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DUmmie FUnnies 09-12-05 (DUmmies SCAMMED Again---Bushville)

Picture the jublilant Coyote about to capture the Road Runner with his Acme Co. package. Then picture that same package exploding in his face and the Road Runner goes non-chalantly zooming off into the distance leaving behind only a mocking "BEEP! BEEP!" That is the picture of an ever RECURRING theme in DUmmieland (along with Charlie Brown getting the football whisked away from him by Lucy). This time the Acme Co. package came in the form of Bushville, mentioned in last Thursday's EDITION of the DUmmie FUnnies. Yes, the DUmmies were hailing the establishment of a Bushville encampment of Katrina Survivors on the Washington Mall as yet ANOTHER "Walter Cronkite Moment." In fact, there have been a plethora recently of much heralded "Walter Cronkite Moments" by the DUmmies. This is in reference to the time that Walter Cronkite turned against the Viet Nam War, thus supposedly causing support for that War to plummet. The much mentioned "Walter Cronkite Moments" nowadays is supposed to indicate the impending doom of the EVIL Bush Regime which would inevitably lead to impeachment (implausibly, Dick Cheney is simultaneously impeached in this DUmmie scenario). Thus it is with much mirth that we see the most recent "Walter Cronkite Moment" (not to be confused with the Cindy Sheehan "Walter Cronkite Moment" nor the Downing Street Memo "Walter Cronkite Moment") explode like an Acme Co. Package in the DUmmie Coyote's face yet AGAIN. You can see how they got conned in the latest scam in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "'Bushville' was established today in Washington D.C.!!!" as well as in this more realistically titled THREAD, " a HOAX! DU implicated." The howls of the DUmmie Coyotes getting the Acme Co. Package exploded in their faces yet again are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, restraining the urge to yell "Beep! Beep!" is in the [brackets]:

"Bushville" was established today in Washington D.C.!!!
Go to to find out more. Please keep kicked****

[WHOOPEE!!! This is the Walter Cronkite Moment we've all been waiting for. It signals the END of the EVIL Bush Regime. OH JOY!!!]


[It can be done now because of the establishment of Bushville on the Washington Mall!!! HOOORAH!!!]

Woo-Hoo! Kicked and recommended!


I am still not clear ont hat thing

[Don't worry! It's a done deal!!! Bush will be OUT of power by October! YIPPPEEEEE!!!!]

wtf? thought this was a hoax....

[Huh? A hoax? But how can that be??? DUmmies CAN'T be hoaxed? Can they?]

GeorgeBushyTail is a:

[You're saying he is a (GASP!) DISRUPTER???]

Was he tombstoned?
Can anyone confirm if "Bushville" was actually established today (9/11) in DC?

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from making that confirmation.]

Here we go again

[And again and again and again and again and again and...]

I've talked with him personally on the phone. I hope this doesnt get me banned too. He seems legit. I was gone today and do not know why he was banned........anyone? Anyhow, I answered a call to action.....the two websites obviously are real. And a person from Raw Story actually called me and we did a phone interview although I told her (Mirriam) that I was only helping to get the word out and that I didnt have alot of concrete info to give. The story was written for Raw Story but I was not mentioned in the story.......Im assuming because I didnt have a lot to offer. If I'm wrong about GBT......or have missed something, please let me know? As far as I can see what he's trying to do is legit, although I tend to agree that some of the ideas were a little hardcore and I did express my thoughts about it.

[GeorgeBushyTail is just $10 away from scamming you again.]

ok NOW IM PISSED!!!!!!!!!
WTF?!!! I just read back through the post in question........dammit!
Oh, now I'm thinking back on conversations.........oh the conversations! Good thing Im ALWAYS a skeptic and I let him do the talking!
I don't get it? Do these f*ckers have nothing better to do with their time? This is weird behavior! Ok, well I am done! DONE! I'm not messing around with this bullshit, I have better things to do........goddammit, you just do not know how pissed I am at myself right now!

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My favorite part of the Road Runner cartoons is when the Acme Co. Package explodes in the face of the Coyote...AGAIN!!!]

I'm the journalist who wrote the RawStory piece.
I interviewed him and he seemed legit to me, too. I don't think this was intended as a fraud, more of an "if you build it, they will come" dream that didn't pan out. He e-mailed me privately of his great disappointment and disillusionment shortly before he was tombstoned. I wish him well, and hope he'll eventually find a way to team up his activist spirit with someone who has the physical "legs" to make things happen. At any rate, I've notified my editor of this turn of events and suggested he pull the story. I didn't use your comments because as you've noted, you didn't have additional concrete details, but did confirm that you'd spoken with GBT and tried to spread the word to some Katrina evacuees, though understandably none in your circle had leaped at the "opportunity" to camp out after their ordeal. Your efforts, though, added credibility to the legitimacy of his efforts.

