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DUmmies Dance On Jerry Falwell's Grave

As soon as I heard the news on the radio yesterday, I already knew the title of today's DUFU edition---"DUmmies Dance On Jerry Falwell's Grave." And as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "The Rev. Jerry Falwell dies at 73," I was right on the mark. So what was Falwell's great "crime" that has stirred such hatred in the DUmmies in particular and the left in general. Oddly enough it wasn't really Falwell's specific beliefs that caused this antipathy. It was the fact that he was politically effective on behalf of conservatives. What happened is that before about 1980, American Christians were somewhat unworldly to the extent that they mostly avoided much involvement in politics. Falwell changed that by encouraging those same people in getting out and voting for conservative candidates such as Ronald Reagan. Until then, the deepest that American Christian leaders would involve themselves in politics was confined pretty much to Billy Graham shmoozing with various presidents on the golf course which is why there is much less antipathy towards Graham among the left. Of course, any religious leader embracing the left such as the REVEREND Al Sharpton is completely immune from all leftwing criticism for mixing religion and politics. It is only when a religious leader mixes religion with CONSERVATIVE politics that the left goes berserk as was the case with Jerry Falwell. So let us now watch the DUmmies unleash their true selves and dance on Jerry Falwell's grave while the commentary of your humble correspondent, still wondering how Harold Ford, Jr. could tape a campaign COMMERCIAL in the middle of a church while escaping any criticism from the left for mixing religion and politics, is in the [brackets]:

The Rev. Jerry Falwell dies at 73

[DUmmies immediately dance on his grave...]

We should have a National Fundamentalist Holiday to Celebrate his death along with Osama bin Ladin (once we find him) and Pat Robertson! Any other idiots I left out?

[Yeah. You left out all of DUmmieland.]

I hope I can remember it but I've have a few too many celebratory drinks!

[Enjoy the Draino.]

Uncharitable or not, I am sorry his death was not more painful and drawn out. He did not deserve a relatively peaceful, painless and quick death.

[Feel the love!]

Alone? In his office? Who was the last person or appointment? Any females in the vicinity- or other persuasions. is there a hint of ANY cover up going on. Any presence of cleaners instead of simple CSI or family. Anybody from the inner circle sending people to secure his notes and computers? Any odd details, noggin bumps. Will there be an autopsy looking for: recent sexual behavior, hints of violence?

[It looks like your tinfoil hat has snuffed the life out of your brain cells.]

Good riddance. I'm not going to pretend to be respectful.

[And you're definitely not pretending to be sane.]

The so-called "religious right" has been among the most mean-spirited & vicious people this planet has ever seen...Those bastards danced in the streets when Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered...

[Care to back up that factoid with actual facts?]

I was never convinced that he believed a word he said...
he simply exploited the fears of old people in order to separate them from their money

[Unlike Jesse Jackson who shakes down corporations for bucks.]

Oh I guarantee they will cancel the debate out of respect we'll get to see it next week when they reschedule.

[Care to make any more "accurate" predictions?]

Rot in Hell Falwell!

[WOW! More hate towards Falwell in this one DUmmie thread than against Islamic fascists in ALL the DUmmie threads put together.]

All I can say is that he was a hate-mongering and cruel man.

[And that's more than you will say about any member of Al Qaeda.]

Can we drive a stake through his heart just to be sure?

[Can we shove a stake thru that hole in your head just to be sure you are that stupid?]

Have a nice stay in hell Jerry...I hope you repent for all of the sins you've committed in the name of your God.

[The biggest "sin" for the DUmmies is that Falwell inpired a lot of people to vote for conservatives.]

If God finally decided to waste him.... then I might start believing in him...naaaahhh, took too f*cking long to kill thesonovabitch.....should waxed him decades ago..

[Feel the DUmmie atheist love!]

Deleted message

[Wow! That must have been some hate filled message just judging from the increbibly hate filled messages that were allowed on this thread.]

Such events tend to occur in threes. I do have a wishlist...have had one for a long time now.

[Let me guess. I'm betting your wishlist does NOT include either Fidel Castro or Osama bin Laden.]

May Pat Robertson and James Dobson be next.

[DUmmie wishlists for death never include either communist dictators nor Islamic militants.]

