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KOmmies Angrily Defend The New Republic's Fabulist

This is definitely a KOmmie THREAD that the Daily KOs would dearly wish to have disappeared down the memory hole. This thread titled, "Wingnut Thugs Personally Attack Soldier Serving In Iraq," was published in KOmmieland back in July. As you can see, the KOmmies are angrily attacking the "Wingnut Thugs" for daring to question the veracity of a soldier, Scott Thomas Beauchamp, whose allegations of atrocities in Iraq were published in The New Republic. One problem now for the KOmmies, it turns out that, in fact, the stories written by Beauchamp, The New Republic's Fabulist, were untrue. And WHO is making this claim about the untruthfulness of Beauchamp? Why the The New Republic itselt as you can see in their very own STORY titled, "Fog of War." After months of pathetic denials, The New Republic finally admitted that they were wrong on the 14th page of the article:

"In retrospect, we never should have put Beauchamp in this situation. He was a young soldier in a war zone, an untried writer without journalistic training. We published his accounts of sensitive events while granting him the shield of anonymity--which, in the wrong hands, can become license to exaggerate, if not fabricate.

"When I last spoke with Beauchamp in early November, he continued to stand by his stories. Unfortunately, the standards of this magazine require more than that. And, in light of the evidence available to us, after months of intensive re-reporting, we cannot be confident that the events in his pieces occurred in exactly the manner that he described them. Without that essential confidence, we cannot stand by these stories."

So let us now read the July thread the KOmmies would prefer everyone just forget in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, still awaiting KOmmie and DUmmie reaction to The New Republic's belated admission, is in the brackets:

Wingnut Thugs Personally Attack Soldier Serving In Iraq

[Evil Wingnut Thugs. How dare they cast aspersions upon the veracity of The New Republic's Fabulist!]

I have sort of followed this flap between The New Republic and the conservative noise machine over a diary posted anonymously by "Scott Thomas," a soldier in Iraq, about atrocities and ethically dubious behavior committed during the war. The reports of this "fog of war" kind of stuff didn't fit with the rose-colored worldview of the insaneosphere, so they immediately decided it was a fake. Then Scott Thomas Beauchamp himself revealed himself as the soldier and author.

[And according to THE NEW REPUBLIC itself, a Fabulist.]

So the insaneosphere did what anyone who supports the troops would do: they went after the soldier personally.

[Shame of the insaneophere for exposing a Fabulist. We should unquestioningly accept the fantasies of Scott Thomas Beauchamp just as we did the Fabulist of the Vietnam War, John Kerry.]

The vast majority of our troops serve with honor. Some are beaten down psychologically by the horrors of combat and do something stupid. The military has a system in place to deal with that but it appears to be missing some incidents. That's the bottom line. And when you put troops in an unwinnable situation and in the middle of a civil war without a clear sense of mission, these incidents go up. Period.But the insaneosphere doesn't want to deal with that, so they attack a member of the military personally. It's revolting. It's grade-A thuggery. To protect the President and his failed war, they will frag an American soldier. Nice people.

[The New Republic ended up fragging their own Fabulist.]

There's this perpetual sense from the nutters on the right that as long as confusion and doubt can be placed into one story then the totality of the literally thousands of similar stories in Iraq are rendered moot. These people are shameless.

[We sure are and now I will shamelessly reproduce the KOmmie rants against the WingNut Thugs who dared to question the veracity of the Fabulist although I am sure you wish this entire July thread would just disappear in light of the final admission by The New Republic concerning Fabulist Beauchamp...]

Some day those soldiers, God willing, will come back from Iraq. At that point, I think the wingnuts thugs in question will have a little 'splaining to do. I would not to call into question the patriotism of a pissed off Marine, for instance.

[I think the KOmmies now have a little 'splaining to do.]

I really, really detest these lying hypocrites.

[Like Scott Thomas Beauchamp?

Tis a sad world they inhabit but it is a result of actively filtering out concepts that do not fit within their world view.

[And now you are actively trying to filter out this post defending a Fabulist as admitted by The New Republic.]

