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DUmmie FUnnies 02-17-06 ("How The Democrats Took Paul Hackett Out - Mother Jones")

Get the scene. A veteran Marine candidate who is wildly popular among the DUmmies gets ready to launch a senatorial campaign after being given assurances of support from the bigwig Democrats. But then a vicious whispering campaign begins accusing this candidate of committing war crimes in Iraq. So who were the devious perpetrators of this dastardly deed? It must be the the EVIL Republicans, right? Wrong. It turns out that it was the Democrats themselves. Surely this MUST be some sort of rightwing disinformation campaign to DEMORALIZE the supporters of Ohio senatorial candidate Paul Hackett? Wrong again. The SOURCE of this story is none other than the FAR LEFT Mother Jones magazine as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "How The Democrats Took Paul Hackett Out - Mother Jones." Well, at least I can breath easier now. With Paul Hackett, as WACKO as he was, I did fear that he might be able to fool enough voters to send him to the Senate. Now that senate seat looks to remain safely in Republican hands thanks to the buku bungling by the Democrats who have now served up a big fat shit sandwich to the DUmmies and their ilk. Meanwhile the DUmmies will have salt rubbed into their raw wound while Pied Piper Pitt imperiously lectures them about the need smile while eating that shit sandwich due to need to practice RealPolitik. For Pitt, "RealPolitik" translates into pandering to the will of the Democrat Party bigwigs in a pathetic effort to squeeze a few Shekels out of them in the form of a political consulting contract. Look at the BETRAYAL of Paul Hackett, DUmmies, and you will see your FUTURE when the party bigwigs pick Hillary as your candidate in 2008. Yeah, go ahead and deceive yourselves with talk of Kucinich, Feingold, Kerry, Gore, or Clark. The bottom line is that Hillary has ALREADY been chosen for you. Enjoy that shit sandwich as well while Pied Piper Pitt tells you to smile while chomping down on it. So let the fireworks begin with the DUmmie outrage in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, breathing MUCH EASIER about the Ohio senate race now the the Democrats have fouled the waters for themselves, is in the [brackets]:

How The Democrats Took Paul Hackett Out - Mother Jones

[With a shiv---in the back.]

Democratic Senate candidate and Marine Corps Major Paul Hackett is accustomed to waging quixotic battles and taking his hits. He just didn’t expect the lowest—and fatal—blows to come from his own party.

In an announcement that stunned many in Washington and even some in his campaign staff, Hackett declared on February 13, 2006, that he was dropping his bid for U.S. Senate in Ohio, ending his 11 month political career. “I made this decision reluctantly, only after repeated requests by party leaders, as well as behind the scenes machinations, that were intended to hurt my campaign,” he said, only hinting at what had gone down behind the scenes. The day after his withdrawal from the race, he told me about the backroom battles that forced him out.

Hackett was running against seven-term Akron Democrat Rep. Sherrod Brown in a May primary, with the winner going on to face two-term Republican Sen. Mike DeWine in November (assuming DeWine wins his own primary against a longshot Republican challenger). DeWine is considered one of the most vulnerable incumbent Republicans, and the national Democratic Party is pulling out the stops to defeat him.

But first, the Democrats had to get Hackett out of the way. The weapons used in the rubout included economic sabotage, whisper campaigns, and threats.


[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hey DUmmies!!! Don't forget to thank your OWN Democrat "leadership" for ONCE AGAIN snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!]

Now I'm gonna get behind Sherrod Brown, but...

Let this episode BE THE LAST time we backstab one of our own. If we can't run aboveboard campaigns, we don't deserve to be in power either!

[Get used to it, DUmmie. This is only the BEGINNING. Look for Hillary to be handpicked for you in 2008. Moan all you want but there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. Oh, and enjoy the NEXT shit sandwich they will be serving you. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

Oh but that's ok.... because the "liberals" on this board have transmogrified into "pragmatists" so they can excuse this sordid little mess. Our party can get down and dirty with its own members but when confronted with a Republican they fold like the f*cking paper napkins that they are. Now just why is that, pray tell?

[Because your party is rife with careerists and careerist wannabees like Pied Piper Pitt who will do the bidding of the FEW at the top of the Democrat party food chain.]

Hahaha.... I to have watched as the apologists around here try to spin this piece of crap maneuver into something positive. When in fact it is just slimy in my estimation.

[Hahaha.... Smile while Pied Piper Pitt tells you to take a nice bite out of that piece of crap sandwich. See it's supposed to be about RealPolitik. It's the game that Pitt loves to play as he panders for the party bigshots.]

I'm one of the "lefty" crowd around here, like Hackett a lot, and think that what was done to him was bullshit of the highest order. And frankly, if I was voting in Ohio, I would probably go Green in the Brown race out of sheer spite.

[But...but didn't you hear the self-serving lecture that Pied Piper Pitt gave about the need to play the RealPolitik game?]

I think the comment was directed directly to the Official Apologists on the board, not all liberal Democrats. I'm afraid that the sentiment you expressed ("if I was voting in Ohio, I would probably go Green in the Brown race out of sheer spite") is shared by thousands in Ohio and it is likely to lead to the re s gaining the House seat Brown is abandoning to run for Senate to be followed by a win for DeWine. And this is "our side".

[Pied Piper Pitt: Official Apologist of the Democrat Party.]

But, but weren't we told here on DU that Brown had raised MORE money than Hackett?

[If Pied Piper Pitt said it then it MUST be true...NOT!]

