Wednesday, November 23, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 11-23-05 ("Why do some people (DU'ers too) think that Communism is the worst?")

Have you ever noticed how self-righteously outraged liberals become if you DARE to accuse them of being sympathetic to communism? They will accuse you of trying to smear them as well as go into a "How dare you question my patriotism?" mode. However, if you actually READ what the DUmmies and their leftist cohorts actually say to each other on the subject of communism, you will see not only sympathy but flat out LOVE for communism as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Why do some people (DU'ers too) think that Communism is the worst?" As usual, the Bolshevik DUmmie postings expressing their sympathy for Bolshevism is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the spectacle of the Bolshevik DUmmies from the deck of the Battleship Potemkin, is in the [brackets]:

Why do some people (DU'ers too) think that Communism is the worst?

[Yes. Isn't it silly to think ill of communism which is just a progressive alternate economic system?]

Why do some people think it?

[Probably for some stupid reason like a familiarity with history.]

The Crimes of Communism pale in comparison to the Acts of Evil that have been done by Plutocracies and Theocracies.

[In the DUmmie mind we are now living under an EVIL Bush Plutocracy/Theocracy. Ergo, communism is BETTER than what we now have.]

The things that the Far Right are planning are the things that we should be acting against, not screaming and ranting about Communist 'threat'.

I should know, real live Theocrats are trying to take over Ohio!

[They've already taken over the Ohio Diebold voting machines.]

We've got to come together to stop the Far Right, it is the only way we can win.

[Thank you for that entertaining bit of paranoia, DUmmie ck4829. And now let us hear the rest of the DUmmie chorus chime in with their laughable observations about communism...]

We've been a plutocracy for some time now... Have them ask people who lived and worked in the late 40s-80s. Many of them were shocked when reagan's policies started dismantling the stable way of life they all grew up with.

[Ronald Reagan also dismantled the "stable" way of life the communists in Europe grew up with.]

Decades of corporatist conditioning.

[Only decades of coporatist conditioning have brainwashed us into thinking that Stalinist Russia or North Korea under the enlightened Li'l Kim were anything other that Workers' Paradises.]

when has true communism ever been attempted?
there have been countries that hve been proclaimed by themselves or others as "communist"...but have any of them really been?

[SIGH! The old leftwing excuse as to why Communist nations have failed. See, there really weren't any communist societies yet so we need to keep experimenting until we we get it right.]

As a history major in the 70's, communist doctrine was historical fact among the professors. We were taught a theoretical understanding of communism, and its dialectics, branches and choices.

At the time the Soviet Union looked extremely strong and countries throughout the world, especially in the Third World were changing to a communist form of government.

To the professors this was seen as inevitable, and to us students it was seen as a positive for the world as a whole. With every professor in the history department a Marxist, we were all pretty indocrinated.

[For the DUmmies, those were the Good Old Days.]

the US right wing has demonized every collective based solution, when those are mainstream in Europe.

[Oh how we envy the French economy!]

communism has been demonised and equated with Stalin and Mao.

[As opposed to the WONDERFUL communism under Li'l Kim and Castro.]

The only place I can think of that it's worked out is Cuba, and that seems more due to the excellence of Cuba itself and Castro than to any theoretical quality in Communism.

[The success of Cuban communism probably explains all those boat people from the States desperately trying to float over to that island paradise.]

Communism as a bogeyman is being supplanted with "Islamism"
and "Islamofascism," etc. Same old right-wing BS, just a different name.

[Yeah. Islamofascism is just a myth. All those women in Taliban Afghanistan covered themselves from head to foot in ugly black burkhas because they LIKED it, not because they were forced to.]

i find the charms of democracy highly over rated.

[Then I recommend the charms of Pyongyang.]

Another pet peeve of mine is people dressed in black, at rallies, with the hammer and sickle on their clothes. How much of an asshole do you have to be?

[Anti-Communism in DUmmieland but only because he doesn't like their sense of fashion. You would prefer they wear pastel pants and a Che T-Shirt?]

It was the greatest American Brainwashing next to the War on Terrer that our government has ever promulgated on it's citizenry. American Citizens have had the dreaded "Commie Pinko " - "better dead than red" pounded into our collective psyches for over a half century.

[We were brainwashed into believing that Uncle Joe Stalin was something other than a warm hearted human being.]

Every communist society has turned to shit. Every one.


If a democracy is communist, there is nothing inherently wrong.

[And where did that fantasy society ever happen?]

I don't know if communism is better than what we have. What I do know is that with all that relentless propaganda, "they" sure didn't want me to EVER consider communism except to condemn it. WHY did "they" never want me to think of communism except to condemn it? Hmmmm. Wonder what they were hiding about communism? And why they were so threatened by it?

[You caught us!!! Okay, I confess. All these years we have been hiding from you DUmmies just how WUUUNDERFUL communism is. Therefore we shall make amends by ensuring that you can move to the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. So take the one-way flight to Pyonyang. Go ahead. You'll LOVE it there. I promise.]


Blogger Perro Malo said...

PJ, really now.. where do you find these crazy people that are in total denial of reality? Has somone slipped a computer terminal into the schizophrenic ward of a hospital for the criminaly insane?

I love the technique you use to parse their loonie rantings into tiny bits of comic nonsense. Great site.... thanks!

2:33 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

[The success of Cuban communism probably explains all those boat people from the States desperately trying to float over to that island paradise.]

Holy sh*t, that one got me good. Nice!

5:00 AM  
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