Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The Iraq surrender bill was vetoed by President Bush and the DUmmies are OUTRAGED. Of course, we knew they would be mad at Bush but they are also angry at Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "REID AND PELOSI F*CKIN' CAVED AGAIN!" What set them off is a news story that the Democrats would now present Bush with a replacement bill stripped of the surrender timetable. So now that it looks like the surge will be funded, the Democrats are facing the WORST of possible outcomes in Iraq---VICTORY. A victory in Iraq will mean a DEFEAT for the Democrats. So thank you Democrats by going out on a limb and supporting a meaningless Iraq surrender bill doomed to failure. In 2008 many Democrats who supported the Iraq surrender bill will find themselves as electoral victims as a result of their votes. In particular I am thinking of first term supposedly "conservative" Democrat Congressman Heath Shuler of North Carolina's 11th congressional district. If Heath thinks he made some fancy moves on the field in his football days, it will be nothing compared to the wriggling he will be forced to make when trying to explain away his support for the Iraq Surrender bill. So let us now watch the "betrayal" of the DUmmies in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking of visiting North Carolina in '08 to enjoy the spectacle of a Shuler Squirm, is in the [brackets]:


[FREUDENSCHADE!!! You prematurely celebrated yet another pyrrhic victory when the Iraq Surrender bill was passed only to find yourself DEFEATED again in the long run.]

From Yahoo.Com...

"Lacking the votes to override the president, Democrats have already signaled they intend to approve a replacement bill stripped of the troop withdrawal timetable. Determined to challenge Bush's policy, they are turning their attention to setting goals for the Iraqi government to meet as it struggles to establish a more secure, democratic society."

NO! Doing that now makes the bill he vetoed nothing more than a symbolic gesture! This just proves my theory that we trusted the wrong two Democrats to lead us in Congress.

[Freudenschade baby!]

Memo: giving him everything he wants IS giving him a blank check, despite Pelosi insisting "The Congress is not going to give it to him." You just said you WERE. You're taking out the only teeth the bill had by removing the withdrawal requirements. You're going to just keep flushing money and human lives down Bush's toilet.

[Please don't remove that all-important surrender timetable!]

The American people want an end to this war. Every poll shows an overwhelming majority want the war to end. The people put the Democrats back in control BECAUSE they want the war to end. If they don't have the guts to end the war, maybe Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi need to step aside and let people lead who actually have the courage to stand up to Bush and say "no." People who have the courage to fo what the American people WANT. People who have the courage to stop the needless, senseless deaths.

[This statement is proof that the Democrat victory last November was a good thing. Now that they are in power, they are tearing themselves apart for all to see. Enjoy your comfy seat in Congress, Heath. It won't last for long.]

Harry, Nancy, either stand your ground, or stand aside.

[Or what? Will you assault them with one of the empty pizza boxes surrounding your basement computer? And now on to the other outraged DUmmie anger against Reid and Pelosi...]

By caving in, we're playing right into the Republican talking points that "Democrats aren't funding the war." We funded it, and he vetoed the funding. It's HIS fault. Let HIM deal with it.

[One has to look very SUSPICIOUSLY at any DUmmie boasting about "funding" the war. Their ulterior motive on this is SURRENDER.]

We just voted to fund it. Bush just didn't like the fact that the funding came with an end date is all.

[Oh, is that all? How petty of Bush to veto a bill with a surrender date.]

Bush wanted funding. We gave it to him faster than the Republicans ever did. He just didn't like the fact that as a condition of the funding he would have to end the war eventually.

[Yeah. Such a tiny little condition attached to the bill. A surrender date.]

You've been lied to.


Are you starting to see the "not enough difference between the two parties" pronouncement that a certain vilified person made a while back just might be true???

Do not expect anything, and you will not be disappointed.

Change must happen from the ground up.

These fools live in the penthouse.

Don't fall for it anymore.

[DUmmie betrayal haiku.]

Bush just screwed himself. What we do, is take the timetable out of the funding bill. We take everything out of the funding bill, except funding. But we only fund three months worth of war money.

[That's sure a "winning" strategy for Heath Shuler to run for re-election on in '08.]

Short term funding takes the war completely out of Bush's hands and makes him keep crawling back to Congress for more money. And the closer we get to the 2008 elections, the more Republicans will bolt from Bush. Plus we already know the "surge" is a failure. In three months it will be an even more apparent failure.

[You mean you're PRAYING that the surge is a failure. A surge victory means a Democrat failure.]

Unless the Dem leadership grow some spines.... We can forget about the WH and risk losing the Congressional majority in '08.

[Further proof that the Democrat victory in '06 means their ultimate failure in '08.]

