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DUmmie FUnnies 02-21-06 ("Paul Hackett: Thanks For Nothing")

How the mighty have fallen. Until recently, Paul Hackett, was a HERO to the DUmmies. He was the KEY to their expected victories at the ballot box this November. All that has changed. Paul Hackett is now the LIVING SYMBOL of the impending leftist implosion as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Paul Hackett: Thanks For Nothing." Rather than being a PLUS, Paul Hackett is now a NEGATIVE. Not only has he ensured that the Ohio senate seat remains in GOP hands, the demoralizing effect he is having is sure to spread to other races just as the Paul Wellstone funeral not only killed Democrat senatorial hopes in Minnesota but hurt them elsewhere as well. Yeah, yeah, I know there have been a PLETHORA of DUmmie FUnnies threads about Paul Hackett recently but I think his case is important since the demoralization it has caused is sure to spread. Therefore let us now enjoy the DUmmie agony over Paul Hackett in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who believes that Hackett has made victory at the ballot box so sure in Ohio that there is no longer any need to Hack It, is in the [brackets]:

Paul Hackett: Thanks For Nothing

[Paul Hackett: Thanks For Keeping the Ohio Senate Seat Safe.]

Yep, he's a real team player. I haven't had too much to say about Hackett because I just wasn't sure what actually transpired, but now he's gone on Hardball and accused the Brown campaign of swiftboating him. If he keeps this up, he's going to sink Brown's campaign. Not helpful.

[If this keeps up, he's going to sink a lot of other Democrat campaigns. VERY helpful.]

other than just hackett have said that.

[The angry charges just keep flying and flying.]

Yes, but that doesn't negate the damage he's doing.

[True. Let us all give Paul Hackett the proper credit for messing up Democrat chances this November.]

If Brown did half of what Hackett accuses him of. You reap what you sow.. It's called Karma. I'd redirect that anger at those who deserve it. Playing dirty is never an admirable quality

[It's called Karmatic Kickback.]

The ultimate irony: The reason Hackett was asked to drop out was in order to avoid a nasty fight between Brown and Hackett and spare the voters and embarressment to the Democratic Party.... And here we have a fight and embarressment to the Dem Party anyway....

[The more Democrats try to FIX things, the more BROKEN they become.]

So What? He Undercuts That Work By His Selfishness. And make no mistake -- by attacking Sherrod Brown despite what has been pretty well-documented problems in his campaign and his egotistical refusal to run in a campaign for a "lesser" office he could have won, he makes it harder for Democrats to take over the House. Which means every issue he claims are important to him will suffer.
Which means the happiest guy remains Karl Rove. SHUT UP, HACKETT.


Sherrod Brown and his staff have never denied the allegations. Hackett said today that he heard it again and again from outside parties ABOUT Brown's staff (that they were spreading rumors about his military service). If I were Sherrod Brown (and innocent), I'd get to the bottom of this and fire the asses of anyone involved in such skullduggery. But all we've heard from the Brown camp are non-denial denials. Strange, that.

[This is pretty much going to be the THEME of Sherrod Brown for the rest of the campaign. Just keep his head buried in the sand, and HOPE that Hackett's smear charges just go away.]

It's not a pleasant thing to see. Hackett got screwed. You guys (not you ) apparently think he should be a good boy and wipe the KY off his butt and crawl into a hole somewhere, you know, like a typical Dem would. But he's not a typical Dem, and we need a few like him among us - but every time one shows up the party bosses get nervous and cut his legs off. Y'all better start figuring out what this means.

[It means continued loss at the ballot boxes even without Diebolding them.]

I've been ranting since the day I got here that Dems need to learn to talk shit the way republicans do. I believe we have to use some of the same rhetorical tricks that they do. I do not believe that becoming liars or backstabbers is going to get us anywhere.

[If you want to copy the Republicans, then try to copy their IDEAS.]

Reid and Schumer admit they asked him to run.
And it is equally true they asked him to withdraw. That alone is enough. And it is obvious, as they do NOT deny it that they called donors and asked them to hold off. Drying up someon's money because you want another candidate and then using the excuse you didn't raise enough, stinks. And it also stinks that Paul asked Sherrod for permission initially and Sherrod said go ahead, he wasn't running. Hackett refused to do that to the other congressional candidates and I respect him for it. Call it politics as usual if you like but it still isn't right and a so called "liberal" like Brown ain't gonna win in Ohio. I hope I am wrong but I think Hackett"s military backgrounf and straight talk would have gotten the Repuke vote. Sherrod's vapid "intellectualism" won't work statewide. But whatever. Keeping quiet and not acknowlwdging the nastiness won't make it go away. Sherrod Brown hasn't even reached out an olive branch to Hackett and asked for help. Hackett said he would help if asked. That also says something!

[Democrats proving that they are just...DUmmies.]

Typical behavior for state party Dems. WV has the same problem.

[WV can't Hack It either? Oh, do tell!]

This wouldn't have happened if Brown didn't reverse course.
It was poor performance of Brown to say he wouldn't run and then change his mind long after Hackett got the gears in motion and say he would run, which rendered Hackett's efforts as pointless. All that money sunk into arranging a campaign, planning, etc. wasted because Brown reversed course.

[You...you mean a Democrat actually LIED? I'm shocked. SHOCKED!]

Well, somebody swiftboated Hackett and that is the fact*. And fact # 2 is that the same people who asked. Hackett into the race under cut him once he was in. Chuck Schummer take your bow.

[Encore! Encore for Chuck the Shmuck!]

Brown is now damaged goods, an elitist candidate for the Democratic money people, and that's the fault of many Democrats, but Hackett is not among them.

[Actually a lot of other Democrat candidates are also damaged goods.]

I won't watch MSM, especially hardball, but did he really trash brown?

[Yeah. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!]

The story inside Ohio will be issues, not this inter party drama. I don't like how Hackett handled his withdrawl but this will pass. The sky is not falling.

[Wipe that cloud from your head.]

I wouldn't give Sherrod Brown a nickel.

[Sherrod Brown is just $10 away from being the next senator from Ohio.]

In some ways the OLD way of selecting candidates was best. Smoke filled rooms of guys pre-selecting candidates based on strengths and support. It's worked for republicans ever since WE quit doing it.. I take that back..we still DO it, only we do it in public now, and PROVE how stupid we can be..

[We is STUPID!]

The Repukes in Dem's clothing, the DLC have hijacked our party.

F*ck the DLC.

F*ck Brown.

And for that matter, F*ck Hackett for bowing out.

[That's a pretty broad F-brush you have there.]

Brown was supposed to be out of the picture. Brown lied. The political whores that make up the DLC have the blood of Hackett's murdered campaign all over them. The DLC, swiftboated Hackett because they want their candidates to run unopposed. They want someone who'll promote and push their "centrist" agenda. The DLC are sado-masochists, they have Terminal Perpetual Stockholm Syndrome.

[TPSS is now listed in the medical journals.]

If Brown wasn't a two-faced lying sack of shit, and hadn't been fellatting the DLC scumbags, we'd be getting ready for the next Hackett rally this weekend

[No freebie hot dogs and Democrat Kool Aid this weekend.]


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