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DUmmies Debate Obama's Flip vs Obama's Flop

My advice to DUmmies upset over any position that Barack Obama takes is to wait a minute and he is almost sure to completely change that position. Most politicians do shift positions when it is convenient but none in my memory has ever shifted position so boldly and so quickly as Obama has for strictly pandering electoral reasons. Obama will say anything that he thinks will get him votes and then ditch that position when it becomes convenient to do so. Gun control, FISA, public campaign financing, Iraq (still flipping and flopping on that one), and a whole host of other policies. Therefore it is quite amusing to see the DUmmies debate what Obama really means concerning Venezuela and Hugo Chavez as you can see by two contrary DUmmie threads. THREAD #1 is titled "Obama Calls Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. Urges Sanctions Against Venezuela!" and THREAD #2 is titled "Obama DOESNT call Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. NOR does he Urge Sanctions Against Venezuela!!!" So let us now watch the DUmmies debate Obama's Flip vs Obama's Flop in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the Obamassiah is taking pandering for votes to a whole new level, is in the [barackets]:

Obama Calls Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. Urges Sanctions Against Venezuela!

[Until a minute later when Obama DOESN'T call Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. NOR does he Urge Sanctions Against Venezuela!]

Yahoo News
July 16, 2008

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday his prickly relations with Washington would not improve even if Democrat candidate Barack Obama wins the U.S. presidential election in November.

"The two candidates for the U.S. presidency attack us equally, they attack us defending the interests of the empire," Chavez said at a meeting of his socialist party.

Obama said earlier in his campaign that he would be prepared to sit down to talk with Chavez. But in recent weeks he has called the leftist Venezuelan leader an enemy of the United States and urged sanctions against him.

Chavez also had previously expressed a hope that the end of the Bush administration would bring warmer ties between the two countries.

[Anybody else out there think this sounds just a little bit too convenient. Most likely some Democrats got the word to Chavez not to sound so friendly to Obama...por ahora! Then after the election they can embrace. However, the DUmmies are too dim to figure that out as you can see...]

Is this true? I really hope not. We don't need anymore movements toward "the center" by Obama.

[Don't worry about BM (Barack Movements). Anything Obama says now is completely meaningless since he is strictly pandering for votes. However it is FUnnie to watch you DUmmies have a fit over this.]

move to the center expected, but damn WHIPLASH. So much for heating oil help for the poor. Will this end Citgo's low income heating oil program? you bet. *Obama, you're winning. Stop running to the center

[Posted the clueless DUmmie who takes Obama's words seriously.]

The article claims Obama has already called Chavez an enemy of the US. No ifs there.

[Don't worry. Obama can always find an out.]

I think Chavez may be very disappointed in Obama and now feels that a change in Presidents won't signify a significant and progressive a change in American policy toward Venezuela.

[I think Chavez is laughing at your utter cluelessness right now.]

My guess is Chavez will be asking for a meeting as soon as Obama takes office. The name calling will end and diplomacy will begin.

[Mainly because the so-called name calling was entirely staged to help Obama.]

Do you think this is just posturing on boths sides? It's possible. maybe even politically necessary?

[A Kewpie Doll to a DUmmie who stumbles onto the truth.]

Not only that I think Obama benefits from Chavez saying he's no different than McTaint. Now these asshole right wingers can't come out and say that Chavez and Obama are best friends. Which is good for domestic consumption.

[Thanx for that admission that this was all STAGE for domestic consumption to fool the yahoos.]

I remember reading once that Chavez said he wouldn't want to show support for particular US candidates he liked because it would be used against them. I mean in this case I have no idea and talking out of my ass. But he's a pretty astute guy politically.

[Just for public consumption. Wink! Wink!]

I remember that, too. Yeah, he's no dummie.

[More than enough DUmmies to go around on this thread.]

Did you miss all the IF's in Obama's statement?

[Also all the "ands, or, buts."]

Obama knows for a fact that Venezuela and Chavez are not "fermenting terrorist activities" so why did he even suggest this might be happening to a meeting of the right-wing Cuban-American National Foundation?


Unless Obama is completely uninformed about Venezuela and actually believes right-wing anti-Venezuela propaganda I don't think for a moment that Obama actually believes that Venezuela and Chavez are supporting terrorist activities. Do you think that Obama really believes that neo-con right-wing propaganda? I don't.

[Strictly a matter of pandering for VOTES.]

It's hot air that benefits both Chavez and Obama. Makes Obama seem 'safe' and 'pro-America' while allowing Chavez to continue his pose of anti-US imperialism while selling us oil.

[Wink! Wink! This is all strictly for public consumption by the yahoos. Wink! Wink!]

Six months ago Chavez was ranting about how he was looking forward to meeting with Obama, what

[Democrats became worried that it would hurt Obama politically so that meeting has been put on hold...por ahora! And now we move to seemingly contradictory DUmmie THREAD #2...]

Obama DOESNT call Hugo Chavez Enemy Of U.S. NOR does he Urge Sanctions Against Venezuela!!!

[It DOESN'T matter what Obama says. It's all about pandering for votes. Wink! Wink!]

But amazingly because some two bit reporter wanted to invent a "flip flop" story instead of actually do real journalistic's being reported as such. And interestingly enough... people on DU are "concerned" with this non existent move to the center... Some are just "outraged" by this non move by the Obama campaign. Let's keep right wing smears out of DU... closet PUMAs please try to at least provide proof benind your fauxrage.

[A clueless DUmmie gets all upset over what Obama supposedly if it can't be completely reversed when convenient.]

The republicans are waging two fronts in smearing.... the Panther-ish bomb thrower is to keep republicans voting and the "he's a big flip flopping elitist" smear is to confuse the ignorant, uninformed, pay-attention-for-one-week-every-for-years, independent voters. They are saying that Obama is a covert commie-muslim who is "pretending" to move to the center...thus making him an flip flopping terrorist black separatist.

[GASP! You mean there are people out there actually accusing Obama of flip flopping? How dare they!!!]

The progressive movement is going to have to keep the pressure on President Obama to gut free trade and create a fair trade system.

[aka socialism.]

Some people will use anything to smear Obama. They're not concerned with 'facts'

[Would you mind telling us the "fact" about Obama's latest stance on FISA? Oh, and don't worry about Obama's position on Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. That is strictly fo public consumption and will change as fast as his FISA stand. Wink! Wink!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two observations:

1) I've given up on trying to determine Obama's stance on any issue of importance.

2) "Progressive" DUmmies love Hugo Chavez (and the Castro brothers). They used to love Robert Mugabe but he has become too overtly violent and oppressive for even the reddest DUmmie to openly support ("openly" being the operative word).

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The progressive movement is going to have to keep the pressure on President Obama to gut free trade and create a fair trade system."

So, you want to go back to the 20's and 30's and readopt the (Not So) New Deal policies of restrictive trade practices that lead directly to high unemployment and high prices? Yea, that's real "progressive," isn't it?

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Some people will do anything to smear Obama. They're not concerned with 'facts'."

Facts? What are facts? You can prove anything with facts.

4:56 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Don't all those New Englanders burning fuel oil to heat their homes contribute to *GLOBAL WARMING*?!?!

Shouldn't Algore be threatening to kick their asses?

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that Vermonters are happy to accept free heating oil from Hugo Chavez now...

1:28 PM  

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