Alot of dems are already PO'd about a possible conpormise on the war. Already many of my dem friends are thinking about voting independent as they now see the dems as spinless fools not much different from the repubs who are killing this country. At least by voting for an independent they can say that they voted for someone who actually had spines.

[Mike Gravel is looking increasingly attractive as a third party candidate sure to get all the kook votes...which means most of the leftwing Democrats.]

Not fund the war, then. We sent him the best we can do. It wasn't good enough. So he gets nothing.

[Not fund the war was always your ultimate goal.]

It's all about FRAMING.

[Is that you, George (rhymes with) Lakoff?]

We need votes to appear from Planet Zortnick NOW!!!

[It's all part of Plan Nine From Outer Space.]

Bozo The Clown speaks and everyone falls over! What a World!! I guess you just can't stop INSANITY, but I know it WHEN I SEE it. We live in Bozo's World of Insanity and here I sit day after day with my jaw hanging down and wonder if it will EVER END!!!

[If you are in DUmmieland then you definitely live in Bozo's World of Insanity.]

Pelosi has sold out, period, and needs to step aside and let someone with conviction and guts take her place.

[Congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson certainly has a conviction in the works.]

I Have No Guns... Don't Support NRA... Don't Like To Even Look at them, but I now think I WANT ONE!! Just in case I get a knock on my door!

[Only a gun can protect you from being taken away to a Wal-Mart re-education camp.]

....hey progressives, now do you feel like chumps?

[The chumps yielded to the Chimp.]

He doesn't want the f*cking timetables. Tough. He doesn't get to decide. Unless our leaders roll over, as it seems they have decided to do.

[Say goodbye to that surrender timetable.]

We need to corner Bush and make him give us a reason to remove him. He's to egotistical not to take the bait.

[Remember, you can't "corner" Bush by making him commit perjury since a multitude of liberal legal "scholars" have already testified that perjury is NOT an impeachable offense.]

and Bush WINS AGAIN!





* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quoth one of the rabid respondents: "The American people want an end to this war. Every poll shows an overwhelming majority want the war to end."

Well 'duh', Skippy!

Sane people tend to like peace and will take it over war every time! What your bizarre interpretation of the poll data doesn't take into account is that Americans don't undertake war lightly, and when we do, we like to win!

Saddam was bad. Hitler-bad. He needed to go. Now, with a little luck and a fair wind, Iraq bids fair to become a self-supporting island of rational 20th century Islamism.

That's right. "Rational 20th Century Islamism. Running a nice, happy country where rape rooms are nonexistent, profits from oil are building infrastructure, jobs are going begging, and a chance for a decen life is theirs for the taking!

Yes, I'd like the war to end. End in victory and success for us and the middle east.

Cowards, traitors and treasonous garbage such as Pelosi, Murtha and Reid can go hang themselves!

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do the dummies insist that all wars somehow follow the plans and "timetables" that the non-combatants think exists? No war, throughout history, as EVER be fought according to plan. It's a well known fact, and an over-stated axiom, that no war plan ever survives the first 5 minutes of battle. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

Get a clue people, this isn't some spectator sport like hockey or football that uses a time clock and has referees to enforce the rules. This is a war! Wars do not follow the rules of civilized sports. Not now and not ever.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, anon. I was about to add that myself: yes, Americans want the war to end...with a clear victory. If we don't, we'll be back there to do this same crap all over again five years down the road.

3:41 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

More than a few were unhappy with the outcome of 'Gulf War I' which arguably led to the current situation. Now, just imagine how bad it could get if we screw it up and don't win this time.

Some people are determined to never, ever learn anything from experience no matter how painful. I'm beginning to believe the DUmmies are stoooooooopid.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Have No Guns... Don't Support NRA... Don't Like To Even Look at them, but I now think I WANT ONE!! Just in case I get a knock on my door!

On the other hand ... I and other NRA members DO have guns, we do practice with them, we do know what end is dangerous,

Where is that revolution of yours, Skippy?

6:09 PM  
Blogger Britt said...

"He doesn't want the f*cking timetables. Tough. He doesn't get to decide. Unless our leaders roll over, as it seems they have decided to do."

Hey idiot, the Constitution gives the Chief Executive the role of CinC. Congress does not get to make strategic decisions. They get to fund it, and that's it.

The Democrats really want the war to end, they can do it tomorrow. Simply by cutting all the funding. Of course, that's political suicide, but we all know Democrats put principle over politics. Right?

6:18 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Plus we already know the "surge" is a failure.

Oh really? Do the DUmmies know that an economic surge in Iraq accompanied the troop surge? Oh wait, that's right. The MSM never reported that. The only place I've been able to find this news is the State Department website. So much for pro-Bush propaganda in the media...

5:12 PM  

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