I suppose there's a whole continuum of personalities and a whole lot of jerks out there, but I do think it's important to make a distinction between those who are wilfully manipulating for their gain, and those who are being manipulated against their own interests. Granted, you can only manipulate those who really want to be, but politically, we can't really afford to write off anyone who may someday "see the light". We're all imperfect. We all have blind spots that we work very hard to protect, though some are more damaging than others.

[The New Repubic has finally seen the light, KOmmie freshair2, but have you?]

These people are all going straight to the spiritual recycling bin; they are not keeper souls. Maybe they know it on some level and that's why they're inextricably drawn to the idea of end-time "rapture".

[I bet you wish your post went straight to the memory hole, KOmmie Kimberley.]

At some point we have to confront all the people in this country who are simply failed human beings with ruined souls. How we do that I have no idea.

[Right now I am enjoying confronting you with your own words, KOmmie Sundoggy.]

Maybe you don't need to actually confront them. Maybe it would be sufficient to shame them away from the public again.

[It is sufficient to shame you with your own post, KOmmie RandomGuyFromGermany.]

These people have no freaking shame. None at all. It makes me maddeningly sick to my stomach.

[I have no freaking shame in exposing your post, KOmmie jeepdad.]

The morning after Election Day, 2004...I literally woke up and vomited when I heard the results

[Get ready to barf all over yourself again, KOmmie jds1978, when you see the results of The New Republic's investigation into their own Fabulist.]

Norman Podhoretz was on McLaughlin Group this past week and predicted TNR would distance themselves from Scott Thomas Beauchamp's articles. So far that's yet to happen. See if Podhoretz sticks to this if everything Beauchamp writes about turns out to be true. What a f-ing tool this guy is. Reads something on Malkin site and then goes on McLaughlin parroting her hateful venom spew. Horrible what passes for punditry today.

[Soooo KOmmie Mahler3, now that it turns out that even according to The New Republic that Norman Podhoretz was RIGHT, will you stick to your defense of the veracity of the Fabulist?]

It's all over the Right-wing blog-o-phere. They think they're going to take down TNR like they did Dan Rather . What a bunch of tools.

[We did take down the TNR like we did Dan Rather, KOmmie Mahler3. Hee! Hee!]

Go to Malkin - it's like watching the most macabre of circus freaks as she twists herself into shapes you'd imagine impossible to justify her idiocy in this.

[I'm preparing to watch YOU twist yourself into shapes to justify your idiocy in this, KOmmie Little.]

The Neo-Con's only talent is to blame the victim. It helps them keep the delusion that they are right. In fact, you can pretty much pick out any Freudian defense mechanism and use Neo-Con tactics as an example of how they alter reality to fit their ideology.

[How are you going to alter reality to fit your ideology in view of TNR's admission, KOmmie blueintheface?]

All the writer has to do is corroborate his story. Name names and places and dates. Should be pretty easy for such a gifted observer. We'll see.

[We all have seen, KOmmie valion. TNR admits that Beauchamp's fantasies were NOT corroborated.]

Maybe Pvt. Beauchamp really is lying. After all, having been in a few Bradley's myself, I can promise you that the driver of a Brad can't possibly see a dog to his right. Furthermore, there's no evidence of any woman fitting Beauchamp's description being at FOB Falcon during the time in question. Anyone here willing to take me up on this bet: Pvt. Beauchamp will be proven to have falsified not one but several of his accounts of life in a combat zone. You're entitled to whatever opinions you like. But you can't have your own facts. Pvt. Beauchamp is the new Stephen Glass. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should rent the movie "Shattered Glass". That The New Republic would be willing to risk its credibility on another fabricator with no evidence to back up his wild stories is amazing.


The more of the truth one throws at these cowardly deniers, the more they fudge and act irrationally. Truth is a poison to these scum.

[Now that the truth is known, Kommie Archangel, enjoy choking on the poison.]

Guess this will be a lesson to any other soldier who wants to tell the truth of his observations and experiences.

[It turned out to be a lesson to any other Fabulist who doesn't want to tell the truth, KOmmie Catte Nappe.]

But imagine how nice it must be to create your own reality. And now imagine how awful GOPers would be if they couldn't do that. They're already miserable and angry. How much worse would they be if they faced facts?

