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DUmmie FUnnies 09-08-05 ("About 200 Katrina survivors in front of the White House NOW!")

Well, now I know what happened to the DUmmie PLAN to politicize the hurricane disaster as chronicled here last Tuesday in the DUFU edition titled, "Apply for Camp Katrina Chief Activist Job - $15/hr. Make history." Apparently one or more DUmmies took advantage of that $15/hr offer to become Katrina Pimps as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled "About 200 Katrina survivors in front of the White House NOW!" Yeah, we are expected to believe that the Katrina survivors, having lost their homes and possessions, are going to make the trip all the way to Washington to engage in Leftist politics. The Mainstream Media might buy into this FRAUD but I urge some DC based bloggers out there to investigate the TRUTH of this matter. Methinks the VAST majority of these Katrina "survivors" were nowhere near that hurricane and are merely DUmmies and/or Leftist agitators. As usual, the DUmmies trying to pass themselves off as victims are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who could more accurately call himself a Katrina survivor for experiencing that hurricane when it was Category 1, is in the [brackets]:

About 200 Katrina survivors in front of the White House NOW!

[For the sake of accuracy, you need to put "Katrina survivors" in quotes since I doubt more than a dozen of that 200 number are REALLY Katrina survivors. Yeah, like real survivors are going to walk away from their shelters and head to Washington to get involved in partisan politics. BTW, I love those fancy printed up signs those "survivors" are holding up in the photo you presented.]

There is a gathering here of hurricane victims testifying to the TV cameras about their difficulty in getting out of New Orleans.Probably about 200 people.There's a lot of mainstream press here and a lot of people with signs that say shame...Now they are walking across the street and standing directly in front of the White House and screaming, "Shame on Bush"."

[Did the $15/hr activists give them those nifty signs or prompt the organized chanting?]

Bush and KKKarl Rove are standing at the WH window and...
...wondering, "How the fu*k did they get there?"

[Actually they are wondering how many $15/hr activists were hired to set up this Leftist street theater.]

On 9/11 survivors of Katrina will commit an act of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience by setting up an illegal camp on the Washington, DC Mall. Bushville, DC will stay there as long as it takes to get answers and change.

[Bushville: Formerly known as Camp Katrina until the Leftist propagandists dropped that name.]

Move on or some other liberal group bussed them in - they will focus on how these aren't really hurricane victims but professional protesters - see the recent talking points about Cindy Sheehan for details.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

I hope a whole helluva lot more of them show up. Get Cindy's group there to join them and campout. Tent City in front of the WH. I'll gladly contribute for food and water, tents, portapotties, whatever.

[A helluva lot more professional leftist agitators will certainly show up but very few REAL Katrina survivors will show up since they have more important things to concern themselves with than the DUmmie Agenda ("Impeach Bush!")]

On 9/11 survivors of Katrina will commit an act of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience by setting up an illegal camp on the Washington, DC Mall. Bushville, DC will stay there as long as it takes to get answers and change.Visit and spread the word.We will camp on Bush's doorstep and make him face us every day until he is driven from power.

["We?" Thanks for giving away your game plan. The "We" you mean are the DUmmies and their Leftist cohorts. Somehow I don't think YOU are a Katrina Survivor. A Katrina Pimp, yes. But survivor, NO.]

We need a Katrina version of Cindy Sheehan.
Camp Katrina, right next to the WH.

[Psst! Check your secret DUmmie Decoder Ring. The name is now Bushville, not Camp Katrina.]

We need to find a survivor who's a good spokesperson to represent them.

[But...but.. I thought you had 200 survivors in front of the White House today. Oops! I forgot! Those were "survivors," not REAL survivors.]

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the WH now.

[You'll have to settle for being a fly on the wall of the Camp Katrina Latrina.]

How come this isn't on mainstream media??
Unbelievable. They intend to bury this for their great God Bush.

[Perhaps because even they can't buy into this "Katrina Survivors" FRAUD. Much too obvious, especially since we have you folks on record as offering $15/hr for organizing this Leftist publicity stunt.]

This is only the beginning too. The victims of Katrina will only start to come out of shock and see what's truly happening, now that they will have access to media.

[The Katrina victims will come out of shock and see that the Leftists and the DUmmies are acting as Katrina Pimps for their own agenda.]

Bush may end up having a police riot, as with MacArthur's (and Patton and Eisenhower) military who used excessive force in rousting the '32 veteran's encampment, and disobeyed Hoover's orders from what I've read.

[Dream on in the Altenate Reality of your Parallel Universe. It is about as real as those "Katrina Survivors" pictured in that photo.]

Are they all white? That's not really the face of the "victims" as I've seen it this week.

[Amazingly not one black face in that photo of "Katrina Survivors."]

But the first picture of a bunch of white, seemingly middle class folks didn't strike me as an accurate picture of 'hurricane victims.'


They need to confirm that these folks are from NOLA
I'm not quite sure how they got to DC. We are supposedly taking in 400 refugees, but I don't think they are here yet.


Kos corrected that there are only 12 surivors amongst them.

[200 Katrina "survivors" now discounted down to a mere dozen. And I bet some quick questioning of those 12 will whittle down the number even more.]


Blogger Icarus said...

Wow .... I actually went to DU and read the whole thread (pardon me while I take a quick shower for an hour or two).

And I just gotta say .... even by DU standards, that thread is frickin' nutty. A couple of the DUmmies tried to inject a little reality, but those people are so amazingly brainwashed they'll believe anything.

Yup. Right. They just survived a hurricane and they're going to Washington .... and of course, no mention at all of state and local officials.

Makes sense. In DUmmieland.

I'm really looking forward to reading the DUmmieFUnnies after this "huge" rally when Bush's approval ratings go up a couple more points :)

God bless the DUmmies for their ignorance. The entertainment really is priceless.

And they are the best recruiting tools the Republicans have ever had!

4:40 PM  
Blogger GeorgeBushytail said...

Thanks for the publicity!

It's all good.

Lot's of hits.

11:20 PM  
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