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DUmmie FUnnies 04-04-06 ("Who Stands with U.S. Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney - an American Hero")

There is a really funny scene in the movie, High Anxiety. Mel Brooks, as the character of Dr. Richard H. Thorndyke, has to go through an airport security checkpoint without having his bag inspected. He explains his plan to his partner, Victoria Brisbane, played by Madeline Kahn:

"Victoria, if we do it just the way we rehearsed it, it will work. Remember, we're not sneaking by. We have to be loud and annoying. If you're loud and annoying,psychologically, people don't notice you. Come on. We can do it. Loud and annoying."

At the security check in point, Dr. Thorndyke makes an absolute pain in the ass of himself in a loud voice and then walks through the metal detector which sets off a loud electronic beep.

"Is this a game show? What did I win, a Pinto?"

The security guard then tells Dr. Thorndyke that he has to be searched. Thorndyke asks why he has to be searched and the guard replies, "You beeped."

"I beeped! Take me away. Take me back to Russia. Put me in irons. I beeped! The mad beeper is loose. Take away the beeper. Put me away."

At this point the security guard doesn't want to deal with the incredibly annoying Thorndyke and tells him, "It's all right. Please, just go."

This was a scene from a movie played for comedic effect but a very similar scene played out in the U.S. Capitol Building recently when Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney tried to breeze by a security checkpoint without having to show any I.D.. When asked to stop and properly identify herself, McKinney acted even more annoyingly than Dr. Richard Thorndyke by slamming her cellphone into a Capitol policeman's chest. And this was no isolated incident. McKinney has been making it a habit to try whizzing by the security checkpoint without displaying her ID like EVERY OTHER member of Congress has to do. McKinney held a press conference and, as expected, played the Race Card. According to McKinney, acting like a maniac at the security point wasn't her fault. No, she was a victim of racism. Of course, few bought into that line. When even her liberal hometown newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution runs an editorial titled, McKinney's arrogance crosses line, you know that no RATIONAL person is going to buy into McKinney's claim of victimhood. Note the caveat: RATIONAL. Because it turns out that McKinney is now a big hero in DUmmieland as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Who Stands with U.S. Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney - an American Hero?" So let us now observe the DUmmies praising their new hero in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, preferring the antics of Dr. Richard Thorndyke who was at least FUnnie, is in the [brackets]:

Poll question: Who Stands with U.S. Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney - an American Hero?

[Only DUmmies and the Usual Suspects.]

she won't sit down, and she won't shut up. unlike so many other 'fraidy cat democrats.

[YEAH! Other democrats should also arrogantly try to elbow their way past the Capitol security checkpoint without showing their ID.]

We need many more Cynthia McKinney's in Congress.

[In order to ensure massive DUmmiecrat defeats every election year.]

Send her some money! She is being swift boated!

[Cynthia McKinney is just $10 away from being swift boated. Send money NOW!!!]

Will Do . She called chimps bluff on 9-11. Enough for me to support her.

[Is McKinney LIHOP or MIHOP?]

Let's send this thread to her when done....

[And don't forget to send her the DUmmie FUnnies edition of this thread as well!

I like her hairdo!!

[Rats Nest Special by Jose Ebert.]

If this was a white rapeblican the cops would not have said a damn thing.

[If it was a white "rapeblican," he would have ALREADY been crucified.]

McKinney rocks - it is her detractors that are the embarrassment!

[Then why is even Nancy Pelosi afraid to appear in public with the TOXIC McKinney?]

It does seem like she could conduct herself with more decorum sometimes, however.


Sorry, I'm not going to be concerned with "curtsies" when our
ENTIRE Democratic Republic is being dismantled into a POLICE STATE. You can bow and curtsy as they come to take you away for no valid reason. We need fire brands like McKinney! She may not have decorum that Babs or Laura has, but she is one beautiful woman and I'm proud that she's a congresswoman. God Bless Her! Remember Helen Thomas is considered "rude" to the right wingers too? When a person stands up to speak truth to power, they are always attacked as such. It's bogus, pure and simple. McKinney has all the Decorum that the Right Wing deserves given the constant harassment and smear campaigns they have launched against her. Bless her courage.

