Saturday, May 26, 2007

William Rivers Pitt Is Missing His "Angry"

It looks like this is another example of William Rivers Pitt posting while drunk. See if you can make any sense of his tedious navel analyzing DUmmie THREAD titled, "MISSING: my post-vote Angry. I had it yesterday, and this morning, but now my Angry is gone." Of course, with Pitt, you have to look for an ulterior motive which isn't hard to find since he hides them quite clumsily. In this case, the best I can make out is that Pitt is showing his fellow DUmmies that he was as angry as they were about the Democrats caving in on the troop funding bill but that he now understands the reasons behind the cave-in although he still doesn't agree with it. Apparently Pitt still has not given up on his dream for being a PLAYER in the Democrat Party and is attempting to pander to them with this post. Sorry, Pitt, but you completely RUINED yourself 24 business hours ago with the journalistic fraud you perpetrated about Karl Rove being indicted on May 12 of last year. So let us now watch the Pied Piper Pitt comedy show in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Bukowski's Brew is more powerful than Demon Rum, is in the [brackets]:

MISSING: my post-vote Angry. I had it yesterday, and this morning, but now my Angry is gone.

[MISSING: my post-vote Sobriety.]

Man, did I ever have my Angry going since that vote. Damn those simpering cowardly backsliding spineless chicken-ass congressional Dems, roared my Angry, they wimped, they folded, they blinked, damn it and damn them and damn damn damn.

[Sorry, Pitt, but you are trying a wee bit too hard here to be convicing. Damn, damn, damn.]

That was yesterday. Likewise, that was this morning. Somewhere over these last hours, though, the Angry I had like a hot coal in my chest went missing on me. I can't find it, can't summon it, can't wake it up or wrap my hands around it. Poof, gone.

[That's because faux anger was never there to begin with. Maybe you should copy and paste your previous line to convince us again on how "angry" you were.]

I need help.

[Check out the Boston AA.]

I need someone here to get me pissed off about the vote yesterday, to help me restart the boiler and stoke the furnace and get me back to that Angry. I was water-is-wet certain that Angry was the correct, righteous, proper reaction to that vote. I had it, and lost it, and hope someone can help me find it.

[Would someone in DUmmieland please point out to Pitt his Fitzmas fraud so he can get his Angry back?]

Where exactly did I lose it? Jeez, if I knew that, it wouldn't be lost.

[Check the bottom of the toilet in Bukowski's where you also lost your lunch.]

When did I lose it?

[Redundancy can be quite catchy as well as contagious.]


[Pitt enters the uncontrollable drooling stage...]

I was gaming out the scenario that had the Dems repeatedly re-passing the timetable version of the supplemental, repeatedly re-sending it to the Senate for re-passage there, and then repeatedly re-sending it to Bush for repeated re-vetos. Lather, rinse, repeat. My Angry and I were both fairly confident this plan had a chance if used.

[And what did Harvey Rabbit and you think of this plan?]

But how exactly? The best pressure point I could see being effectively attacked was that mob of 22 GOP Senators facing re-election next year. They're already burdened by the millstone around their neck that has "I Supported This War" written all over it. They're in trouble at the polls. So repeatedly re-passing that sup would present these 22 with a Hobson's Choice: Support Bush, vote against the majority-supported timetable, and face defeat...or abandon Bush, support the sup, and maybe hold the seat.

[Pitt speaks political analysis into his beer stein.]

The game is in that second choice. Could we flip most or all of those 22, by repeatedly forcing them into public votes on the war, into fleeing Bush to save their seats? Could we push them into supporting the timetable by repeatedly cornering them with that choice? If it works, and most or all come to support the sup to save their seats, doesn't that amount to a bipartisan coalition in favor of the timetable, one that is large enough to override a veto?

[Everybody STAND BACK! Pied Piper Pitt is dangerous when gaming about politics.]

There are enough maybes, could bes, possiblys and concievablys in that scenario to fill an oil tanker, H.S. Thompson would call it "a very hard dollar," a long shot times a long shot...but damn if it looks feasible on paper.

[Unfortunately there are not enough howevers and therefores in that scenario to fill a rubber ducky.]


[Meanwhile... You are not even at the halfway point of your sobriety challenged rant.]

The GOP megaphone would clobber us with no-troop-support hyperbole, which we all know is garbage...but is apparently effective garbage the public seems to be swallowing. The last CBS/NYT poll told the tale: a huge majority dislikes the war, a goodly majority wants to withdraw, a similar majority wants timetables set for that withdrawal...but a significant majority is dead-set against anything that disrupts funding for the war they don't approve of.

