Monday, December 26, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 12-26-05 ("Why impeachment may happen before the 2006 House races")

As we enter 2006, we will be seeing a certain word, "impeachment," with increasing frequency in the coming year as the DUmmies beat louder on their drums for the removal of Bush for office. They absolutely can't stand Bush and will do anything to get rid of him. The idea of Bush serving out his full term of office is intolerable to them. The allure of impeachment has driven the DUmmies past the bounds of sanity to the point where they actually think they can get a "package deal" impeachment by simultaneously also impeaching Cheney, Hastert, and everyone down the line of succession to the point where Kerry can be inaugurated as President. Therefore I am anticipating 2006 with much glee knowing that the DUmmies will be providing much entertainment in their impeachment mania. They are so desperate for the Bush impeachment (or as they would say, "chimpeachment," that they now even entertain the incredible delusion that Bush could be impeached BEFORE the congressional next year as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Why impeachment may happen before the 2006 House races." As usual the desperate DUmmie demands for chimpeachment are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that John Kerry was for chimpeachment before he was against it, is in the [brackets]:

Why impeachment may happen before the 2006 House races

[Why the leperchaun will lead me to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow before the 2006 House races.]

Yeah I know-- impeachment is a long shot- it ain't gonna happen-- we gotta get the house back.

[You gotta get the house back? Also a long shot.]

So far the Bush regime has maintained a veneer of a real democracy. And as long as that veneer remains-- they are all vulnerable to impeachment and indictments. At this point in time the BUSH regime has not pulled the trigger on martial law, or some similar power grab. It may be that they cant make the ultimate grab for power without losing what base that is left to the neo-cons. Without the Republican Party the Fascists dint have much in the way of support. SO, I'm guessing that for some reason-- they are not ready-- or are unwilling, at this point in time. And as long as that veneer remains-- they are all venerable.

[Vulnerable venerable veneer. Thank you for that inciteful analysis, vacuum mind.]

Republicans in the House have to run for re-election in 2006. It may come to the point where they go after the BUSH Regime-- just to keep their seats in the House, this way republicans maintain power in DC, rather than give it up. If they dint go after BUSH--- the DEM'S may take their House seats and impeach & even Convict.

[Which Crack House are you posting from?]

BUT, ask yourself, to maintain political power under the constraints of maintaining a veneer of a real democracy, does the Republican Party throw BUSH to the wolves? And is it better for the country to have republicans take out the Bush Regime prior to the 2006 Congressional races, possibly mitigating a pendulum swing to the left in the House, in 2006.

[Yeah, Republicans are going to impeach Bush. That brilliant analysis is the result of taking an extra big hit from the crack pipe.]

In my mind, that is the smart thing to do. but I dint see the Republican Party doing this. I dint see the bold personalities of quality leadership and thinking in the Republican Party. And I dint see a consensus forming quick enough to take advantage of throwing BUSH to the wolves. I dint think the republicans dint have what it takes, but the democrats do.

[Back to square one. You must make Chimpeachment a campaign issue next year to ensure the loss of even more Democrat seats. Yeah, the Chimpeachment demand and the video of Harry Reid jubilantly announcing that he killed the Patriot Act will ensure a massive Democrat loss in November. And now on to other DUmmies on the subject of Chimpeachment.]

actual impeachment would be a political disaster for the banana republican party. the only sympathetic way to actually get rid of shrub is for him to have a heart attack or something, god help us all if he actually exits prematurely in a way that promotes sympathy for him.

[DUmmie concern for the health of President Bush is deeply touching.]

SO how do the Neo COns keep the one party control in DC? thru 2006? Unless they have absolute control of the voting machines--------

[ALL your Diebolds belong to us.]

Mere wishful thinking is not a substitute for reasoned analysis.

[Wishful thinking in DUmmieland? "Who ever heard of such a thing," I thought to myself while attending John Kerry's inauguration on Jan. 20.]

The spying without warrants, the scanning of Muslim sites without a warrant, work in their favor. Americans are too stupid to understand the implications of what this administartion is doing. Many if not most Americans agree with these tactics. They see it as bush protecting America not as bush destroying the Constitution.

[They see it as Bush protecting America ALONG with the Constitution. I only hope the Republicans have enough sense in the 2006 campaign season to run OVER AND OVER on TV the Harry Reid video of him and his fellow Democrats publicly gloating over killing the Patriot Act.]

If I was in the Neo con leadership-- I would consider throwing BUSH to the wolves. It facilitates getting re-elected and maintaining power. It would allow me to control the process. And folks could lean back and think-- "see the process works, everything is just fine."

[So how did you enjoy John Kerry's inauguration on Jan. 20?]

Yes, every minute Bush remains in office..... he is doing damage to the Republican party. I'd jettison him now too, but the Repubs don't appear smart enough to make that move.I think pretty soon the Repubs may figure it out, and cut Bush loose. It will be too late to stop the damage, however. The best thing that may come out of the last 5 years is a Left-wing groundswell. Please Santa, that's what I want for Christmas!

[You have my condolences over the fact that the Grinch stole your Christmas.]

I think Bush is trying to create a dictatorship but I think he wants to do it in a more subtle way. He wants to make little changes that gradually take us in that direction. If he declared martial law, not only would most of the population object to it but many Republicans would too!!

[All Hail our Glorious Dictator---Chimpus Khan!]

I Don't Think The GOP IS Smart or Independent Enough To Off Bush. I think they will sit there like frogs in the pot, as the water slowly and steadily comes to a boil. The hallmark of Republicanism is an inability to think for oneself, to accept and deal with Reality in all its facets, and an overwhelming desire to follow anyone who looks stronger or projects a better facade.

[Inability to accept Reality? Did you get a good view of the proceedings during John Kerry's inauguration on Jan. 20?]

Great analogy, lemmings running off the cliff, if you are right we may see a majority in both the House and the Senate come January '07

[Yes. Great analogy. The Democrat/DUmmie Lemmings following Pied Piper Pitt over the cliff as he plays the alluring Chimpeachment tune on his pipe.]

Party/RNC: What is your national strategy to keep the House? The RNC must counter the DEM effort at impaechment and the must counter the DEM push to take the House back.

[Actually the RNC must encourage Democrat calls for Chimpeachment to make it THE issue of the campaign because the voters will REJECT the idea in a landslide. Even the political pros are scared of openly calling for Chimpeachment. Remember, Kerry was FOR Chimpeachment before he was AGAINST Chimpeachment.]


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