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"Venezuela's Chavez May Take Over [Private] Schools"

As soon as I heard that Hugo Chavez mandated that all schools in Venezuela teach Socialism (Communism), I just knew the DUmmies would approve. I was not disappointed as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Venezuela's Chavez May Take Over [Private] Schools." This is what the DUmmies would dearly love to have happen in American schools. Students organized into collectives and taught Socialism (Communism). Actually it already does happen in many of our public schools to an extent which is why the Left HATES home schooling since they don't have control over it. So let us now watch the DUmmies praise the latest collectivist planning by Hugo Chavez in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that a lot of American teachers would love to teach in the Chavez education system, is in the [brackets]:

Venezuela's Chavez May Take Over [Private] Schools

[Try WILL take over Private Schools.]

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened on Monday to close or take over any private school that refuses to submit to the oversight of his socialist government as it develops a new curriculum and textbooks.

"Society cannot allow the private sector to do whatever it wants," said Chavez, speaking on the first day of classes.

All schools, public and private, must admit state inspectors and submit to the government's new educational system, or be closed and nationalized, with the state taking responsibility for the education of their children, Chavez said.

A new curriculum will be ready by the end of this school year, and new textbooks are being developed to help educate "the new citizen," said Chavez's brother and education minister Adan Chavez, who joined him a televised ceremony at the opening of a public school in the eastern town of El Tigre.

[Anybody else notice all this nepotism in "scientific" socialist regimes?]

Private schools in the USA are regulated, accredited, inspected, and so on. Home schools, it is true, you can do almost any damn fool thing ...

[Damn those home schools for not teaching socialism.]

Chavez, who had some good ideas with nationalizing his country's oil industry, has turned into a total despot.


Bottom-line, Venezuela is a DEMOCRACY, with open, transparent, and highly vetted and monitored elections (unlike here). If the people of Venezuela don't like this policy, they have every right to oppose it, to organize against it, and to get it changed, and they ultimately have the right and power to throw Chavez out--a right and a power that we here in the U.S. don't have any more, now that Bush's buds at Diebold and ES&S are "counting" all the votes with "trade secret" programming code, by arrangement of BOTH parties.

[So which leader is staying on after his term limit is over?]

State inspections of all schools is a great idea.

[Especially if it enforces the teaching of socialism.]

basically Venezuela is only catching up to American standards for school licensing. it's educational progress. do you have a problem with a country aspiring to American standards of living?

[So Chavez is only abiding by NEA standards.]

Leave Chavez Alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Paraphrasing the Britney Spears fan.]

Now OUR current leader? That's what I'd call a dictator. He's practically admitted it himself.

[Have you admitted yourself to the FUnnie Farm yet?]

If we had a decent government ourselves, the U.S. would be friends with Venezuela, and aiding them in every way we could toward social justice and self-determination. But we DON'T have a decent government. And it's a stretch to call what we have a democracy. The Venezuelans could teach us some things, if we bother to find out what's really going on there, and ignore our delusional news media. THEY have transparent elections. We don't. Start with that.

[How about we start with the fact that Hugo Chavez is hanging onto power long after his term limit expires?]

People defending him are not grasping at straws here. People defending him are reaching out to those living in abject poverty, to those that were forced to live in the leftovers, the unwanted, worthless material and objects discarded by the ruling class of debauchery, which gave new meaning to unrestrained self-indulgent immoral behavior, and the word filth. People defending him have hope for the future of Venezuela.

[I only wish the DUmmies defending him would move to Venezuela.]

Good for Chavez. Too bad he's not taking over the private schools in the United States (like the idiot-run high school I had to attend).

[A DUmmie dreams of a socialist school system.]

I would prefer a well reasoned argument on how the Venezuelan government's institution of universal standards for education - not unlike those of most other countries, including the United States - makes Hugo Chavez a despot or a dictator or an asshat.

[Universal standards for teaching socialism.]

As for the blather about political ideology being present in school standards, no school system in the world - and I mean none - has ever been created without ideological consideration.

[Imagine the outcry of protest from this DUmmie if capitalism was mandated to be taught here as a good thing. As for socialism, he has no problem with forcing that down students' throats.]

Well, its about time! Chavez has been to easy on seditionists. And just what is wrong with teaching socialism? What gets me is how I was lied to from childhood about the true history of predatory capitalism. F*ck! I was raised to think that it was synonomous with freedom, democracy etc. and that socialism was synonomous with totalitarianism, etc. Only in my later years did I learn the truth about how the US corporations have tried to enslave the world in a feudal system that is contemptuous of democracy. Chavez and Castro are fighting the bastards. Who else is?

[DUmmies at their basement keyboards swallowing down pizzas.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear. God.

Could they get any more insane?

It never ceases to amaze me just how anti-freedom, anti-choice, and downright anti-liberal most 21st century liberals really are.

Chavez is a real dictator. The kind that eliminates free speech. Imprisons his opponents. The sort of guy they imagine - wish - that Bush was. That they decry every day of their lives.

Yet they cheer him.

There is nothing liberal about liberalism anymore.


9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DUmmies are looking at Chavez the same way they looked at the Soviets back during the cold war, through the lens of idealistic expectations instead of reality. I can't even begin to count how many times I herd the phrase: "Russia isn't that bad" from people who never lived there and had absolutely no understanding of just what was occurring in the USSR back during the cold war. Most of those people still refuse to accept the reality of what occurred in the USSR and they will not acknowledge the fact that tens of millions of people die under communist control of Russia.

That's the biggest problem with liberals, they tend to look at world events through an "ideals filter" and instead of seeing reality, they see what they expect to see. That's why most liberals support and defend dictators, they only see them through their own idealistic expectations and they ignore anything that doesn't match those expectations. That's a very dangerous way to view reality as that leads to the acceptance and support of malignant governments like Chavez's (or Saddam's) and the rejection of benign governments like our own.

The DUmmies should actually go live in those countries for awhile. Like so many socialist supports in the past, they would soon become disillusioned by the true state of affairs in the "workers paradise" and would return.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Some times, it's best just to roll one's eyes and sigh...

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I (heart) my Hugo! If he'd come to Massachusetts I'd MARRY HIM!

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Home schools, it is true, you can do almost any damn fool thing..."

Which is why they win all the spelling and geography bees...

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing Castro is fighting is the Grim Reaper.

When I found this site last week, I was afraid reading these posts would piss me off, but they really are funny! Sad, sick, twisted, but I can't stop laughing.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

true patriot said...
I (heart) my Hugo! If he'd come to Massachusetts I'd MARRY HIM!


Poor Hugo

10:02 AM  

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