Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"I stand with MoveOn!"

(This has been a big week for the DUmmie FUnnies. Yesterday we hit the 1000 PING mark on the Free Republic. Tomorrow afternon (Wednesday) marks the launch of the NewsBusted comedy show Webcast on NewsBusters in which your humble correspondent has a bit of an input. Remember this new comedy Webcast will be presented in digestible chunks of just a few minutes each and will be based on the latest current events. Watch this show, and if you like it, share it with others. Be there. Aloha!)

The MoveOn.Org ad published in the New York Times portraying General Petraeus as a traitor was so over the line that even Jean Kerry (D-Davos) felt obligated to condemn it. However, leave it up to the DUmmies to praise that ad. In a way this ad was a good thing because it pretty much allowed MoveOn.Org to expose its TRUE colors to the many people who aren't all that political. This is the ad that they will NEVER live down. The only people who would support such an ad are the usual suspects, meaning the DUmmies as well as much as the loony left. Therefore let us look at the DUmmies praise the over-the-line MoveOn ad in a THREAD titled "I stand with MoveOn!" posted by the aptly named DUmmie Nutmegger while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that George Soros is ever more resembling the crazed Dr. Strangelove, is in the [brackets]:

I stand with MoveOn!

[And you will sink with them.]

MoveOn.org has been receiving a lot of crap, from people on both sides, about their well done ad in the NYTimes today. I stand with MoveOn. Every thing that has been said today was a complete LIE. Violence has gone down? Surge objectives are being met? Iran this and that? LIES! It is sad that General Petraeus is channeling Bush Inc, and their usual talking points but it was to be expected. One thing is for certain: It is the "Betray us" report. By lying in front of the American people and being a good partisan Bush foot soldier, he has betrayed us. I will now send some money to MoveOn. It's not much, but it's a token of my appreciation for always standing up for what we believe in and getting the word out!

[DUmmie Nutmeg is just $10 away from jumping the atop the MoveOnshark. And now on to the rest of the DUmmie praise for MoveOn...]

I don't stand with John Kerry denouncing the moveon.org ad

[That just tells you how over-the-line that MoveOn ad was when even Mr. Heinz denounces it.]

He did what again? I had low expectations from the man who is still silent on the 2004 theft. But this would be even lower. Please tell me I misunderstood your post!

[John Kerry does NOT have your back.]

Remember how he handled the Swift Boaters?

[Fetal position with thumb in mouth.]

I guess we really shouldn't expect any more from a man who refused to stand and fight for his stolen election......AFTER he promised his supporters he would.

[Jean Kerry is just 10 francs away from fighting for his stolen election.]

But, but Kerry supported the 'Take A Stand in September' vigils with MoveOn!!!

[Thank you for reminding us of how closely Kerry was allied with MoveOn in the past. And thanx again for posting the following message from Ketchup Boy.]

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to remind you of two events:

First, tomorrow is the date for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq's Town Halls and MoveOn.org's End It in September Vigils. Those organizations are working hard to make these events as large and important as humanly possible, so if you can attend an event in your area, please do. The Republicans in the Senate have stood in the way of getting a new direction in Iraq policy long enough. Show them that we won't stand for it anymore.

Thank you,
John Kerry

[Hmmm...So will Kerry continue to support MoveOn? This is a time for nuances.]

Betrayus was all politics, keep the war machine rolling.

[Auditioning for a position at MoveOn?]

Nice job move-on. You can safely ignore the patronizing little bastards that say otherwise right now.

[Nice job move-on. You can safely ignore sanity right now.]

I'm so tired of playing nice with these bastards. We have played nice, and nothing gets through. People are being killed daily; it's time to call them out for what they really are. This is nowhere near what the Repukes have done in the past. It cannot even be compared.

[As if DUmmie Nutmegger ever "played nice."]

You'd think Democrats would understand this by now, wouldn't you? No matter what we say, they will pile on full-throated with their
usual roars, accusing us of everything and anything that they can think of. One of these days, you'd think we'd get over worrying about what "they" will say.

["They" will say that MoveOn has utterly discredited themselves as will as their fellow Moonbats with that over-the-line ad.]

Thank you MoveOn for pointing out the state of the Emperor's clothing. It was NECESSARY and PATRIOTIC to stand up against the overwhelming pre-show spin.

[Thank you MoveOn for voluntarily jumping the shark with an ad that totally discredited yourselves.]

I helped pay for that ad. $50 well spent.

[Thus proving you truly deserve your DUmmie screen name: HughMoran.]

Right On MoveOn! I think it was a brilliant ad that may actually create some curiosity on the part of the sheeple ...

[Yes, they will be curious about what sort of idiots would sponsor that ad.]

I stand with Moveon.org also who else are we going to stand with???? the DLC? Our elected representatives? Whoelse to stand with?

[John Edwards and Dennis Kuncinich will stand with you. Which reminds me. Any word as to Breck Girl's reaction to the MoveOn ad. He is in extreme pander mode right now but I would be curious as to just how far he would go.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: John Edwards comment...

...Ask his wife. She'll tell him what to say.

THIS JUST IN: Presidential Candidate John Edwards has dislocated his left shoulder attempting to deal with some recalcitrant string cheese...

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This reminds me of all th anti-Bush ads put out during the 2004 elections. Hay DUmmies, how did THAT work out for you?

Look Here

W. Still President! Thank you Hollywood! Heh!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ketchup boy was "for" move-on, before he was against it.


11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Pink Sapphire"

"The Silky Pony"


"The Breck Girl"

Yeah, Edwards will have our enemies trembling!

4:37 PM  

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