Thursday, October 20, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 10-20-05 (DUmmies SLAM South Park)

South Park is my absolute FAVORITE TV show. I always look forward to flipping on the tube at 9:30 PM with a glass of rum in hand to watch that show. Even if it is a re-run I still love watching South Park. Therefore it was with great anticipation that I watched this season's NEW episode last night. If you missed it, you missed a gem. It was a satire on media misinformation about Hurricane Katrina along with panic over Global Warming. What happened was that Cartman and Stan accidentally caused the collapse of a dam that flooded Beaverton which is near the town of South Park. After first blaming GEORGE BUSH for the flood, the residents finally settled on Global Warming as the culprit. They figured out that Global Warming that would destroy the world would occur two days before the day after tomorrow which means TODAY! Of course the town completely panicked and holed up in a shelter hoping to ride out the Global Warming. Meanwhile the TV news were claiming that MILLIONS of people in Beaverton which has a population of only a few thousand were killed. To really appreciate the hilarity of this episode, however, one must actually see it. And now it turns out the DUmmies were ENRAGED by this episode as you can see in this THREAD titled, "F*ck South Park.,Trey Parker and Matt Stone." So now we get a double bonus. A wonderful new season episode of South Park as well as DUmmie RAGE against that show for our comedic entertainment. As usual, the DUmmie outrage against a FUnnie show is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wishing to thank Trey Parker and Matt Stone for providing me with INCREDIBLE comedic entertainment, is in the [brackets]:

F*ck South Park.,Trey Parker and Matt Stone

[DAMN South Park for not conforming to PC DUmmie Standards!]

Ive been a fan of South Park since day one.I havent always agreed with their politics but their humour almost always won me over.

[Hmmm... From the way you spelled "humour" can I assume you are a Canadian? Phil? Or are you Terrence?]

Its amazing that they could come up with a show like "Thats my Bush" and then turn around and give a pass to almost everything this administration has done since taking office.Its like someone got to them,blackmailed them.

[Karl Rove is blackmailing him from deep within the Perfect Rovian Storm.]

When Clinton was in office they were merciless,but a fascist like Bush has been pretty much given carte blanche.

[Maybe Parker and Stone were anesthetized by Phil and Terrence's flatulence.]

Tonight's episode tried to whitewash Fema and Bush's incompetence during Katrina.

[And we all know that GEORGE BUSH caused Hurricane Katrina. GEORGE BUSH...and Global Warming.]

Its depressing,I used to look forward to the latest episode of south park but I cant anymore.These guys are carrying water for these bastards.

[Maybe they left the radio on during Rush Limbaugh and became mind numbed robots. And now let us hear from your fellow mind numbed DUmmies.]

I don't have cable.
Can you tell me what happened.

[Phil and Terrence FARTED!!! Oops! Wrong episode.]

They basically absolved Bush and Fema for any blame for the miscues during Katrina.I really wish this wasnt the case but thats what happened.

[The dam flood was caused by GLOBAL WARMING!]

Did they blame anyone?


Its just a cartoon.But cartoons can influence public opinion the same way the daily show does or Mark Twain did for that matter.

[Phil and Terrence affected the way I voted in the last election. Or was it the gay Saddam?]

Like FOX, unfortunately, people watch South Park and take messages from it. Just like they do from Fox. It jibes well with what the RW KoolAid machine produces and serves. Tonight was definitely over the top in its RW buttkissing.

[Speaking of buttkissing, do you think Gay Saddam and Satan will get back together as housemates again?]

Cartoons have been used for generations to plant Rocky and Bullwinkle and earlier than that were others ...

[Rocky and Bullwinkle: the earliest of the rightwing cartoon characters. Remember how they made us hate the Commie Russians with Boris, Natasha, and the Fearless Leader?]

I personally enjoyed it. I love South Park and I loved it. And yes, they're a freakin cartoon. Not a news channel and they make fun of everyone. Good grief. Seriously chill out.


I used to be a south park fan, but after Team America I turned my back. At the beginning it's making fun of the American Right's misunderstanding of foreign cultures. Then it apologizes for that and goes on to violently blow up and decapitate every liberal media figure without so much as a peep of criticism about RW media figures.

[How could you not like the Team America puppet sex?]

There's a "lesson" in every episode, quite often with an ignorant, simplistic message.

[Listen to the sounds of Phil and Terrence's farts. There is a hidden subliminal message in there.]

"Team America: World Police", with the exception of a few moments that genuinely made me laugh (like the "freedom isn't costs a buck o'five" fake country song), really pissed me off.

[Is that you, Sean Penn?]

it was a good episode. I thought the main traget was the media and the public. We are all guilty of playing the blame game in the wake of Katrina, and I think at times both the left and the right cared more about the political consquences then the people who were devestated. In all thier intreviews they say outlandish shit about how they lean politically. I think the truth is they are equal oppurtunity offenders who try to piss everyone off.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

Butters: Best Character Ever

[True. I'm still chuckling about the time Butters discovered his father abusing himself in a gay bathhouse. Butter's father was incredibly embarrassed but all Butters was concerned about was going to dinner at Bennigan's that night.]

i can't stand the motherf*ckers
their appeal is to those Republicans who don't admit to being Republicans. the ones who aren't very religiously conservative, but are the type to say "yeah, we are going to kick their asses".

[Actually we are going to kick YOUR asses.]

And also recall the "Kenny as Terry Schiavo" episode -- this one totally skewered Republicans.

[And yet you didn't see Republicans WHINING about that episode like you folks are doing now.]


Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...


Oh my Dear Lord, that was a HILARIOUS episode!... And even funnier?... DUmmies fuming over it! HA HA HA

Funny, I don't see any Jewish folks whining about Cartman's "Jew gold around your neck" scene...


Oh, and Team America?

Puppets. Seriously.



5:34 AM  
Blogger RightWingRocker said...

And yet you didn't see Republicans WHINING about that episode like you folks are doing now.

This about sums up the essence of DU.

I have probably watched South Park maybe twice in my life (the Gay Saddam episode was one of them HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR), and I found it funny.

I had a few minor issues with it as a teacher (knowing these characters were a bunch of 4th graders, for example), but South Park is definitely a satirist's candy store.


10:25 AM  
Blogger Mudi said...

He lives in a section of Florida that got hit pretty hard by Wilma, apparently the power is still out there.

2:56 AM  
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