[How miserable and angry are you now, KOmmie Mennochio, facing the facts finally admitted to by TNR?]

Perhaps we should invite Private Scott Thomas Beauchamp to post here? I'm sure he'll find us a much more receptive and, above all, polite audience.

[If that ever happens, it would be sure to be DUFUed. Hee! Hee!]

These sick bastards attack soldiers who tell the truth. Just like the way Fox pins a "-D" after the name of every Republican who commits a crime or criticizes the government. These are our generation's brownshirts. They attack in packs, from safety, risking nothing. And they try to wound soldiers who've risked their lives in a hellhole like Iraq. They make me so ashamed to be an American. What the hell is wrong with these people?

[Are you now ashamed of your post, KOmmie The Raven?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how long before Scott Thomas Beauchamp joins Jason Leopold as a top Truthout "reporter?" Does anyone at this point read The New Republic for anything other than the kind of titillation one gets from reading the Weekly World News or the National Enquirer? They should become a UFO/JFK Conspiracy magazine.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You would think the Slackers with Daddy Problems would grow up. I see no progress, no maturity.

Those of my generation are even more pitiful. Thees nothing sadder than a dumb, old hippie

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The left doesn't need the truth, they don't want the truth, they ony want their 'truth'.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Eight Tons of Geese said...

Moonbats are funny. Their so obsessed they spent hours every day finding quots of godly folks saying dumb things or making speling mistakes.

How SAD is that?


2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The moonbats are worse than you think for when they can not find a way to refute an argument, they resort to insulting the opposition.

How SAD is THAT?

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's kind of predictable, really. They jumped in with both feet and screamed their outrage... long as the story fit their mold.


dKos has not mentioned it... Nowhere that I can find.

Gutless whiners.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Britt said...

I love it when a moonbat thinks they are rational. Except rational to a moonbat means that a conclusion is reached and then evidence is found to support it. Which is the opposite of the classic rational inquiry, wherein the evidence is analyzed in order to form a conclusion.

Beauchamp's stories were called into questions because of the fact that they just didn't feel right. Evidence was found to support this theory. The facts speak for themselves. They don't need to be massaged or "framed", they simply stand on their own.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I know!

Let me save the piglet kayinmaine the trouble and bold some irrational hatred! That'll show ya!

Ca-ca, Doodie, poopie, poopie, poopie, beans and tee-tee, noogies on your mother, yada-yada-yada, I'm ugly, stupid, can't give my cha-cha away, haven't had a hoo-hoo dilly in me since grade school and hate you for that, you stoopie-heads!

Sorry... I know the punctuation is a giveaway, but, I actually graduated from middle school...

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um not a word about YET ANOTHER election stolen by Chimpy?


12:04 PM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

The constant reference by Moonbats to the irrationality of the Right is as ironic as it gets.

I keep trying to figure out what, exactly, they think "rationality" means.

They're always talking about it, but they never actually exhibit it.

It's like reading a bad translation, where words don't make sense in their context.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How unfortunate it is that the only thing these people can consistently be exceptional at is being incompetent?

If you read the comments of mine and many others who have followed the matter on confederateyankee, for instance, focus has consistently been on the failure of Foer and TNR editors, not the unsurprising confusion of Mr. Beauchamp.

In fact, I've consistently indicated that this kind of garbage is the outcome that the media should expect given insufficient controls. As we say in risk circles, TNR was mass producing black swans.

To accuse the rational right of attacking a soldier is a red herring. Somehow, we need to find a way to institutionalize these unwell, unhinged individuals before they hurt themselves.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If Chimpy stole that one, let's hope he steals the next one in the US too in order to keep the Socialists/Kommies (with a -D behind their names) from implementing their own form of Fascism.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I felt great after reading that El Presidente Loco lost his referendum. But after reading your typical nutso post, I FELT EVEN BETTER.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait ...

DumbassInMaine now thinks George W. stole the election IN VENENZUELA.

Caramba. Que mujer mas imbecil!

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait ...

DumbassInMaine now thinks George W. stole the election IN VENENZUELA.

Caramba. Que mujer mas imbecil!

7:26 PM  

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