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"What is Obama doing wrong?"

It looks like DUmmie confidence in their blessed Obamassiah is waning. Just take a look at the very title of this DUmmie THREAD, "What is Obama doing wrong?" Not exactly a vote of confidence there for Barack Obama. So much for all that slam dunk gloating the DUmmies engaged in just a few short weeks ago. Therefore, let us now watch the DUmmies choke on their Freudenschade victory champagne in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, posting from inside his "cone of silence," is in the [barackets]:

What is Obama doing wrong?

[Opening his mouth away from a teleprompter.]

I can't think of anything significant. So why is he running neck and neck with McCain in a year that dems have a large advantage? C'mon, you must know the answer to that:

[Stand by for the race card to be played! Stand by!]

He's running while black.

[I'm guessing that we will see a lot more of that excuse as Obama continues to fall in the polls. But continue my little DUmmie...]

Sorry, there's still a lot of racism in this country, though it's no as overt as it was a generation ago. I believe on some deep and rather primitive level, a lot of white Americans simply can't picture a black man in the White House.

[And his leftwing political views have absolutely nothing to do with it? Oh, and are you one of those DUmmies who harrass Justice Thomas when he makes public speaking appearances?]

Does that mean he's destined to lose? I don't think so. It just means that it's closer than if some generic white guy was the nominee, but there is no such think as a generic white nominee, and any individual who was the nominee would face the same smear machine. It would still be closer than "generic dem white male nominee v generic repuke white male nominee."

[John Kerry lost in 2004 because he was black.]

People seem uncomfortable with discussing the role of race in the election, but it's a reality, albeit an unpleasant one. And I believe it does have a bearing on how close the race is.

[DUmmies are not at all uncomfortable in discussing the role of race to excuse why Obama is just not catching on with the electorate. And now on to the other DUmmies...]

I can't believe I work around people who still say he's a Muslim and...they won't listen to any logic about him being a member of a Christian church, his reverend, etc.

[You might want to downplay talking about his reverend.]

MSM is doing everything possible to keep this race close ....
Ratings, Ratings, Ratings .....

[Stated the DUmmie who never watches ABC, NBC, CBS, nor PBS.]

It's vital to them to have a "horse race".

[I'm already laughing in your "horse face."]

If the polls stay close, stolen elections don't look so fake.

[Your Diebold machine is already set on "R."]

It seems a bit early in the campain to be making excuses.

[It's NEVER too early.]

To the extent that racism factors in elections, that factor hasn't changed in the last 18 months. Something else is going on and it's more useful to figure out what that is rather than moaning about the obviously unchangeable.

[Obama sometimes speaks sans teleprompter. That is what else is going on.]

Who knows what for sure it is, I just hope Obama does, I sure as hell don't want to lose again. I really would like to see the democrats for once, just once, fight back, play as dirty as the republicans and give them a taste of their own medicine.

[Projection. Now the DUmmies and Democrats will feel entirely justified in playing dirty. Break out those cigarette cartons! Many votes need to be bought from homeless nicotine fiends!]

So, why do you think Obama is "underperforming"?

The immediate thing that comes to mind is the dilution of his platform. His broader approach to isues over the last two months is not paying off with strong new supporters and is at the cost of his natural base.

[His nuance is misunderstood.]

If he's going down - go down swinging. Obama needs to tell the real story about the incompetence of the repukes. Don't hold back.

[Incompetence to be replaced by Obama's vast experience. Don't hold back. Keep on coming with the laughs.]

he's also young and has a short political record

[A little over 140 days of Senate attendance. Yeah, a little short.]

The bulk of the electorate lives in soundbites. That's all they understand.

[Ugh! Me want hear soundbites. Me no understand long sentences.]

He let McCain punch him for a month and gave mediocre responses. Race has a small portion to do with it but he's coming off as weak right now.

[Damn that McCain for letting Obama's mediocrity shine through.]

Hope the younger crowd shows up for this election because the old folks, according to my friend, "are very comfortable with their prejudice."

[Would that include Obama's grandmother that he threw under the bus?]

