Sunday, July 08, 2007

"Al Gore may have changed the world today!!!"

All Hail the Mighty Goracle!!! He has come to save us from environmental destruction! Of course all his motives in sponsoring a series of Live Earth Concerts are completely selfless and have NOTHING at all to do with the possibility of him making a bid to enter the presidential race as our environmental savior. Yes, Al Gore is providing a bunch of essentially MEANINGLESS Live Earth Concerts around the world. The whole point of these concerts is beyond anything I can figure out. Encouraging us to be more aware in our conservation of energy resources? How? By burning up tons of carbon credits by jetting in rock bands known for their gas guzzling limos and burning up oodles of energy to run the lighting and sound equipment? One estimate by a Live Earth supporter is that it will take about 100,000 newly planted trees to offset the carbon footprint left by Live Earth. However all that will not stop what Michelle Malkin has termed ECO-SANCTIMONY. Yeah, the day when these gluttonous rock bands actually start living simple life styles, I MIGHT start listening to them for advice. Until then it is entirely laughable to have those Gulfstream jetting energy gluttons lecturing the rest of us peons on the need for us to cut back on our energy consumption. Of course, as expected, this hasn't kept the DUmmies from worshipping Al Gore for presenting his hypocritical series of Live Earth concerts as you can see in this THREAD breathlessly titled, "Al Gore may have changed the world today!!!" So let us now watch the DUmmies worship their Goracle in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, researching how many years it would take him to leave the same carbon footprint a superstar rock band leaves in just one private jet trip to a Live Earth gig, is in the [brackets]:

Al Gore may have changed the world today!!! I have never seen anything like this:

[Correct. I have never seen anything as stunningly hypocritical as these Live Earth concerts which leave incredibly large carbon footprints while lecturing the rest of us about conserving energy.]

The whole world is participating in Live Earth...It is a beautiful show, and the world is watching it...To see people from all over participating, dancing, singing, sending out positive messages about how to make the planet a better place is something we very much needed.

[The updated leftwing version of Harmonic Convergence.]

I have had it on all day, a much needed break from the news and war...Al Gore is reminding us of the America we used to know!!!

[You mean like the America of 10 years ago when the then President Clinton refused to send the Kyoto Accord, which even John Kerry and Teddy K opposed, to the Senate for approval ?]

What a show, what a great cause, I am enjoying every single moment of it.

[Big displays of gross hypocrisy are FUn to watch.]

Who said you have to be the President to be a WORLD LEADER?

[Somehow I think Al Gore would much prefer the "lesser" title of President. And now on to more DUmmie worship of the Mighty Goracle...]

Yes. it makes me emotional

[Sniff! I just want to cry over being lectured by gas guzzling bands on the need for conservation.]

Yes it is a good day. Good emotions rather than the sadness that goes with the current political situation in the USA.

[How many carbon credits were burned up by your conniption fit over the commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence?]

A beautiful, world-wide event that's generating much needed positive energy and action!

["Do as we say, not as we do."]

The Presidency would be a prison for Gore. Now, he can do as he likes, go where he wants and when he wants. As President he would be pulled in many different directions and would be frustrated.

[Don't worry. We could always commute Gore's prison sentence. Hee! Hee!]

I'd be happy with a President who listens to Gore, and acts on what he hears.

[Obey the Goracle!]

Al Gore doesn't wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Al Gore pajamas.

[Al Gore did wear Underdog pajamas for Halloween.]

Keep on doing what you're doing Al!

[So we can keep on laughing at you Al!]

Not only has the music and the performers been wonderful, but a sub-theme of this whole day has been the promotion of our multi-cultural earth and the positive results we can achieve if we just cooperate.

[One World in which The Hague has the ultimate authority in convicting that War Criminal Bush!!!]

A three hour special is on NBC tonight.

[The MSM is interested in promoting Al Gore's self-promoting folly.]

I am in bed with a cold watching but I feel a glimmer of hope and happy inside. A long time since I felt this way about the world.

[Come Monday, the sound of Rush's voice will snuff out that little glimmer of hope inside you.]

Yes, the ads are awesome and the little interviews with people who invented somthing is just too good

[None of those little people inventions can match Al Gores invention of the Internet.]

I've never seen so many artists and celebrities come together for one issue in my life. It's beautiful.

[How many carbon credits indulgences will need to be purchased by those artists and celebrities to undo the huge carbon footprint they caused by participating in this event?]

Okay, who else saw Keith Urban do "Gimme Shelter"?

[I spotted Al Gore doing "Gimme Tax Shelter."]

I personally have a great affection for crappy movies.

[In addition to your great affection for crappy political ideology.]

Amazing, just amazing, that all parts of the world have come together for this cause. It brings tears. And, maybe hope?

[Hope for a dope.]

I was thinking today how cleverly Gore has handled the Draft-Gore movement. He may have no intention of running whatsoever, but his magic and currency as a POTENTIAL candidate adds luster to his (and our) cause of saving our planet.

[Al Gore was also thinking today about how cleverly he has manipulated the Draft-Gore movement.]

IF he's running a clever "dark horse" campaign for President, more power to him. Boy, is he playing this one well! Tease 'em for months and months. Give major policy speeches on things like Bushite torture ("How dare they?! How DARE they?!" he thundered.) Plug away at your issue--the main organizing principle of a future Gore administration: green earth--in every venue possible. Win Oscars. Win book prizes. Speak everywhere. Create a positive vision out of your alarm at the coming global catastrophe. Turn the energies of all people who know about this, and are worried and scared, in a positive direction. Watch the "politics as usual" candidates bore and enervate the public, and fight among each other for the imperial crown--and sell their souls for big backers. Let momentum build. Let it sink in that what we need is an FDR--a person of great vision, gravity and stature. Then, in some quiet moment around, oh, December '07, announce your candidacy, enter one of the primaries and blow them all away (--along with the rigged voting machines).

