Monday, November 21, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 11-21-05 (THEY LIVE!!!)

Have you ever seen the movie, They Live? The leftwing premise of that 1988 flick, written and directed by John Carpenter as an attack on the popularity of President Ronald Reagan, was that successful people who supported Reaganism were really evil extraterrestrial aliens who were secretly brainwashing ordinary people to accept them. Only the Rodney Piper character knew who they really were by wearing a pair of special sunglasses that allowed him to see the Reaganites as the real aliens that they were. This made the leftwingers back then comfortable in the knowledge that Ronald Reagan and his policies were successful only because of alien manipulation by "Them." Likewise the DUmmies of today believe they have the special insight to see that folks who support Bush are either "Them" (read "Neocons") or are unduly influenced by propaganda perpetrated by "Them" as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Who has cut off friendships and other relationships...due to the bush crime family?" As usual the fantasies of the DUmmies wearing their special sunglasses in order to see "Them" are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, controlled by the Evil Aliens from their Mother Ship in order to spread Reaganite propaganda, is in the [brackets]:

Who has cut off friendships and other relationships... due to the bush crime family?

[Be careful about cutting off relationships with EVIL extraterrestrial family members. You could lose your comfy spot in your parents' dark basement from which you make your lunatic postings.]

I avoid speaking to my sibs and some neighbors.


A) I just don't want to "get into it";

B) I'm afraid I might not be able to resist grabbing them about the shoulders, shaking them violently, and screaming, "WTF is WRONG WITH YOU???????????????"

[You need to wear those "Special" sunglasses more often to get the answer to that question. They are successful Republicans because they are really EVIL aliens from outer space sent here to dominate you. I hope that makes you more comfortable knowing the reason for your own failures.]

The maid of honor at my wedding and her stupid family.
That stupid family was all over Clinton for lying, but God forbid if you lie about something important.

[Like the memory of spending Christmas in Cambodia in 1968 that was seared, SEARED into my brain!]

Yes. There are several people with whom I no longer communicate.

[Especially after seeing who they REALLY are with your special DUmmie SUnglasses.]

I have stop accepting phone calls from..
two of my relatives because they keep telling me bush is protecting them and he is a good christian man.

[Translation: "My relatives treat me like a lunatic at the Thankgiving dinner table when I scream at them about the EVIL Bush Crime Family."]

I have cut off communications with many
including family over bushco**. I marvel daily at their capacity to bock out reality.

[Have patience. Perhaps one day they will accept your Alternate Reality---MIHOP, LIHOP, etc..]

Best friend from high school
On her last visit, I found myself screaming at her about Bush--it did no good whatsoever. I introduced her to the DSM, PNAC and anything else I could think of. She was unconvinced, but I could tell she couldn't believe how passionate I had become. I avoid her emails and phone calls because I don't want to get into another argument.

[DAMN! You could have won that argument if only you had included IHOP, MIHOP, and BFEE as well.]

I remember the days when people wanted to live around their 'own kind'. It then represented an ethnic/religious bend, now it has evolved to political ideology. I disagree with the previous poster. It is not JUST POLITICS. It is everything I believe in my heart and stand for. I tried for 3 years to 'educate'. All I got for it was an increase in high blood pressure.

[Plus acid indigestion.]

There is nothing American about a rural small town to me. Just right wing bigots, that's all. I would tell the Right Wing/Fundiefacsist/Toby-KKKeith, Gretchen Wilson/redneck/klanmen/heehaw crowd to F--- OFF! I'm an American and you GOD DAMN SOB's are NOT!

[So much for all that DUmmie hype about "reaching out" to the Red State people.]

I have cut off all relationships
with all rePukes except one - that's my oldest daughter whom I love very much. I just don't talk ANY politics with her. That would cause a fight and it caused a fight that almost destroyed our relationship once. I can't let that happen and won't let that happen. I don't understand her opinions at all and unfortunately we can't discuss it in a civil manor, so we don't. I know that sounds awful, and it actually is, but I love her too much to never see or speak to her again, or to not have the privilege of seeing my grandchildren because of politics. Like I said, I would love to understand her views and understand why her views became so different than mine, but, I don't think that is ever going to happen. It really makes me very sad.

[Are you sure she is REALLY your daughter? Perhaps you need to put on those special DUmmie SUnglasses and look at her. She just might be one of those EVIL rightwing Aliens who is inhabiting your daughter's body.]

I no longer communicate with my brother or uncle because of this. I find it nearly impossible to deal with most right-wing Republicans I know, so I've distanced myself pretty much from all of them. I admire those of you who can continue to deal with them. I have a real problem with enemies of our country who think they are "super-patriots".


People, especially close friends or family, who support Bush are shown no mercy, the same way Bush Co show no mercy. The truth has to be exposed, and it's not just a difference of opinion, it's a matter of fact vs. ignorance.

[I bet this DUmmie is a real pain in the ass at parties and family gatherings.]

Best friend of ten years--a woman, a holder of degrees in history/poli sci as well as someone who had travelled around the world...CHOSE NOT TO DO ANYTHING FOR ELECTION 2004. She had to go. I wouldn't talk to her again if someone paid me.

[WOW! This DUmmie is really over the edge! She cuts off her best friend not for supporting Bush but for not actively opposing Bush.]

There's not one thing that is going on that would ever effect the love that I have for my family and my friends. If you let that happen your priorities are not in line.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! I have my special DUmmie SUnglasses on and I can see you for who you REALLY are!]


Blogger RightWingRocker said...

DU is always good for a great laugh, but THIS takes the cake.


1:00 PM  
Blogger RUMPLEMINTZ said...


I loved "They Live!" Now you've ruined it for me telling me it was made by a bunch of far left wing lunatics. Thanks a lot!

3:18 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...


Just because the moonbats made us aliens in the movie doesn't make us bad, does it?... That's intolerance and alien-ism! ;)

Great line from movie: "I'm here to chew bubble-gum and kick some ass... And I'm all outta bubble-gum."


4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The average DUers face looks like it fell into a cheese dip back in '57.

I am surprised (bear with me, I don't live in the US) that so many of these idjits mention having kids. Are they all grey-ponytailers from the Vietnam era or something?

10:39 AM  
Blogger My mother says said...

Im telling you, they exist. See for yourself

7:54 AM  

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