Tell them not to use too much embalming fluid. He should become worm food that much quicker!

[Worried that they will drain away the embalming fluid your brain is floating in?]

I'm not sad that he's gone from this earth, but I'm not looking forward to the "hero" antics that are going to follow in this upcoming week's news. Makes me sick.

[Not as sick as reading the sicko DUmmie hate rants.]

Too many DUers go way over the top with glee when someone from the other side dies.

[You are correct my soon-to-be-tombstoned DUmmie.]

I'm putting on my dancing shoes and am going to look for his grave!

[Thanx for proving that the title of this DUFU edition is no exaggeration.]

The piece of shit bastard cheered when Matthew Shepard was murdered.

[Another DUmmie factoid not backed up by the least bit of evidence.]

I cant believe what Im seeing. A man is dead, his body is still warm and DU'ers are already dancing on his undug grave. WTF!?

[You need to get yourself up to speed on how totally deranged your fellow DUmmies are.]


[Ranted like a TRUE DUmmie.]

A legacy of hate and intolerance

[Thanx for posting the DUmmieland credo.]

And someday, Osama Bin Laden will be gone too.

[That will be the day of great mourning in DUmmieland.]

I know in my heart that MOST Democrats are compassionate people. The party lives on its compassion. Yet a handful of knuckleheads say stupid things that make it harder for Democrats to win in elections. IT IS PRECISELY the sort of hateful crap that I see above that can be used against Democrats in elections, to paint us as elitist, base, crass, hypocritical, hateful, and...especially....anti-religion. We are not going to win any elections when we can successfully be pegged anti-religion, and it is threads like this that give our enemies lots of ammunition to use against us.

[Too late. This hate-filled DUmmie thread is going to be given big publicity in the DUmmie FUmmies even if Skinner deletes it. Oh, and it isn't just a "handful of knuckleheads." The bile expressed here is that of the vast majority of DUmmies and others on the left.]

One more nail in the coffin for the hate crime that is religion.

[But not Islamic fundamentailists. That is one religion of which you are tolerant.]

I'm sorry he wasn't reeducated before he died.

[In a DUmmie re-education camp.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's nice to see that at least two DUers have some sense of the decorum that's a trademark for conservatives but sadly rare among the Left.

You didn't have to like the guy, but those of us who are human save our celebration of someone's death for actual mass murderers such as Castro and Hussein. Hell, I certainly won't cry over Cindy Sheehan if she were to pass away, but I would have enough class to hold my proverbial tongue and offer prayers to her family. (Well, they need that now, but you get the point)

There's an old saying that starts out "If you don't have anything nice to say..." but I suspect that the moonbats are deathly afraid that if they stop talking/typing even for a moment, their brains will hemorrhage and they'll die from lack of lip/finger activity.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, not one of the ranters sounds like he is over 19 years old, and all seem like freshmen at Berkeley.

I didnt like the man either. He put his feet in his mouth more than humanly allowable. Still, I hope he is in the presence of his God now.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The so-called "religious right" has been among the most mean-spirited & vicious people this planet has ever seen

Let me get this straight: The DUmmies are celebrating someone's death and hoping it was a long and painfully process yet it's the "Religious Right" that is vicious? Can you say projection? Sure you can, just ask your "mental health expert" DUmmies! Oh, and I would suggest upping your meds this week.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You KKKonservativs will believe ANYTHING! You really belive Falwell is dead?


Let someone intellegint like me educate you. Can you say "holed up in Langley?"

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TP, can you say unhinged? Your posts sure do!

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*giggle* Just wait, TP...someone over at DU will probably start posting conspiracies sometime around two weeks after the fact.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

basilisk said...

Funny you should mention that.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Jay McHue said...

Let me get this straight: The DUmmies are celebrating someone's death and hoping it was a long and painfully process yet it's the "Religious Right" that is vicious? Can you say projection?

Let's see... The last time the "Religious Right" danced about on someone's grave singing "hallelujah" (thank you, Monty Python) was... hrm... never. Yep. Never.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
basilisk said...
Funny you should mention that.

Oh you have GOT to be shitting me?!

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention that.

Just when I think they can't possibly get any crazier, they raise the bar on crazy.

Wow....just. Wow.

10:12 AM  

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