[Cynical manipulation is a BEAUTIFUL thing to behold!]

In a nutshell, you've described the most powerful movement we may see in our lifetime. Al Gore is uniquely positioned to break up the logjam in American politics.

[You just put Hillary in bellylaugh mode.]

Just watched the South African site where a speaker (didn't turn in soon enough to catch his name) equated the warming issue with poverty and called on Bush and other G8 leaders to 'wake up and smell the coffee'.

[I can guarantee that President Romney won't wake up and smell the coffee.]

I really wanted to be in Brazil for this one!!! They know how to party...

[I could tell you about the time I spent New Year's Eve in Rio but my mother might be reading this DUFU edition.]

I think the presidency would reduce his efficacy. He's mobilizing and leading our youth. That is so much more important than having to constantly placate the ridiculously jaded empty heads in DC now. A revolution in thinking will not come from within that Beltway. It will come from the countryside.

[The Mighty Goracle is laughing at your naive innocence. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

I almost had to pull over- then when Al Gore came on- I wept harder! I was incredible- 5 different XM stations each broadcasting the concert from a different part of the planet. There I was driving my car listening live to Rio and South Africa and the UK and New Jersey-- I was very moved and awestruck by the entire thing. I wish I had been home to watch it on t.v but even on the radio- it was incredible.

[For sacred moments like this, nothing less than the holy setting of a Wiccan tree temple will do.]

I would like to note that the President has never done anything like this. He lacks the ability to bring people together in order to bring about positive change in the world, while it would appear that Gore and his partners are capable of such. Interesting to consider. I think it's a good illustration of just how badly this President has failed us.

[It's true. President Bush is entirely incapable of persuading ultra-rich celebs to perform public acts of gross hypocrisy to promote his own political agenda.]


[QUESTION GORE, people!]

I was thinking Springsteen...

[I was thinking Springsteen's shtick of Hands Across America from years ago to fight hunger in America. Fight hunger in America? What a dopey cause! Our big problem is OBESITY. People here EAT too damn much. Springsteen's pet cause ranks right up there with Al Gore's in terms of dopiness.]

What a super super event! May we remember and KEEP this FIRE burning!!

[You can start by burning up all those carbon credits the celebs wasted by jetting in to the Live Earth events in their private Gulfstreams.]

It Was The SOS In A Bottle!!!

[I've had SOS on a plate but that takes me back to my navy days.]

I went to a Party For The Planet Night... Unfortunately, it was a bogus address. No doubt a troll of some sort.

[How many carbon credits did being a sucker cost you?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What a super super event! May we remember and KEEP this FIRE burning!!

And what will this "fire" bring you? Well, considering the history of "awareness" concerts since "Live Aid" and what change they affected, not a damn thing. But global woodstocks are cool, aren't they DUmmies?

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment says it all....

Yes it is a good day. Good emotions rather than the sadness that goes with the current political situation in the USA.

The group of Moonbat guttersnipe Socialist Democrats whose only reality is at places like Democratic Underground as well as many of their political leaders (Schumer, Kennedy, Kerry, etc.) feel the most important thing anyone can do is to insure you don't "feel bad". It's why they hold Clinton The Reprobate in such high regard and why they may nominate his wife, The Shrew for President. Not only are they Socialists, they are ultra-narcisstic and undeserving of political power.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Capitalist Infidel said...

I had no idea this was happening until Friday night. So, on Friday night and saturday I did a little study at my barrestaurant. I get roughly 300 customers a day. Not that I asked all of them but I did ask a good percentage if they were planning on watching "live earth." Not one person knew what I was talking about. A few of them as old as I am or older thought that there was a rerun of "Live Aid" on. This thing has got to be the biggest bust ever!

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What a super super event! May we remember and KEEP this FIRE burning!!"

That great fossil fuel-burning, greenhouse gas-spewing, ozone-depleting fire, that is. Boy...when you decide to be hypocritical ignoramuses, DUmmies, you sure go for the gold.

11:33 PM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

Hey Capitalist Infidel---Is your bar & restaurant located near Asheville, NC? The reason why I ask is that a friend of mine is planning to run against Rep. Heath Schuller in 2008 in the NC 11th Cong. District.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Capitalist Infidel said...

Nope, but I have a friend, well actually an ex girlfriend (who doesn't talk to me anymore) who owns an upscale restaurant in Sylva called Spring Street Cafe. That's about 45 minutes from Asheville. I'm next to Charlotte. In fact I can get to South Carolina quicker than Charlotte.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched a little bit of LIVE EARTH, though my lib brother watched almost all of it. When Gore spoke, he came across as the self- righteous, hypocritical bag of hot air that all sane Americans know him to be. The only parts of it I liked were hearing the Foo Fighters perform 'My Hero' (What can I say, I like that song), and what I saw of Spinal Tap's funny performance.
The whole thing was hypocritical as hell.
I wonder if Gore was able to bail his crackhead son out of jail in time for him to see the concert? The cops probably confiscated a lot of Al III's dope when they arrested him, so I'd imagine Live Earth would be a good place for him to replenish his stash, between the performers who probably have mountains of the stuff in their private jets and buses, and the innumerable hippies in the audience who were probably dealing.

7:52 PM  

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