Tuesday, December 27, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 12-27-05 ("If Dubya gets impeached, should he be brought up on war crimes?")

As we have seen, the DUmmies are absolutely OBSESSED over the impeachment of George Bush. They are even so delusional as to think congress could jump the gun before the November elections because the Republicans would want him out also. Now the DUmmies have gone even beyond impeachment. They also want Bush sent to the Hague to be tried for war crimes as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "If Dubya gets impeached, should he be brought up on war crimes?" Therefore just imagine (think of the song "Imagine") the incredible FRUSTRATION level when Bush, far from being impeached or indicted, is HAILED for his efforts in the War On Terror. This will happen and one can only picture all of DUmmieland turning into a Heaven's Gate Cult at that point. As usual, the DUmmie demands as they await the arrival of their Mother Ship are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the DUmmies sink ever lower into the depths of madness, is in the [brackets]:

If Dubya gets impeached, should he be brought up on war crimes?

[Yes. Right after you plead insanity.]

I don't see why not. We've already established a precedent by putting other heads of state on trial (Noriega, Milosovic, Hussein). He's committed some very serious, heinous crimes already. It would have to be a UN tribunal, otherwise whoever is the next president might just decide to issue a pardon. How sweet would that be, having Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rummy, Ashcroft, etc rotting in some European prison (although Abu Gharib would be more fitting).

[Don't forget to support Ramsey Clark in his effort to free Saddam Hussein.]

Yes! The whole cabal should be tried and incarcerated.

[This will happen...in the Alternate Reality.]

While we have a good case for impeachment, I think there's an open and shut case for war crimes!!! Plus, there's so much evidence out there that they can't destroy and they wouldn't have control over the players, as they would here with all the Republican puppets on strings.

[An open and shut case. So why even bother with a trial?]

until we do this, we're no better than any other #1 nation
only if we do this do we finally prove our rhetoric, that we are a nation whose greatness does not lie purely in its military and economic dominance of the planet; that we hold ourselves to a higher standard; and that no one -- NO ONE -- is above the law.

[So why didn't Ted Kennedy serve jail time?]

HELL YEAH!!! If we ever want to gain back the respect of the world, we MUST show the world that we have every intention of holding these thugs accountable. If we ever want justice for ourselves, we must deliver it for others. It's a two way street, and these pigs are not above the law, U.S. or international.

[Which do you prefer today? Lithium treatment or electroshock therapy?]


[Imprison where? In the dark corner of your parents' basement where you are posting with drool covered fingers?]

Impeachment is a pipe dream. Ain't gonna happen.


Unless we get a whole new batch of Democrats in the house it won't happen. The ones we have in the house now just don't have what it takes to impeach, even if they get the majority. The only way the present Democratic representatives would vote for impeachment is if the Republicans started it.

[And the chances of that happening is somewhere between nil and never.]

dont care who starts it...they've trashed our country, our constitution..human rights...robbed america blind..have turned a basically good people albeit easily maniputlated into the rogues of the world..have proven incompetence ..arrogance...and any elected representative who doesnt step forward is guilty of the same damned thing....impeachment..and the hague..and then jail...for the whole bunch of them

[Followed by your institutionalization.]

send them all to Gitmo then flush their bibles. Waterboard the sons of bitches, forever. Even then it's not enough to repay the once great America for what they have done. Ugly bags of water, all of them.

[At what point did your bubbling bile turn to boiling venom?]

Regardless of impeachment bush should be tried for crimes against humanity. After the slaughter in Fallujah can there really be any question?

[Damn him for flushing out the terrorists!]

If there's anything we don't need in this country, it's someone who expects to be immune from prosecution for their acts while in elected office! I'm for dragging that bastard to the Hague by the heels. For those who think it'd be a "act of war" ... let it be Americans that do it, then. I'll even volunteer.

[And soil your tutu? I think not.]

There are no stupid questions, but this is close.

[Actually DUmmieland is FULL of stupid questions and this is TYPICAL.]

Nothing will change in America unless he is brought up on war crime charges - all of the Bush Regime must stand war crime charges (and they must be convicted - otherwise we know the trial is a farce as Bush IS guilty beyond all doubt)...otherwise America will once again sweep crimes under the rug ...and as long as America maintains that sick need to hide her crimes, she will NEVER be the America she could be.

[You want a trial but ONLY if Bush is convicted? I want you institutionalized but ONLY if you are NEVER released.]


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