It isn't all bad. Two positives are it ends McCain's underdog meme and Obama now has the moral high road, his attacks are seen as a necessary response to McCain's attacks.

[All according to plan. Obama's losing on purpose so as to take away McCain's underdog status.]

The recent McCain bump can probably be attributed to the fact that Obama was on vacation last week. Compounding that was the fact that Russia invaded Georgia during that time. Not to be a debbie downer, but the polls that come out next week at this time may very well be worse, as these polls don't reflect what will likely be another bump from the Saddleback event for McCain. All things remaining equal however these two weeks will probably be the peak for McCain in poll performance.

[Posted Debbie Downer with an audacity of hope.]

The more Obama projects himself as just more of the same with a handful of vague, feel-good slogans, the better John McCain's chances for victory become.

[The audacity of hopelessness.]

Most people aren't even thinking about the campaign yet. Any poll now is meaningless.

[So why were DUmmies gloating over Obama poll "landslides" just a few weeks ago.]

It's all about the young and Latino vote, help is needed to reach these groups wherever possible. Phone banking is a good way to reach the Latino population in FL, CO, New Mexico, CA, NY etc.

["Hi, my name is Greg Craig. The slick lawyer who made sure that Elian Gonzalez be sent back to Cuba. I'm calling you and other Cuban-Americans on behalf of Barack Obama."]

Only the numbers will save us now...

[Start searching the graveyards for those Democrat votes.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is still time for the Socialist Democrats to wake up and crucify The Obamassiah and not give him the nomination.

If they don't wake tho and nominate this fool, it will be the perfect chance, even with as bad a candidate as McCain, to politically destroy the Moonbats once and for all.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand the Left... Truly I don't.

In Barack Lightworker Hussein Obama, we have a clone of John Kerry. UberLeftish, effete, elite, a snobgoblin, complete with graceless, tacky trailer-trash, bigmouth wife...

...And these DUmmies are wondering why it "isn't working" (again)?

Kids, we hated the white version of this clown. Why would you think that lowering the experience level to zero, and stamping out another FlipFlopper-wannabe-in-chief, (even in Glowbamas appealing Mocha Latte tone) is going make the difference?

It's not the color, it's the content... or lack thereof!

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, there's still a lot of racism in this country, though it's no as overt as it was a generation ago. I believe on some deep and rather primitive level, a lot of white Americans simply can't picture a black man in the White House.

We could sure as hell picture a black woman. Way before campaign season started, Condi was the favorite to be the nominee. Unfortunately, she wants to go back into academia instead of continuing with public service.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

"snobgoblin"... anon 1:50, I'm stealing that one! ;)

1:19 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

"It's not the color, it's the content... or lack thereof!"

Nail, head.. Hit squarely, repeat!

Too bad it's lost on the left.

The so called reality-based community is neither...

I for one could care LESS what color, or gender for that matter, the president of this country might be. I DO however care about the content of the persons character, intelligence, world-view, view of this country in particular, capitalisim, freedom, liberty and the government's role in our lives.

So far, what I've heard from Obama is socialisim, multiculturalisim, some marxisim and a WHOLE lot of hot air amounting to a bunch of nothing.

He would bring back the failed 'war on poverty', he would bring back the failed 'welfare state', he would bring to the world stage a US of A that is seen, in HIS eyes, as the CAUSE of conflict, poverty and dispare, rather than the answer.

He does NOT believe in American exceptionalisim in any way shape or form. His model is MUCH more European in nature with a decided tilt towards a cradle to grave social system that would mean the complete abandonment of free enterprise and the American work ethic, which by the way is STILL alive and well in all those places that he himself denegrated as being bitter and xenophobic.

He is nothing but pablumb in a world DESPERATE for real leadership, real answers, real help, things that ONLY the US can provide.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only the numbers will save us now.

Already in Chicago legions of the dead are registering as Democrats.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

obama is a lemon that keeps on giving

corruptocrats really bought a lemon with obama

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw an article on yesterday explaining how Obama got into the Illinois senate by preventing the other candidates from being on the ballot in the first place. Chicago machine...

10:07 AM  

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