If those things in the article are true, and people STILL find nothing wrong with what happened, then we are in far deeper shit than even I imagined.

[Smile while chomping down on that shit sandwich. Pitt Piper Pitt has so decreed.]

I've always liked Mother Jones magazine. some of the best investigative journalism in the country

[Too far left for my taste but they were right on the mark with this story.]

Oh, heaven forbid YOU get to choose. I mean, don't you know that Chucky Schumer knows best, and Sherrod Brown had lots of money and everything!!!! The fact that he won't be able to draw flies south of Columbus has nothing to do with anything anymore. But don't listen to me - I'm just one of those cynics, you know.

[Trust in Chuck the Shmuck. He knows what's best for you.]

When one merely tries to bring up the fact that Hackett can pull votes from people that Sherrod Brown can only dream about getting we get accused of being all kinds of things. You know Ohio, and I know Ohio. Sadly, not a lot of other folks on here do, and that is going to cost us dearly.

[Trust in Pied Piper Pitt, the Casanova of the Newton, MA schoolyards.]

What they did was wrong and Hackett has every right to be pissed, the voters of Ohio should be pissed. (if you aren't .. well .. you will be come Nov.) Those, like myself who loved this man's honesty and found it refreshing, and wanted representation to at least the primaries. But he has been swift boated ALL day long on this board. It's reprehensible behavior and inexcusable.. I was plainly just appalled by what I saw here .. and has much as we accuse the RW of having talking points. Man did I see them fly all around here today, 80 percent of them were utter bullshit.

[Enjoy your bullshit sandwich.]

what surprised me was all of the big names that were throwing that bullshit. I recognize this is party UNITY time... but you're right...there were threads yesterday that were apalling. "It's politics... if you don't like it, get out of the fire/you shouldn't be in it", when we decry every instance of Rethug tactics like this. His "warchest" is larger... well, yeah money is important, but had Hackett won the primary the money would've come. Brown IS a good candidate. But i think that is beside the point. What the folk here were getting upset about was the underhandedness. OUR guys are playing dirty pool... with a candidate that really struck a chord with people.

[The first part of your statement sounds like you were describing Pied Piper Pitt to a T.]

I am disgusted and appalled. I feel like giving up...
When we beg and plead our party leaders to grow spines and play hardball I think most of us mean against the REPUBLICANS.

[DUmmies only want the Democrats to play dirty against the EVIL Republicans, not against their fellow comrades.]

It was a shock to hear about such unredemably LOATHSOME tactics being used to squeeze out someone I believed in and by people who should KNOW BETTER.

[It might have been a shock to you but not at all surprising to me. Watch the enormous SQUEEZE PLAY in '08 to install Hillary as your candidate.]

Good thing I don't live in Ohio. No way I'd "get behind" Sherrod Brown after reading his campaign's non-denial denials about the whispering campaign against Hackett -- and ugly it was, too. Worthy of Rove himself.

[Don't be shy. Go ahead and BLAME Rove for the whispering campaign against Hackett. Hey, you blame Rove for EVERYTHING else so why not this?]

Unfortunately, I've gone from the frustration, through anger, right through apathy and have arrived at humor with regard to my opinion of our party's inability to get anything right. Yeah, Hackett is a firebrand, but throwing him under the bus? WTF is this party doing anymore? It's almost like your alcoholic gambling uncle who just can't stop being drunk and broke. *shakes head*

[BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, but I already beat you on arriving at humor on this.]

Sherrod Brown is a phony? On what possible facts do you base that assertion?

[Ah! Pied Piper Pitt arrives on a White Horse to defend his hero, Sherrod Brown, with his Newton lance.]

If the article is correct and Brown's people were "whispering" the rumor that Hackett committed war atrocities in order to try and discredit him, then he is a phony and no better than rove and that group of souless hacks-- IMO.

[Good retort to careerist Pitt but he will still expect you to smile while chomping down on that shit sandwich he is trying to serve you. You see, it is all about RealPolitik.]

I'd like to see some significant proof of that

[What? You have some sort of reading disorder, Pitt? Can't your READ the Mother Jones article for yourself?]

This article has made me more enraged than before. Thank Heaven Hackett had the cajones to speak up about it. May that be the beginning of a permanent end to such shenanigans and anti-democratic maneuverings. Oh, and f*ck Schumer all to hell.

[Does this mean we have to take you off the Chuck the Shmuck fan club list?]

Anybody think it's a Karl Rove trick? Just asking--it sounds more like the work of a rethug infiltrator than Brown.

[WHEW! You just restored my faith in DUmmies and their need to blame Karl Rove for EVERYTHING.]

This isn't a defeat just for Hackett, it's a defeat for the people, and a defeat for the democratic process, and a HUGE defeat for the Democratic Party itself. Schumer must be made to know that.

[And don't forget to BLAME Karl Rove.]

By gleefully stabbing Hackett, these politically inept *leaders* ensured the nastiness stays seared on the hearts of his supporters. The assumption that Brown would get Hackett's passionate supporters & the netroots effortlessly was blown out of the water by the political IED these leaders deployed. What a mess for absolutely so little gain!

["Political IED." Kudos for good imagery.]

I've never been more disillusioned. This was a really big mistake because it is already dividing the party...just look at this message board.

[I am and I'm enjoying it IMMENSELY.]

This may go down as one of the larger political blunders ever done by Dems. It's unfortunate across the board. Unfortunately the people who will pay the highest price will be the people of Ohio.

[More accurately, the DEMOCRATS of Ohio.]


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