Friday, May 18, 2007


Remember the Downing Street Memos? Since you have probably forgotten, those were the documents that led to the impeachment of President Bush. Oops! That impeachment never took place but do you remember how the Jeff Gannon "scandal" brought down the Bush Administration. You probably forgot all about Jeff Gannon as well and that "scandal" also did not result in impeachment. However, both of these events sent the Leftwing Blogosphere into a hopeful frenzy because they thought that AT LAST they had the goods on Bush. Well, now we are seeing another impeachment straw that the leftwing is desperately grasping at. This one is really laughable since they are hoping to turn a mere policy dispute, involving former Deputy Attorney General James Comey, within the Bush admininistration into a scandal of Watergate proportions that they pray will lead to impeachment. To put this latest impeachment straw into perspective, one just needs to read today's Washington Post ARTICLE, Testimony in a Teacup: What's Overlooked in Comey's Histrionics written by Pepperdine contitutional law professor, Douglas W. Kmiec, who writes:

...the comparison to Watergate is wholly inapt. Watergate involved a real crime -- breaking and entering, with a phenomenally stupid coverup that also fit the definition of criminal obstruction. And the underlying motivation for Richard Nixon's demise was raw politics. Comey's tale lacks crime and this venal political intrigue.

Officially, Comey -- an obviously admirable fellow -- did his best not to disclose that his testimony related to an interpretive disagreement over the highly classified but nevertheless well-known terrorist surveillance program. Sparring between the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) and the White House, and apparently even within the OLC, over the legal basis for this program in wartime is leagues different from burglary for purposes of political dirty tricks.

However, this did not prevent the KOmmies from going completely overboard and grasp at this frail straw in a pathetic attempt to beat out the impeachment clock as you can see in this THREAD with the Freudenschade title, of "WE GOT HIM!!!" So let us now watch the KOmmies continue to grasp at impeachment straws in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the KOmmies celebrate yet another battle before it is won, is in the [brackets]:


[WOO HOO! Break out the Freudenschade Victory champagne! Bush is as good as impeached!]

...isn't GWB ordering commission of a fraud by soliciting Ashcroft's signature, when James Comey had formally assumed the duties of AG Ashcroft?

[Nope! He's the boss.]

Isn't there a piece of paper somewhere saying "I, John Ashcroft, surrender my constitutional authority to James Comey while I am under sedation."

[Isn't there a piece of paper somewhere saying, "I, KOmmie, surrender my sanity due to being permanently under heavy sedation?"

Let history record that Kelly O'Donnell of NBC News was the first journalist to ask George W. Bush the question that will end his presidency.

["Paper or plastic?"]

O'Donnell: "Sir, did you send your then chief of staff and White House counsel to the bedside of John Ashcroft while he was ill to get him to approve that program, and do you believe that kind of conduct from White House officials is appropriate?"

["Sir, did your wife send her aides to fire the entire White House Travel Office staff so as to allow your flunky friends to run it?"]

James Comey said Bush placed that call in Tuesday's testimony, though he hedged in a lawyerly way because he didn't get the call personally.

[WOW! Forget impeachment. Send Bush to the Hague for committing crimes against humanity!]

What is it that we're contemplating here? An order from the President of the United States to the wife of the Attorney General (who himself had surrendered authority to Deputy AG Comey because he was under heavy sedation after a life-threatening operation!!) to provide access against her wishes and her physicians' wishes to her critically ill husband, so that Andy Card and Abu Gonzales could obtain Ashcroft's illicit signature to extend an illegal domestic spying program.

[Two KOmmie assumptions here: illicit and illegal but why stop him. He's on on a roll.]

I think we've finally pinned illegality to the president's ass. No wonder Comey stutters his way through this answer. It's like Alexander Butterfield saying Nixon had a taping system!

[More like your shrink saying, "Just plain NUTS!!!"]

We need to halt the nation's business until we get an answer to this question.

[Yeah, let's stop EVERYTHING in the country over a policy dispute that few know about from three years ago. No stock market. No baseball games. And close all the 7-11s until we get ANSWERS! And now to hear from the rest of the delusional KOmmies desperately grasping at that thin impeachment straw...]

The beginning of the end for him, to directly lie to the people. People get pissed. Bush left it unsaid, which is good enough for good 'publicans.

[Yeah, NOT saying something is the same as a lie but only in the KOmmie Zone.]

Bush did not lie - he stuck out his tongue, said, "I'm not gonna answer, and you yellow-bellied Dems can't make me do it, because you can't make me do anything," and that is good enough for the Republicans.

[Congrats for verifying that there was NO lie.]

Impeachment is back on the table.

[Over a lie that was never said?]

Hell, at the very least...they should be clamoring for a special prosecutor.

[Patrick Fitzgerald has 24 business hours to start investigating the lie that was never said.]

It'll be up to ordinary citizens to make it clear that we demand impeachment.

