Thursday, April 13, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 04-13-06 (*BENBURCH NEEDS TO PM ME RIGHT NOW*---Pitt)

Since benburch has the reputaion of being a flat out wacko, even among his fellow DUmmies, it caught my attention when I saw this THREAD posted by William Rivers (Pied Piper) Pitt with the following headline message: *BENBURCH NEEDS TO PM ME RIGHT NOW*. Of course, I had to click on the link to find out what was so important that Pied Piper Pitt needed to hear from benburch right away. Was it some sort of kinky sex act for which benburch has a reputation for engaging in? No. It turned out to be sensationalism of another nature. Pitt is DESPERATE to become part of Michael Moore's "documentary" about health care (wonder if Hillary will be interviewed for this?) and wants to contact benburch to get their stories right when presenting the case of Andy Stephenson to Moore. And, of course, Pitt is in DESPERATE need of presenting a cleansed account of the Andy Stephenson situation because he wants to place the doubts prevelant a year ago about the veracity of Stephenson squarely on the shoulders of the EVIL Freepers. See, in the Pied Piper Pitt fairy tale version, he heroically stood up to the Freepers which conveniently leaves out his own ATTACK upon Andy's veracity as you can see in the title of that thread, I'm pretty upset right now, and I need an explanation. And not only was Pitt troubled by the facts of the Andy Stephenson case. Head DUmmie Skinner himself expressed his dubiousness about all this in this THREAD titled, "About the Andy Stephenson situation." The end result was that Skinner finally banned outside fundraising in DUmmieland (prior to the Stephenson fundraiser, the DUmmies were scammed bigtime by Bev Harris). So now we have Pied Piper Pitt attempting to rewrite history with the help of DUmmie benburch. Sorry, Pitt. We have YOU on Record as to what you said at the time and there is NO denying it. And as to Andy's situation, he was supposedly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer as early as February of last year but chose to delay an operation until May because he wanted it done at Johns Hopkins rather than right away in his home state of Washington where the medical care was available to him there. I don't know if Moore will end up inserting some sort of fiction that Andy was denied healthcare because of EVIL rightwingers but the CONTRARY facts are right here on the Web. So let us now watch Pied Piper Pitt try to capitalize on Andy's death in Bolshevik Red while the comentary of your humble correspondent, reminding everyone out there unfamiliar with benburch to check up on his many DUmmieland postings to get an idea of what kind of lunatic asylum he is coming from, is in the [brackets]:


[We need to sanitize our stories before presenting them to Jabba the Shmuck.]

I just talked to a producer for Michael Moore's new health care documentary about Andy Stephenson. They are strongly considering putting his story - specifically the fact that he needed friends to fundraise for him - into the documentary. Ben, write me. Now.

[Ben, if you haven't yet been incarcerated, write me now. Hopefully you haven't been hanging around any schoolyards. Please, benburch, I wanna be in the movies. I wanna BEEEEEEEEE somebody!!!]

I hope they do his story ...fingers crossed.. That would be a great way to memorialize him..

[I can guarantee that this Pied Piper Pitt QUOTE will never make it into Jabba the Shmuck's documentary: "Why was I personally told this was pancreatic cancer? Why was I allowed to repeat this now-inaccurate diagnosis many times without anyone correcting me?"]

Will They Mention how the freeps conspired against him?

[Will they mention how Skinner AND Pied Piper Pitt "conspired" against him. Here is a Skinner QUOTE which is something LESS than a ringing endorsement: "I have my own opinion about whether this is legit or a hoax, but it is only that: an opinion. I do not know the truth."]

That story is so crazy and awful, and is also a little to the side of the main point of the documentary, which is the high cost of health care. They may include it to show how easy it is for someone's healet care to get messed with.

[I'm sure if Jabba the Shmuck includes the Stepehenson case in his "documentary" he will make Andy out to have been deprived of health care. The TRUE facts are that Stephenson could have gotten treatment from the get go in his home state of Washington but CHOSE to delay to get surgery at John's Hopkin's. Subsequently Andy passed away from a staph infection.]

Paging BENBURCH...

[Have you checked the bordertown massage parlors?]

Oh my god, what a wonderful tribute to Andy if his story was featured in a Michael Moore film.

[And you can be sure that Pied Piper Pitt is straining to get his mug before the cameras to capitalize on Andy's death.]

Isn't he the webmaster at The White Rose Society?

[Yes. When he isn't hanging out at the S&M parlors.]

Does anyone remember exactly how much $$$ was raised for Andy? I can't remember now but I know it was a lot.

[How much $$$ was scammed in DUmmieland by Bev Harris for her 5-star hotel suites?]

So I asked termite if he would go on-camera to talk about it...since he is the one who was there with Andy. Termite declined.


Mainstream exposure of what the freeps did to Andy. Lies have to be hidden, but the truth can run around in the sunshine. Well the light of truth will shine on this story and expose the freeps for what they truly are

[How about mainstream exposure of what Pitt did to.....? And back to the topic at hand, here is another Pied Piper Pitt QUOTE: "But the 400 people who will come into this thread with "Andy doesn't need this stress" can hold your water. Andy is apparently a hell of a lot less ill than I and others were led to believe, and I need some answers."]

Andy's story was a classic example of how difficult it is for uninsured cancer patients to access quality health care. Its a disease where a delay of a week or more in getting treatment can mean the difference between life or death, its tragic. Cancer care is truly becoming an area where those who can't afford to pay get delayed or inferior care.

[Andy's story is an example of how someone DID have access in his home state to health care. Instead he chose delay in order to go to John's Hopkins after a lot of DUmmieland fundraising which raised the SUSPICIONS of even Skinner who subsequently banned such fundraising.]

The way you worded it could be interpreted a couple of different ways. Is Michael Moore is doing a new health care documentary about Andy Stephenson? Or was it that you talked---about Andy Stephenson---to Michael Moore's producer, who is doing a health care documentary? Either way... this whole thing could be a nice feather in your cap, eh?

[Do I detect I hint of dubiousness about Pied Piper Pitt's self-serving motivations?]

No feather for me. They reached out to me because Moore is doing a documentary on health care and was told by someone else that Andy's story should be part of the whole. I basically gave the producer the back story and then set her up with the people who were closest to the fundraising. If you look at Moore's site, you'll see his letter about the documentary. He is looking for healthcare horror stories from anyone who has one.

[You saw an opportunity for self-promotion and grabbed it, Pitt. Unfortunately for you, this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies is presenting FACTS that you conveniently want to forget or attempt to airbrush away with your future co-conspirator, benburch. If Jabba the Shmuck uses the Andy Stephenson case in his "documentary," there are many editions of the DUmmie FUnnies that can be referenced to set the record straight.]

I really hope this happens, if it is cool with Termite, because this is exactly what Andy wanted to do -- shine a light on our criminal excuse for a healthcare system.

[You can bet that any Jabba the Shmuck "documentary" on healthcare will be one long commercial as to why we need socialized medicine like they have in Canada.]

I hope they tell everything about his story - including the smear campaign while he was dying.

[Including quotes from PITT and SKINNER.]

The primary focus is on how we had to raise money to get him help. When in any decent nation on the planet, that would have been an understood part of citizenship. But my understanding is that they DO intend to go after the freepers at least in passing. Those goons should expect to come out of their places of employment to find camera crews waiting at their cars...

[Ah! DUmmie benburch finally emerges from the classified sex ads to "enlighten" us about Andy. Medical care WAS available to Andy in his home state of Washington but I wouldn't expect any documentary from Jabba the Shmuck to mention this.]


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