[STOP IT! STOP IT! I am busting my gut laughing at the comedy of errors! STOP! I can hardly breath from all the laughter!!!]

I did receive another email from him just now. An apology for manipulating me. He still sticks with the story that he was indeed trying to get people to actually create this encampment...or to atleast take it to the streets but that his style is perhaps too bold for DU. I am just going to step back from this whole thing and recognize that whatever "it" is, is out of my league. I can admit that....I do a lot for the peace movement, and there are alot of things I am willing to really stick my neck out for. But I am just not into this sort of manipulation. I see what Cindy Sheehan has done for this Country and I truly believe she has come so far because of honesty. It started out that way and it continues that way.
The lack of honesty is what will someday bring George and Co. down. It's only a matter of time. I think GBT's vision is wonderful and given an honest chance and a little more time I do think it could come to fruition, but using people and messing with emotions only serve to confuse and wear people out. A person such as myself who would have been a go getter will step away. That's how it works. I do understand his frustration, I've felt that way many things are not rolling fast enough, but you have to take a deep breath and do the right thing. This was not.

[STOP! STOP! I need to breath from all this laughing! You condemn GeorgeBushyTail for MANIPULATING you and then compliment him for his "wonderful" vision. Are you trying to suffocate us all in laughing fits?]

If this is a joke, hoax, 'performance art', then this guy needs to go far, far away because he wasted good people's time and energy playing around when people are dying. I do hope he's banned. Idiot loser.

[Hey! GeorgeBushyTail exposed all of you for the GULLIBLE fools that you are so can he really be all bad?]

OHHHHHHHH theres so much more!
I answered this guys first post about the idea. In it, he even offered to pay someone for their time if they would spearhead Bushville into action. I answered the post and by the next morning he had my name as Owner of a yahoo group......I just removed my name a few minutes ago and removed my name from the group.He called me several times a day with updates......dammit! I even wasted some minutes on a calling card and called him!When he wanted to overnight money to me and was emailing me frequently about more and more people that wanted to donate I got suspicious and told him not send money! I did not give him my address although with my home number I guess that wouldnt be too hard to get. He wanted me to set up a paypal account LOL!!! I said NO...I told him that I did not want to accept the money he was offering just yet as I was not sure if I would be able to get the idea off the ground, and as far as taking money from anyone else I said no because I am not a non-profit....I think I could get in serious trouble. He was very strange over the phone, and the only way I could explain it to other people...friends here, my mothwer etc. was that it was a very awkward dance. Anyhow I just sent him an email and told him that he should have learned years ago that playing games like this is not the way to get help grom people. BTW....this guy is not a young snot nosed kid.....he's probably in his 50's from the sound of his voice.

[OHHHHHHHH!!! This just keeps getting FUnnier and FUnnier!!!]

Bushville a hoax

[Somewhere deep in the DUmmieland Jungle the slight radiance of a dim lightbulb appears above the tiny head of a DUmmie.]

BUT his hoax got me to go protest at the WH today.. jokes on him!

[The jokes on YOU!!! How much gas money did you waste?]

I got a PM from him too. I couldn't quite put my finger on it
but it didn't sound quite right. For someone who hadn't been around very long to come exploding onto the scene saying that we aren't doing enough by writing our congressman,writing the papers and so forth and that he was leaving if we couldn't do more seemed rather weird. I didn't think disrupter or freeper, I was thinking more like an agitator plant like back in the 60's.I suspect some part of this creepy,secretive administration is watching us.

[Perhaps GeorgeBushyTail is a member of the supersecret Delta Farce.]

dammit this guy has my phone number! Asshole!!! Damn Asshole!
I am so pissed right now! At the same time I have to laugh at myself....

[And WE have to laugh at yourself....]

I went down to the mall.. I couldnt find it...

[I'll give you a hint. The Mall is located somewhere between the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument in the middle acting as a handy marker in case you still can't find it.]

Someone on DU posted that Laura Flanders said on the radio that some protesters had done a Bushville, DC action. It must be true because it’s third-hand gossip, right? I hope it’s true.

[Envision your own third-hand gossip reality.]

24 September is a real event in DC...the real McCoy

[Is September 24 real or is it Memorex?]


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