[Spewith Pitt, recycling his garbage.]

Yes, that's from the same poll.

[Is this poll as accurate as the 2004 exit polls?]

Remember the poll they did in Iraq a year or so ago? According to the data, something like 90% of all Iraqis desperately wanted democracy as their governing principle. That same poll of those same people had approval for the creation of an authoritarian dictatorial regime around that same 90%...clearly showing a collective Iraqi desire for an authoritarian democratic dictatorship. Hey, works for us.

[Pitt loves quoting polls as filler material for his endless rants.]

The CBS poll provides the same kind of conflicted gibberish. Americans want out of Iraq, want timetables, they want this by big majorities...but they don't want anyone to touch the money that sustains the war they hate. Congress has the purse strings, people want the war ended, but people don't support congress' using those purse strings to end the war. A Rep. trying to thread that needle with legislation is pretty much doomed before they get out of bed in the morning.

[Speaking of gibberish...]

Yeah...that's about when I noticed my Angry was gone.

[Or was that when you finally awoke from your drunken stupor?]

Scant public support for cutting the war funds, combined with troop-support attack fodder served on a silver platter that could ravage our majority next November, a plan to send the sup again and again and again, premised on the theory that this will pressure enough GOP Senators into abandoning George, thus forcing the creation of a bi-partisan majority sizeable enough to pass the timetable and slap down any veto...

[Is there a poll on public support for Pitt to continue his wordy rant that barely makes sense?]

I've been known to go all-in with only an off-suit three seven, but that was just poker, maybe ten bucks on the line...and it was still stupid. No life. No death. No midterms. No consequences of any kind, and it was still dumb to bet that hopeless hand. I lost my Angry when I saw the odds here, saw how the available moves didn't stand much of a chance, saw those deranged poll numbers, played the send-it-again-and-again tape to the end, saw the margins involved there, and added in the awful fact that Bush is holding aces and betting them. His hand wasn't huge, but was enough to win the pot this time.

[Pied Piper Pitt is just ten bucks away from losing his shirt again by bluffing with a pathetically low all-in.]

I lost my Angry when I realized that the only thing as important as getting that timetable through is the absolute need to hang on to at least one branch of government. This realization forced me to swallow an ugly necessity: hanging on to one branch of government requires political and tactical moves that are awful when war and death are involved, but are unavoidably required right now.

[The only ugly necessity that Pitt swallowed the other night was watered down beer.]

People want out of Iraq, but do not support the one sure means of getting out available to our congressional Dems. We could have done the re-send thing, but the odds of success were slim, the time needed to do it was very long, and the beatings we'd absorb along the way could very well make the whole thing moot come next November.

[Pitt became moot on May 12 of last year.]

I may be missing something, so please tell me if I am. My Angry is gone, and all I've got now is this lousy Bummed. If you can help me find my Angry for this vote again, I'd be grateful.

[Let's put Pitt's Angry on milk cartons all over Boston and Newton. And now to hear from those among Pitt's fellow DUmmies who have not yet fallen asleep reading his screed...]

I'm still angry.

[And you will remain that way unto the End of Time.]

No doubt. But does that Angry deserve to be fired at the Dems? Do you have an idea that would stop the war?

[Pitt panders again. Give it up Willie. The Democrats will NEVER hire you as the next Bob Shrum.]

The polls supporting congress doing something to end the war were 75% in favor.Don't start with the damn polls.

[Pitt loves quoting poll stats. It's great filler material.]

Did you read my post? Everyone wants out, but is against the way out.

[Sorry, Pitt, but that DUmmie probably fell asleep by the time he got to that part of your looong post.]

I've apologized elsewhere for the nastiness exuding from me right now. My anger is very much intact. I am finding everyone explaining this crap insufferable at the moment. In a few years I may settle down and accept that we are totally f*cked, at the moment that is not an option.

[You need to accept the state which you described yourself as being in.]

Why do you think the Bushies murdered all our strong leaders? JFK, RFK, MLK...

[Oh yes. We all remember how it was Lee Harvey Bush who assassinated JFK and James Earl Bush who did the same to MLK.]

still have MY angry, and it's big enough that it's not likely to get lost.

[But will your Angry fit thru the Bukowski's doorway?]

I'm really surprised to see you apologizing for thise cowards.

[Accused a DUmmie, seeing thru Pied Piper Pitt's pathetic posted ploy.]

