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"Should religion be outlawed?"

Sometimes the DUmmies come up with a proposition so absolutely ABSURD that it falls into the category of the comical. In this case it is this PROPOSITION, "Should religion be outlawed as it seems to be at the epicenter of most of the worlds strife." Even FUnnier than the fact that a DUmmie made this proposal is that the other DUmmies have joined in the chorus of agreement. So let us now watch the DUmmies once again toss all reason to the wind in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, praying fervently that the DUmmies continue to be absurd so as to provide great DUFU material, is in the [brackets]:

Should religion be outlawed as it seems to be at the epicenter of most of the worlds strife. What exactly is the purpose of it. If it is so good why so much bad comes of it.

[Should the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution be tossed into the garbage? That should be your question since it states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING the free exercise thereof."]

You could say the same about science. Religion never made a bomb, much less THE bomb. They both share the same goal, in a way. Religion told us we could live forever in some respect, science tries to apply that practically in some respect. I'd be happy with both of them gone, but that's not happening.

[Tolerance in DUmmieland is defined as favoring the banning of BOTH religion and science.]

You'd be happy with science gone, huh? Would you have liked it better when the average person lived to 35? When people were so ignorant as to think that the gods made thunderstorms and that the sun circled the earth? When they didn't have, you know, internet discussion forums? It's almost a shame that people who are so ignorant of science still get to benefit so much from it. By the way, you're confusing the science of nuclear fission with the policy decision to unleash it on civilian populations.

[A DUmmie fervently defending science but as to speaking up against the prohibition of religion? Naaaaw!]

You're trying to set up this picture where pre-scientific people were just as happy with their lives as people who live in an age of science. That's probably true. Three hundred years ago, people may have been just as likely to be happy as they are today. Who knows? But, when people are given the opportunity to take advantage of modern medicine and technology, they tend to. They like to belittle the hard work others have done to make modern life possible, but they sure aren't willing to turn off their computers, sell their cars, forgo all their medicine, and go live in the forest.

[Life without toilet paper would be unbearable.]

I actually don't have a car, try my best not to use modern medicine(but hey, sometimes those headaches are too much), and those other two never know. So I think the umbrella category of science has more of a negative effect than positive. I'm not forcing that view on anyone.

[I notice that you haven't made the ULTIMATE sacrifice---giving up your computer.]

But I love the delicious irony of Luddites on the internet.

[Especially luddites posting against technology on the web.]

Science isn't a religion. It's based on facts and repeatable, verified experiments, and the laws of physics and mathematics.

[Making the case that it is okay to ban religion but not science.]

That's the most idiotic thing I have ever read here on the DU.

[Believe me, there is a LOT of competition for the most idiotic thing posted in DUmmieland.]

But I say only the Western Regligions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism)

[Voodoo and Wicca worship would be allowed in the new DUmmie state.]

It should not be outlawed but should be eliminated from politics as the Constitution mandates.

[What part of that First Amendment eliminates religion from politics? Also that I notice that the DUmmies didn't object when DUmmie Ava used a song about Jesus in one of her leftwing POLITICAL videos.]

where does the constitution say that? There should be separation of church and state. But how do you take politics out of religion (or religion out of politics). People are going to believe things for a variety of reasons. A lot of folks who support civil rights and oppose war do so based on their very heartfelt religious beliefs. How do you separate them?


The concept of god or spirit may be internal, but religion most certainly isn't. That's like saying Capitalism is part of the internal psyche of humans. The human constructs of Capitalism and Religion take advantage of humanity's greed and superstition.

[A DUmmie delivers up a sermon.]

I must move to France immediately. I've had enough of this superstitious religious tripe.

[Move to France and find yourself being harrassed by militant Islamofascists.]

Not outlawed but tightly regulated

[The voice of DUmmie "moderation."]

1. no minor should be allowed to possess a religious text, participate in a religious ritual or enter a church

2. no adult should be allowed to possess a religious text without taking a course in comparative world religion at the first year university level, and all such courses should be taught by Unitarians or Atheists.

[3. no DUmmie should be allowed to post on a keyboard without first undergoing electro-shock therapy.]

I've actually taught graduate studies as a visiting faculty member at an ivy league divinity school, and I can tell you that the people I taught weren't a danger to anyone. They all were going to have at least 8 years of highly specialized education, and all were forced to learn the texts in the original languages and learn about the way those texts were created, transmitted and copied. These were excellently trained and screened students. No nutjobs among them. Sweet kids. Bright kids.

[WOW! You actually teach at an Ivy League divinity school and yet you posted absurdities #1 & #2 above? On the second thought, since it is an Ivy League divinity shcool, maybe I'm not so surprised after all.]

I'm also a practicing High Church Anglican, although it would be more proper to call me a Neo-Platonist, (for example, I do not literally believe in the actual divinity of Christ, but I do believe in the metaphorical divinity of the philosophy of Christ: the difference between the two positions, to me, is reasonably immaterial. Neither do I believe that "god" exists in the way that say your dining room table exists or is conscious even in the way that your pet is conscious). My parents were and still are strict Atheists and until I was 18, I never set foot in a church. I think that religion is something that you have to rationally approach and study. It has to be something that is voluntary. To force it on a child is a crime. My children, for example, have never been to a church and were not baptized. If it's something for them, it'll be their decision.

[Divinity School DUmmie cgrindley continuing with his rant. Remember, this DUmmie actually teaches at an Ivy League divinity gradiate school.]

not outlawed, just ridiculed outlawing it would only make it stronger. More and more public ridicule of religion is more effective.

[I have the same attitude about the DUmmies. Don't outlaw them. Just RIDICULE them.]

Let's rephrase the question... Should brainwashing be outlawed? Religion is brainwashing. It breeds passivity. It negates critical thinking.

[DUmmieland negates critical thinking yet I am not in favor of banning it.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

O.M.G!! Are there NO mirrors in DUmmieland?

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I am officially scared by that lovely divinity prof's fascist idea.

Oh and, "I've had enough of this religous stuff, I'm moving to France"

Yeah, no religion there except for radical Islam.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What really amazes me is that atheists and universalists are so adamant about getting rid of "religion", ie. biblical Christianity. If there is no God or everybody has some piece of truth, shouldn't you just dismiss morality? In their case, taken to the logical extreme, life is meaningless, therefore ther is really nothing to get mad about. Religious people should only then be seen as an interesting sideshow in a useless existence. While I believe that Islam has it wrong, it least it has some coherence.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's pathetic but yet strangely amusing that they can't even see their own hypocrisy in claiming that "science" is free from fundamentalism...and then proceed to negate their entire argument by actually being the very thing that they deny exists.

JorgXMcKie is right...there must be no mirrors in DUmmieland.

4:16 PM  

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