Tuesday, November 15, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 11-15-05 ("I don't believe the 'failed bomber' woman was involved at all...")

Admit it. I bet not a few of you who read yesterday's DUmmie FUnnies EDITION thought I had to do quite a bit of cherry picking in DUmmieland in order to find a few posts blaming the Amman hotel bombings on Bush and/or "neoconsters" and/or the Mossad. For those few skeptics out there, I invite you to tour DUmmieland for yourselves. Such whacko blatherings are the NORM not the exceptions. You DON'T have to look very far in DUmmieland to find wacko conspiricist rantings such as today's featured DUmmie THREAD titled, "I don't believe the 'failed bomber' woman was involved at all..." Of course, the DUmmies put "failed bomber" in quotes because they don't really believe she was in on the bombings at all. However, whacko as this and other such posts are, the DUmmies are only reflecting what many professional Democrats on Capitol Hill are thinking but are still too embarrassed to say in public. Yes, just as Ted "Swimmer" Kennedy only recently began claiming that Bush LIED to get us into war, I won't be too surprised when at some point in the near future he, like his DUmmie fellow travelers, begin to blame Bush for the Amman bombings. So let us now sink into the depths of depravity and paranoia and view the DUmmie conspiracy theories in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the greatest cause of Global Warming is due to the Swimmers overheated accusations, is in the [brackets]:

I don't believe the "failed bomber" woman was involved at all...I think this is just one more staged event by BushCo..

[CONGRATULATIONS!!! You now qualify to become a Senate staffer for Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy!]

First, they claimed it was Al Quaidea but they had no actual proof to make the public believe that claim. After all, any teenager with a computer and a wicked mind could send off THAT claim.

[So any teenager would claim that there were FOUR bombers even though they didn't know that one of the belt bombs malfunctioned at the time of posting? However, forgive for tossing the cold water of FACTS on your wacko theory. Please proceed...]

So suddenly the mysterious woman appears. Her story has changed with the wind. She said she saw her husband detonate his bomb, but miraculously she was not hurt. In another report, she claims that when her husband saw that her bomb did not go off, he signaled her to run. How did he do that if he was dead?

[Simple. He FIRST got her to leave the room and THEN blew himself up. BTW, if you drop a ball it also falls but I guess such explanations are just too complicated for DUmmies to understand.]

She looks too emotionless, forced and flat to me. I have the feeling that her children may be being held as hostages, thus forcing her to tell any tale the REAL perpetrators want her to tell.

[In DUmmieland the REAL perpetrators are Karl Rove and Paul Wolfowitz. Oh, and Lucy Ramirez too.]

Someone has supposedly "disarmed" her bomb and put it back on her for the photo op, otherwise the camerapeople are just plain fools for being that close.

[You would prefer they videotape her with the bomb armed? Oops! I forgot. According to wacko DUmmie theory, that woman was completely innocent and they just duct taped copies of the Nation magazine around her waist for show.]

And isn't it strange, she is supposed to be the sister of another RIGHT HAND MAN to some supposed Al Quaida biggie?

[She's the sister of DUmmie IndianaGreen?]

Every damned time BushCo gets in trouble, somewhere in the world gets bombed...New York, Spain, London and now Jordan. So Al Quaida wants to make the entire world mad at them, huh? No, BushCo wants to make the entire world at this phantom organization they started right after 911 and named it Al Quaida, which simply means, "the base".

[I underestimated you, DUmmie itzamirakul. I thought you were going to blame Bush for only the Amman bombings. It is heartening to know that you also blame Bush for 9-11 as well as the Madrid and London bombings... Now let us hear from the rest of the DUmmie Chorus.]

It was suspicious the first time I heard her interviewed. She spoke and the translator said one thing then CNN said something entirely different. It was like a story being crafted before your eyes.

[You speak Arabic? Translate this: "Bak. Derk-derk-Allah. Derka derka, Mohammed Jihad. Baka sherpa-sherpa. Abaka-la."]

You're right...it smells like last week's tuna sandwich... I don't believe it for a minute.

[Yeah. Wacko suicide bombers in the Middle East. Whoever heard of such a thing before?]

I look into her eyes and something is missing. She should not be so relaxed inside as she is. I wonder if we'll ever know?

[I look into your skull and something is missing---a brain.]

She looks almost hopeless...like someone with nothing to live for anymore...like someone has taken everything from her. She doesn't have the look of a fanatic.

[She still didn't look quite as hopeless as you.]

Karl Rove in drag

[aka Lucy Ramirez.]

In another thread, I pointed out the fact that Juan Cole has said that "al-Qaeda in Iraq" is not acknowledged to be a genuine organization in Iraq.

[Maybe that is because they are still awaiting their official certificate of incorporation in Iraq.]

We're supposed to believe that Zarqawi, a PALESTINIAN, not a Jordanian, but a Palestinian raised in Jordan, orchestrated this.

[A sweet guy like Zarqawi would never orchestrate this. Cutting off heads, yes, but definitely not bombings.]

Last night, (11/14) I heard Keith Olberman began to voice some of the same questions and doubts that we have raised here. I don't know if they have read the blogs and begun to question or if they see the same weaknesses that we see.

[Thank you for pointing out that Keith Olberman also has mental health issues.]

Is there any proof that this is an actual person? Why would they allow her to wander around on TV with a "defused" bomb. I suspect that she was wholly computer generated.

[Maxine Headroom?]


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Seriously... Someone needs to up the chlorine level in the DU gene pool.

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I agree with the Chlorine as long as it is in the form of 12 MOLAR hydrochloric acid..... Millions of gallons of it.

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