[Let's see. Liberal legal scholars years ago claimed that perjury was not an impeachable offence and now the liberals want to impeach Bush for NOT telling a lie?]

...the Bush team has framed it as a matter of keeping Americans safe. And while you might think that's absurd, and while I might think that's absurd, for many tens of millions of Americans these fear narratives still resonate and resonate very strongly.

[Is that you, George (rhymes with) Lackoff?]

I agree; it was no lie. He refused to answer. This doesn't "get" him on anything illegal.


No, you can't, but Congress sure as shit can crank up impeachment hearings and then make a determination if articles of impeachment are in order.

[Let Congress crank up impeachment hearings over that damn lie that was never said.]

The smoking gun is not whether he lied to a reporter, but that he tried to get an incapacitated "not currently the attorney general" John Ashcroft to sign off on an illegal program that all of top Justice had concluded could not be signed off on, because it was totally fricking illegal. And then the Prez when ahead with illegal program anyway.

[Wrong. The smoking gun is the lie that Bush refused to tell.]

Trying to impeach on the basis of this...would be like taking a case to trial with a witness who says "I think he did it, because somebody from the house he lives in did it, but I don't know for sure". Would you convict somebody if that was all the information you had?

[That sounds like as good a straw to grasp as any.]

Bush evaded the question because he CAN NOT LIE without getting totally and irrevocably caught. That's why his statment to the reporter is pretty much irrelevant. He made the call. The crime has been committed. Now it just takes the Congress to do it's job.

[May we impeach your sanity for calling the BDS Hotline?]

If Mrs. Ashcroft says it's Bush...we still need to figure out if any laws were broken. There is no question that going over an acting leader's head is wrong, but is it illegal?

[Somewhere deep in the depths of the KOmmieland jungle, a very dim light bulb radiates briefly over the head of a NUtroots native.]

I hate Bush as much as the next guy, but I'm not ready to turn the Constitution on it's head and initiate trials before we know the specific charges, and it's very hard for me to believe that at leat 7 people here seem to think it's a good idea.


Congress is perfectly entitled to draw an adverse . . . inference from that evasion/non-answer. An adverse inference is just like evidence of any other kind -- to be considered and weighed for what it's worth.

[Adverse inference from an evasion/non-answer is definitely grounds for the KOmmie Zone.]

Tough to draw an inference ... from no answer at all.

[So just make it up.]

Plenty of people yesterday were jumping up and down claiming that sending of 2 guys to Ashcroft's bedside was a crime. It isn't. Does it help establish a crime? Possibly. But it's not a crime in itself. That's all my point ever was.

[Would the sending of 2 pizzas to Ashcroft's bedside be a crime?]

But the bedside visit isn't the slam dunk that seals that issue.

[What about the bedpan visit?]

But I've been down this road before - expecting something to happen to stop this criminal regime's egregious violations of our Constitution - only to be sorely disappointed.

[Just when Wile E. Coyote thinks he has finally captured the Impeachment Roadrunner, he finds his hands empty again as he hears a "Beep! Beep!" from a moving cloud of dust in the distance.]

Drip, drip, drip. Day by day more incriminating things are coming out, yet no impeachment is at hand. What does it take to impeach this bastard? What crime is too terrible for congress and the public to overlook? Does anyone know if Bush could be tried for anything once he is out of office?

[A retroactive impeachment should do the trick.]

For me it is just not enough for Democrats to expose crimes, or Bush stabbing his party in the back, I want total retribution for them destroying so much that we hold dear.

[Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Dork.]

The image that comes to a new party game, "Pin the Crime on George Bush's Ass". Game pieces include a life size cutout of George Bush on his bike and a bunch of donkey tails with various scandalous episodes on them, like Katrina, 9/11 Pet-Goat-Reading, Iraq, Plame, USAGate, AshcroftGate and just for good measure, Jeff Gannon. The contestants get snockered, put a blindfold on, get spun around 3 times and then try to stick it where the sun don't shine.
Fun for the whole family.

[I say pin impeachment on Bush for that unconstitutional Pet-Goat-Reading.]

This is one of those creepy things that the average, busy American can get riled over. Issues of constitutional law and separation of powers aren't too sexy, but going to the bedside of a incapacitated Ashcroft really puts a human element to this saga, and will suck folks into following the story.

[Yeah, an arcane difference of opinion over policy matters are sure going to rivet the public...once they stifle their yawns.]

My fantasy would be to see a weeping Mrs. Ashcroft testifying that she was afraid for her husband's life.

[Don't forget to include a Snidely Whiplash in your fantasy.]

I struggle to keep hope that any of these people will pay for any of this, though. It's been THE THING THAT PEOPLE CANNOT IGNORE about 100 times now. People keep ignoring them.

[What? How could people ignore the lie that Bush did not say?]

