Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Radiopower.org destroyed by a lightning strike!!!!"

First Bev Harris, then the AndyScam, and now DUmmie benburch is just $10 away from having Internet Radio as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Radiopower.org destroyed by a lightning strike!!!!" According to benburch, a lightening bolt destroyed the entire computer system servicing his Leftwing radio "empire." Thus benburch now has his hand out to the DUmmies to the tune of $5000 and the results are HILARIOUS. Because they have already been scammed before, the DUmmies have grown wary of such pleadings for money. The lightening strike story does sound mighty fishy. OTOH, maybe God is a vicious rightwinger who decided to put an end to benburch's loony left radio "network." I have noticed lately that there are a LOT of strange doings in the Leftist radio world. Err America Phoenix resurrects itself temporarily with a pixel bake sale. Then Blowhard Ed Schultz ATTACKS that station for not following his business pattern of scamming money by shaking down the Democrat Party directly for el dinero. And now we have benburch coming up with a lightening strike story to scam 5000 bucks. (For a REAL radio story, check out John Gibson's radio show at 8:30 PM EDT today when he interviews Leftwing Looney Blogger, Maryscott O'Connor whom you can see pictured above.) So now let us watch DUmmie stick his hand out in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, informing benburch that he is just $10 away from becoming sane, is in the [brackets]:

Radiopower.org destroyed by a lightning strike!!!!

[Perhaps SOMEBODY up there is telling you something.]

I just received the following note from Shelby. Please pass this on to any radiopower listeners you may know!

[Please pass along benburch's inevitable plea for $$$.]

My building was struck by lightning during a storm that suddenly rolled in around 10 pm last night. It was a pretty freaky experience. I could actually hear and feel the pulsing of electricity. It wiped out computers, servers, 10 drives, archive files, mixer consols, and started a small electrical fire. I'm in
the process of determining what's lost and what can be saved. I've managed to take apart a server and 3 fried desktop computers and use the parts to get the RadioPower main server back online. The station will limp along like this
for the next few weeks (or as long as it can) but without emergency fundraiser of $5000 minimum that won't last very long.

Direct all donors to www.RadioPower.org/donations

I'm still in a state of shock and trying to get my bearings. If you need to contact me please use this address until further notice.

Thanks for your patience,

Shelby LaPre

[Shelby LaPre? Any relation to Don Lapre? Yeah, with a family name like that, I'm sure going to be comfortable handing money over to you.]

Oh my goodness. I'm one of those radiopower users. How horrible... I wish I could raise the whole bit myself and hand off a giant check... but I will kick this message so that others can see it.

[Oh my goodness. I wish I could be suckered out of my money but since I'm broke I will kick this message so that others can be scammed.]

Unbelievable! Does this crap ever end? The Royal Checkbook grows increasingly thin...

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

BTW, folks, this was in spite of UPS systems!
Shelby is no fool. But no UPS or surge protector can save you from a direct hit.

[How about if you merely UNPLUG your power from the wall? If you know of or hear a lightening storm approaching that is SOP.]

No, but proper lightning rods on his building would have
I know a lot of people don't think about it, but almost any building can be hit by lightning, even small buildings surrounded by larger ones.

[Simplest solution is to UNPLUG the power. All this DUmmie did was UNPLUG his brain from rational thought.]

I've worked testing building entry protectors for phone lines and etc, and there is a limit to how much energy you can carry to ground with a Cook Electric type gas tube or with any semiconductor SCR or MOV. Those things can protect you from NEARBY lightning strikes, but never from a direct hit. The fact that this caused a fire in her residence tells me that the building was struck, or the power pole right outside the building was struck. As I know she lives in an older building, likely the copper ground rod is no longer very good. Perhaps enough to look grounded to a ground testing device, but not enough to carry off significant energy. All-in-all it is a tragic thing that happened to her, and I hope people will help her get on her feet. She has been doing streaming Liberal radio for even longer than I have.

[Shelby lives in an older building with lousy wiring and she is TOO STUPID to merely UNPLUG the power? It's not like you don't have advance warning of a lightning storm since you can hear it in the distance. As a result, your mighty liberal internet radio empire has been fried by a lightening bolt (making the mighty HUGE assumption that you aren't lying about all this).]

Strange, if this had happened to a Republican broadcaster, she (sorry for the gender error) would have been FLOODED with compensatory funds in order to keep that message going out. Liberals are constantly on a shoestring budget, depending on volunteer efforts, grassroots support and the occasional large doantion (Where the hell is George Soros when you need him?) That's the difference between liberal and conservative media machines. One is funded and the other barely survives.

[Yes. Karl Rove and Richard Mellon Scaife would have shown up the next morning with bags of cash to buy an entirely new computer system that was destroyed because the broadcaster was too stupid to UNPLUG the power when the lightning storm was approaching.]

We do "Bake Sale Radio" here on the left. But you know, the people who help us do it are all saints. We don't need Richard Mellon-Scaife, we have y'all.

[Richard Mellon Scaife wouldn't buy your suspicous lightning bolt fairy tale.]

Seems you should find out for sure before you ask for donations. Don't mean to seem callous, but does seem like the proper course of events. I for one would be quite put out if I found I was double funding a recovery effort.

[Find out for sure if Shelby LaPre is really playing the horses. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if she lost a bundle on a horse named Lightning Bolt and now needs $5000 to pay off her bookie.]

Just checked, and nope. No insurance. But then she would never have sent me that note asking for help if there had been any.

[Just checked, and nope. No brains.]

Shelby asked me to clarify; It's not destroyed: Just very f*cked up!

[Shelby asked me to clarify; It's not destroyed. Just a messed up extension cord so we will definitely be needing $5000 to replace it.]

If you have renter insurance or homeowners you can have your equipment replaced. Sorry for your loss.

[Sorry for your stupidity.]

Not my loss. Shelby's loss. And an uninsured loss, sadly.
Basically, if you like radiopower, she needs your help. Without that, I doubt she will be able to keep it going much longer.

[The loss of the mighty Liberal streaming internet radio. The end of an era that nobody remembered in the first place.]

I'm listenig to them right now. Myabe they fixed it.

[The extension cord has been replaced already?]

No... She's cobbled together enough half-working stuff to get a signal out. But it's unlikely she can keep that up for long given the state of what she has left.

[Let's see. A lightening bolt supposedly fried your streaming radio equipment yet somehow technological genius Shelby managed to cobble it together in record speed? Is that your story or just rotten fish that I am now smelling?]

Well, I got billion joules from that lightning strike.
Fried everything.

[DUmmie benburch would be satisfied with just a few jewels worth $5000.]


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God's Shock and Awe:



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Yup, a message is certainly being sent, and it ain't "The world needs your loony liberal internet radio."

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Love the photoshop!

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