[When a Leftwinger speaks "truth to power" that absolves them from having to obey the laws.]

She is one of our best! She is up there with Conyers and Feingold and Boxer. an important VOICE!

[Kucinich is deeply saddened that you didn't lump him with the rest of the kooks.]

She is being Harrassed because she Exposes MIHOP

[WHEW! For a while there I thought McKinney might be a lousy LIHOP sellout.]

1). She is hurting a policeman's career unnecessarily; he's just a common worker like everyone else (and he could easily be a Democrat).

2). She is making EVERYONE less safe at the Capitol because ALL the policemen will now be more reluctant to stop people and card them.

I appreciate her political stand and wanting to throw a wrench into things, but this might be causing more harm than good.

[Could you please send me a couple of tickets to your impending TOMBSTONING Ceremony?]

2 policemen were killed last year. He SHOULD have stopped her if she would not answer his voice commands. She does not deserve special treatment.


I stand with Cynthia, because she stands for me! Ms. McKinney has shown herself to be a person of character and honor. The officer is unknown to me... his story has changed. Cynthia is known to be a wise and courageous TELLER OF TRUTH and SEEKER OF TRUTH for many years, and a patriot. I take Ms. McKinney at her word, as she has an established reputation for truth.

[Enjoying your Kool-Aid?]

Cynthia McKinney should get the next batch of roses
If there ever is another drive to send roses to someone, Cynthia McKinney gets my vote as the next recipient.

[Send her the Helen Thomas wilted roses.]

I'm there with you ... just tell me where to send the money?

[You're just $10 away from sending wilted roses to Cynthia McKinney.]

I, for one, cannot support McKinney solely because she's a Democrat, which seems to be what's happening here. The Capitol Police, which I believe is an arm of the Secret Service, aren't a bunch of ignorant yahoos. The hairdo DOES make a difference. I might not have recognized her and I'm a political junkie. McKinney is making a HUGE deal over a TINY incident. Won't it be embarrassing if video shows the cop stopping white people before McKinney? It's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy for the Democrats. At the end of the tunnel you can see a bright light where a majority could be elected in Congress and BOOM - they start doing stupid things and the voting public says "Well, maybe not." Of course there is racism in the world and I'm sure there's racism in Washington, but for Pete's sake EVERYTHING that happens isn't because of race. God help the drive-up window guy at McDonald's if he forgets her ketchup.

[SHHH! Please don't discourage the DUmmies from acting like idiots. Cynthia McKinney single-handedly threw the Democrats phony "security" plan off the front pages last week.]

she has stood up to the bush crime family on many occasions
and is on record speaking truth2power.

["Speaking Truth to Power." It is now the FAVORITE DUmmie Buzz Phrase.]

I tend to think she is a grandstander who is playing to her base.

[A lot of base DUmmies.]

America needs people like her. If only the rest of our politicians would stand up for the truth like she does. I think everyone knows 9/11 was covered up and she has the guts to say so.

[I nominate Cynthia McKinney to be the DUmmeland Congresswoman At Large.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I commend you for reading the drivel posted over at DU. I had a screename intending on rousing the kooks from time to time, but I just couldn't do it. Instead, I got banned on my first post. They're lunatics. Nevertheless, keep up the good work, your commentary is great.

11:51 AM  
Blogger RightWingRocker said...

America needs people like her.

Yeah, but only as a reminder of what happens when you elect loony lefties to office.


12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If white people do not bow down, kiss her feet, let her pass through security without ID, buy her flowers, let her punch them in the face on demand, condemn all other white people and make themselves her personal slaves, worshipping the ground she defecates on... then they are racist!

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

guess her story helps to distract the morons at your pathetic little site from the Delays of this world........

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“guess her story helps to distract the morons at your pathetic little site from the Delays of this world........”

Hey look at that, a DU’er found his way over to Dummie Funnies!

LMAO!! Cynthia McKinney “an American hero,” what planet do these people live on? I watch her speak live from the floor of Congress on C-SPAN all the time, and I can assure you the woman is a certifiable lunatic. Never thought she would slug a police officer though, unbelievable!

Anyways, as of this moment, 67% of DU voters support her right cell phone smack innocent security guards.


4:59 PM  

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