As a lawyer have you seen anything in this thread that sufficiently rises to the level of unimpeachable evidence of that? Pardon the pun, just couldn't resist. I'm seeing assertions, and assumptions, but no real evidence.

[Evidence? This is KOmmieland. We don't need no stinkin' evidence!]

What were they planning to do to Ashcroft? What if he had resisted and there wasn't anyone in the room but Gonzales and Card? We already know their opinions about torture. Were they going to take away his morphine pump? Confiscate his call button? Apply pressure to his abdomen?

[They were prepared to tickle Ashcroft on the bottom of his feet until he signed. Kootchy Koo!]

Bush and his gang of thugs has literally screwed every decent American in the ass.

[You just put a big smile on Ben Burch's face.]

Comey as Butterfield

[Ben Burch as Deep Throat.]

We thought "we got him" with the National Guard records story in 2004. We didn't.

[The papers that did not exist.]

We thought "we got him" with Valerie Plame. We didn't.

[The crime that did not happen.]

We thought "we got him" with Hurricane Katrina. We didn't.

[The hot air that blew itself out.]

The list goes on. I'd love to see BushCo come crashing down, but this will not be the final nail in their coffin.

[Someday the Great Pumpkin will arrive.]

We Got Him! ... that's a STUPID title. Of course we don't have him. We basically don't got nobody ... and I won't believe it until I see it.

[Click your heels together three times, Dorothy, and wish reeeeeal hard.]

What if Rove made the call to the hospital???

[Rove has an alibi. He was busy calling Lucy Ramirez at the Amarillo Kinko's.]

There is episode of RoadRunner where Wile E Coyote does catch the Roadrunner. He "gets him", for real. Problem is in this episode, Roadrunner has moments before grown to a height of about one hundred feet. I think Roadrunner walks of with the Coyote hanging on to his ankle.


Impeach, convict even if he resigns. GWB must do jail time.

[Or my BDS will DESTROY me!]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Boy, I'm glad you're wading thru this cess pool and not me. I suppose it never crosses their mind that this kind of railroad job is *precisely* what the Constitution is designed to try to prevent. I.e. the arbitrary use of power. They don't see that the rules that protect Bush equally protect them. I am, however, beginning to appreciate the idea of having Wal-Mart concentration camps.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is absolutely hilarious. Good LORD man, where do they find those kind of drugs?
I second Dave's last sentence.


12:58 AM  
Blogger Stankleberry said...

Let history record

Hahahaha, these people are such morons.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot help but wonder what the most profound BDS sufferers are going to do come next election?

Will they gin up the same kind of hatred for whomever is in power (if Republican), or go all looney because the Democrat isn't willing to retroactively kill Bush and Rove?

I don't believe that they can actually put this kind of insanity down and walk away from it. These are not the types who will ever lead normal, productive lives as members of a healthy society.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are not the types who will ever lead normal, productive lives as members of a healthy society.

That's why they waste those lives posting at Kos. Not much of life to waste, anyway.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Capitalist Infidel said...

What cracks me up is that this administration has been almost completely free of "scandals" At least real ones, the only "scandal" was Libby and we all know that Armitage was the "leaker." Compared to Clinton this administration is incredibly above board.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, there was the oral sex, the "presidue" on the blue dress, the murder of VInce Foster, the firing of the travel agents to hire cronies, the impeachment for obstruction and perjury...

Oh, wait! Wrong administration.

Boy! I can't wait til Hillary is in power!

BTW-Some sites are referring to ol' Slick Willy Clinton as "Clenis".

Does that make Hillary, "Clunt"?

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are not the types who will ever lead normal, productive lives as members of a healthy society.

Ahh, I see you are familiar with DUers and KOSKids. Truer words were never spoken.


11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I want total retribution for them destroying so much that we hold dear."

"Hold dear", like the United Socialist States of America (a.k.a the Democrat Party), incarceration of all conservatives, independents, and anyone else not affiliated with the liberals (their greatest goal!), homosexual marriages (followed by marriages to animals, children, and let's not forget visitors from outer space), income redistribution via excessive taxes of the rich (98 percent of all income being the goal) and entitlements (paid according to party affiliation, of course), banning of all public speech (a closed mouth can not harm the Party, comrades!), banning of "organized religion" via a Constitutional amendment (no competing ideologies to the Party, comrades!), federal monitoring and control of all "public" airwaves (He who controls the media controls the people, comrades!), and all other liberal ideals and agendas which are far to numerous to list and far to insidious to contemplate.

Poor liberals, their goal of total global domination just isn't being achieved thanks to those damn radical Conservatives! Way to go, President Bush!

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can all you goose-stepping Bund untermenschen type while also tieing nooses?!!!!!!!

My Hillary will put Y'ALL in Gitmo!!!!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bund untermenschen

Cool. WHere'd you learn these terms? I be impressed.

9:16 PM  

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