I'm not apologizing for anything. I know you're heated, but we are friends, so please avoid directing fire my way.

[Why shouldn't that DUmmie be angry at you, Pitt? You're the one who is obviously sucking up to the Democrat leadership just to advance your own non-career.]

I felt that anger, too...but it drained away after I couldn't come up with a single scenario that would have accomplished anything. I've been unspooling all of it for hours and hours. No public support for funding cuts + no real chance of success via the re-send tactic + exposing our jugular and possibly handing back control of Congress + no other moves beyond the symbolic I can think of = where we're at.

[Posted Pitt as he continues unspooling himself.]

They didn't have the horses. They could have gone all-out, could have re-sent the thing for months, could have cut the funding in defiance of massive public opinion...and the timetables would have still failed, but at the cost of the wee bit of government we hold.

[More RealPolitickle from Pitt.]

I'm not apologizing. But I seem to have separated my fury over the war et al. from my fury at these Dems. They couldn't win, and if they went Quixotic to show their spine, they'd still have lost but would have also imperiled our majority. We cannot lose that.

[Concluded Pitt in his Bob Shrum Essay Contest entry.]

And I'm not forgetting that we're friends; I'm arguing a point with you, not attacking you personally. If I did launched a personal attack on you, who would I have to go to Bukowski's with next time I'm in Boston? I don't want to go there by myself, after all.

[And now we have the secret of how Pitt keeps his friends. He foots their Bukowski's bar tabs for them. Is this part of his TruthOut expense account?]

NOT back down. Stand and fight, and damn the torpedoes.

[Admiral Farragut DUmmie.]

I feel like I've felt for a long time- all of us are on a f*cking roof waiting to drown, the government is ignoring us and the ones supposedly on our side, the only ones that care enough to save us-yeah the Democrats are saying "maybe tomorrow we can get to you." Trust your life with them?

[The Pink Sapphire has your back.]

Gonzalez is a criminal. Bush is a criminal. Cheney is a criminal. And they cow-tow and over respect to them, and Bush always wins because they don't have the guts for America to find out they are criminals, and NEVER want to lose their f*cking precious jobs that they have made meaningless. A congress full of hundreds of Neville Chamberlains.

[One Nancy Pelosi is quite enough.]

I feel betrayed by America. If the next storm doesn't kill me and the rest of my family, I will likely leave.

[There is a comfy Pyongyang neighborhood awaiting you.]

Their All Too Busy Kissing AIPAC Ass.

[Protocols of the Elders of Neocon.]

Goddamn DLC Lieberman's. Just keeping their f*cking powder dry. Well its becoming a desert because they kept their f*ckiing powder dry.

[It sounds like you need to take a powder.]

My Angry Is That Our Dems Let Bush & the Repukes Frame The Issue

[Is that you, George (rhymes with) Lackoff?]

The RW bastards keep moving the goal posts. It's gotta stop.

[We own ALL your goal posts!]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Pitt wants his Angry back.
I want the Five Minutes back I spent reading his pansy-assed screed.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's telling how even the some of the DUmmies have noticed that there is "Scant public support for cutting the war funds" for a war that the libs insist the American people no longer support and demand that our troops come home "right now!"

Hay DUmmies, EVERYONE wants the war to end and the killing to stop but only the defetocrats wants to pull the troops out before Iraq has a chance to become self-sufficient. That's why there is little support for cutting off the funds. America doesn't want Iraq to fall into civil and sectarian war because we left too soon. Americans recognize that we have a responsibility to help the Iraqis. America does not want to cut and run.

Americans want our troops to succeed in Iraq and not run away before the job is finished. They support our troops and the job they're doing in Iraq. They want the Iraqis to succeed in democracy. How hard is that to understand?

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Willie Boy, have you checked with Lost & Found?

That poor bastard just doesn't get any smarter as he gets older.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Click if you can handle THE TRUTH!

10:57 AM  
Blogger alex said...

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11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey TP Screw Loose Change

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PJ!!! LOOKIE HERE!!!!!!!!

Cindy Sheehan quits the Democratic Party!!!!!

You owe me a reference (the now-banned Freedumb2003)!!

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if he looked down he would be missing his "wee-wee".


1:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TP, a "youtube" link?? Now that's just plain silly. Please do better in the future.


1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pitt megaphone would clobber us with tl;dr hyperbole, which we all know is garbage...but is apparently effective garbage DUmmies seem to be swallowing.

There, I fixed it for you, Pitt-kins.

3:43 PM  

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