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DUmmie FUnnies 02-02-06 ("Cindy Sheehan Does NOT Speak For Me")

Uh-oh. It looks like DUmmie ruggerson is about to head for a Tombstoning ceremony for uttering these heretical words, "Cindy Sheehan Does NOT Speak For Me," in this THREAD. Whenever a DUmmie shows a brief Kewpie Doll moment of mental clarity, he is almost certain to be flamed bigtime by his fellow DUmmies. And to speak ill of sacred leftist icon, Cindy Sheehan, is sacrilege among the Left. As for Cindy's attempted protest last night against the President, I wonder if Cindy will also try to protest against her buddy Hugo Chavez when his term of office ends in about a couple of years and he UNCONSTITUTIONALLY (according to the Venezuelan Constitution) attempts to remain in office past that time. So let us observe the DUmmie outrage over criticizing Cindy Sheehan in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hoping for Cindy to run against DiFi for the Senate, is in the [brackets]:

Cindy Sheehan Does NOT Speak For Me

[APOSTATE! Prepare for your Tombstoning!!!]

I hate this war as much as anyone, and she has my sincere sympathy for her loss, as do all the families that have suffered, both here and in Iraq, in this godforsaken conflict.

But she does not speak for me. When she pulls publicity stunts, she is not representative of THIS Democrat, and I know that there are many others who feel similarly.

[Don't forget to congratulate Rep. Lynn Woolsey for giving Cindy the ticket to pull off this publicity stunt.]

So, you hear me, mainstream media?

Do NOT attempt to tar all Democrats because of the actions of one person.

[So what was Rep. Woolsey? A potted plant?]

She is ONE person, acting as she sees fit, and she has every right to speak out, even with civil disobedience, if she deems it necessary.

But that is HER decision. And the consequences for her actions should be HERS alone.


[EARTH to DUmmie ruggerson! Cindy DOES speak for the DUmmies as well as most of the Left. Get used to it. Cindy Sheehan IS your spokesperson. And now to hear the DUmmie slam against ruggerson for daring to question Cindy...]

Oh bullshit. I'd venture to guess Woolsey is proud of her.

[Yup! Another proud CA nutjob.]

She was INVITED and she just metaphorically spat in the face of Lynne Woolsey, who got her the tickets.

[Oh please, DUmmie ruggerson. I think Lynn Woolsey pretty much knew what was going down.]

Cindy is a patriot that we all could learn something from
so get off your high horse people and realize what this woman is fighting for.

[Cindy Sheehan: The voice of the Democrat party.]

I hope Cindy and more like here never ever play it safe, sit down, and shut up EVER!

[I hope that Cindy continues speaking for the Democrats.]

What the hell is wrong with some of you people?

[Don't worry. That brief touch of rationality by DUmmie ruggerson has been effectively quarantined so the rest of DUmmieland is safe.]

She damn well speaks for me!!! Thank goddess she's got the 'nads to do it. The only thing you get from taking the high road is a nosebleed.

[Will your goddess cure the nosebleed?]

'Scuse me, Rasta, SHE's got Clitzpah! and
Ruggerson needs to go crawl under a rug at this point in time......

[Clitzpah? That's a new word for me. Does that mean a female who has chutzpah?]

ruggerson & BUSH & most of LEADERS don't speak for me

[Time to drag DUmmie ruggerson out for his Tombstoning ceremony.]

I don't claim to speak for anyone but myself and I certainly don't buy the groupthink cult of personality bullshit.

[Uh-oh! It doesn't appear that ruggerson will go quietly into the night. And then he just makes it WORSE for himself with this...]

IMHO, if you're invited to an event like the SOTU, you behave accordingly. There is a time and a place for protest. Those are MY feelings on being civil and responsible.

[Okay, I can't stand it any more so let me say it now... LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

What did she do to protest? A f*cking t-shirt?
Give me a f*cking break. A shirt does not a protest make. Be realistic here. Do you honestly believe that wearing a t-shirt should get you arrested?

[Ask the guy who was thrown out of the capitol in 1999 for wearing an anti-Clinton T-shirt.]

I wish I'D had tickets. I would've dropped trou and shown * what I REALLY think of him.


I'd be surprised if Lynn Wolsey is very upset - or even surprised.

[I'm sure Woolsey isn't a bit surprised. In fact she probably expected Cindy Sheehan to make trouble.]

Maybe you don't really know Cindy Sheehan.
She has done more for us than you might know. Walking the halls of Congress, pleading with our representatives to do the right thing. Sacrificing her life to end this nightmare. Working towards impeachment. I heard her with Johnson's attorney general, Ramsey Clark, where she spoke all of our talking points. She talked about how Bush isn't even elected. He has multiple unconstitutional strikes against him, before we even start to talk NSA.

[Cindy Sheehan---Spokesperson of the Chimpeachment.]

Well, she does speak for me, but with a lot less profanity...

[Is that you Lynn Woolsey?]

Malloy is just pounding ruggerson better say uncle

[Wow! DUmmie ruggerson not only gets slammed by his fellow DUmmies but by radio talk show host, Mike Malloy, as well for voicing his heresy.]

Agree totally, ruggerson, and thanks for having the guts to post this. She totally lost me when she actually met with Chavez, which was nuts. This was just stupid and it makes us all look bad.

[Uh-Oh! It looks like DUmmie liberalhistorian is about to form a duet with ruggerson in the upcoming Tombstoning ceremony.]

So what, she met with Chavez. I'd like to meet with Chavez. She's a citizen and she can meet whomever she pleases.

[Um...So will Hugo Chavez leave office when his term is over? Oops! Only Bush is being accused of unconstitutionally remaining in office by the DUmmies after his term is over.]

Ruggerson, Malloy just called you a "dumb ass" on his show

[I wonder what Mike Malloy would call the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Welcome to the American Taliban! Time to Wake up and smell the fascism!

[Welcome to the People's Paradise of North Korea! We Welcome the DUmmies with open arms!]

Capital Building or Reichtag?

[Or CapitOl?]

She doesn't care about whether Democrats get hurt in her crusade.

[Correct, DUmmie ruggerson, which is why I hope Cindy BEATS DiFi in the Senate race. A nutcase like Cindy ranting and raving AMONG the Democrats in the Senate is sure to DOOM that party to the status of Whigs.]

You need to get a grip on reality!

[DUmmieland: The Reality-Based Community.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!]


[Since Pied Piper Pitt might soon be indisposed for 3 to 5 years, the DUmmies need a new spokesperson.]


Blogger The Triumvirate said...

It's times like these when I love people like Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore. They do more to expose the idiocy of the left than a legion of conservative bloggers could do on their own. They're kinda like canon fodder. Anyway, I was so amused by her whine-fest that I had to rip into it a little on my blog.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THE Party of 46,000,000+ abortions is calling Bush a baby killer?


2:53 AM  

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