mean, bombing civilians and all that surely must demand retribution, if not slow-roasting over a fire of burning tires, right?

It's the DUmmie way!

6:33 AM  
Anonymous Dinky McGee said...

Cognitive dissonance is the calling card of the modern liberal.

And it requires a whole lot of it to simultaneously denounce torture while cheering the torture of those who allegedly support "torture."

These folks are funny. They just don't know it.

Then again, they out gay Republicans to combat homophobia and PETA kills more animals than the dog pound and Al Gore's house spews more carbon during "Earth Hour" than mine does all year.

So irony is their friend.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Kirk Johnson said...

On the subject of leftard cognitive dissonance, I've always marveled at their notion that Bristol Palin's decision to eschew abstinence in favor of premarital "safe" sex (followed by the now universally-known consequence) is somehow demonstrative of the failure of *abstinence*.

Yes, you read that right. Faced with Paths X and Y, someone chose Path Y and henceforth had a hard time. Quote the leftard: "Path X sucks."

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Classic Liberal said...

Cognitive dissonance is too negative a term. Use "doublethink" and the proles get it.

And don't forget, Miniplenty says "throwing money down a rathole" is "investment."

Loving to torture those who torture is required for work in Miniluv. At least they're not talking about making Cheney an unperson.

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Adam said...

Great points, Big Gay Al!
The DUmmies are such hypocrites.
It should be noted that the Obama administration recently released a CIA memo from 2005 on how the waterboarding of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammad led to information which exposed and helped stop an East Asian terrorist cell's plot to perform a similar "airliner crashing into a building" attack on Los Angeles.

7:25 AM  

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