Friday, December 12, 2008

DUmmies DUmp on Harry "Failout" Reid!

When it rains, it pours. And this has been a VERY rainy week for the Democrats! First, Rod "I want to make money" Blagojevich gets caught trying to sell Obambi's Senate seat. Merry (expletive) Fitzmas, DUmmies! Now, the DUmmies are all upset WITH THEIR OWN DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP--specifically, with Dingy Harry Reid--because of the failure of the auto bailout bill in Congress. They've even posted this THREAD, ever so subtly titled, the "Official F*** you Harry Reid Thread." Gentlemen, start your engines! Let's watch the DUmmies shift their anger into high gear, in Reid-'em-the-Riot-Act Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering how fast Obambi's hair will turn all gray, is in the [brackets]:

Official F*** you Harry Reid Thread

[As opposed to all the unofficial ones.]

For not knowing how to f*cking lead a girl scout troop let alone a Democratic Majority or the US Senate.

[Maybe Harry should have taken the senators on a nature hike and made s'mores around the campfire.]

If we don't remove this f*cking coward from leadership, we will definitely lose 2010. . . .

[Agreed! We need Reid to lead!]

Dump Reid now.

[Dump Reid now, dump Rod now, dump Rahm now!]

has anyone seen Howard lately?

[The doctor is OUT!]

I have never been more angry at Harry Reid than I am tonight. You could give this guy 99 Democrats and 1 Republican, and he'd STILL find a way to fail.

[It's a gift!]

What the hell are you guys are talking about???

[Does it really matter? You guys have to be upset about SOMETHING. What exactly the Snit DU Jour is, that's secondary.]

Bailout bill failed in the Senate.

[Hail, hail, the bailout failed!]

What????? How???? what happened? Link? Nevermind, don't answer second question. FU Reid. What an imbecile.

[Details not necessary. All you need is "Reid."]

Good-bye and good riddance.

[Good riddance to bad Reidance!]

this is horrible. I'm already a victim of this and my husband lost our automotive jobs along with everything else a year ago...we had to move to freaking nebraska!

[Nebraska! A fate worse than death!]

F*** him sideways with the Elephant D*ck he keeps Sucking. . . .

["Twister," benburch style!]

Things better change or there will be a revolt.

[The DUmmies are revolting!]

But go ahead and hate him all you want-- it's fun and doesn't hurt anything. . . .


F.U., H.R.


I never thought anyone could be weaker than Daschle !!!

[Tiny Tom is deeply saddened that Dingy Harry has surpassed him.]

Reid does NOT use the bully pit like he should!!!

[Get PITT to work on this! That's the ticket!]

that would be bully pulpit.

[DUmmies are not real strong on church furnishings.]

Reid is weak, feckless, and needs to go.

[Go feck yourself, Harry Reid!]

something stinks in Washington DC, and it AIN'T the tourists.

[Redolent Harry Reid.]

ding ding ding. . . .

[Dingy Dingy Dingy!]

Please take Nancy Pal"lousy" with him.

[When Harry Met Pally.]

Terrible twins of tepidity.

[A lib'ral reachin' for alliteration.]

With friends like this, who needs enemas?

[With a Harry Reid, who needs a hemorrhoid?]

He needs to be replaced.

[Get Blagojevich in there!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"For not knowing how to f*cking lead a girl scout troop let alone a Democratic Majority or the US Senate."

When did Reid become the President of the Senate?

F. U. DUmmy for not even knowing about what you're ranting on (and on, and on...).

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons I can't believe the DSA even functions.

Reid doesn't give a damn about the base he gives them enough lip service to keep the money coming in to the campaign coffers. He may be a clueless fool, but he's not a complete moron, he's not going to do what the MOONBAT base of the party wants. And the base is evidently not smart enough to figure that out.

You'd think with such a total and complete disconnect between the base and the leaders that the DSA would disintegrate or engage in a bloodbath coup that would put MOONBATs in the leadership positions.

I have to admit I can't figure out what it will take for either the leadership to kick the base to the curb or the base to throw out the leadership. Until then I guess we have the humor of seeing the blind lead the blind.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its like watching a bunch of chimps with ADD pick dingleberries outta each others butts - its disgusting, but I cant turn away because its funny.

1:14 PM  

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