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DUmmie FUnnies 09-01-05 (HuffingtonPost Bloggers BLAME BUSH For Katrina)

Remember just a few months ago how many predicted that the HuffingtonPost website would equal or surpass the DrudgeReport? Most of it was FALSE advertising on the part of Arianna Huffington because she pretended that real celebs like Warren Beatty would Blog on her site and interact with posters. Instead the HuffingtonPost website turned out to be nothing more than a backwater in the Web noted mostly for crazed Blog postings as we shall see here where Arianna and her gang BLAME BUSH for Hurricane Katrina. And this IDIOCY is spreading. First we saw it, as expected, from the far left DUmmies on the Democrat Underground site. Yes, folks laughed at their insanity but guess what? Now the MSM is picking up on this theme. For the FIRST TIME in history, a sitting president is being blamed for a major NATURAL disaster. It NEVER happened before but such is the HATE of the Left for George Bush that they are willing to pin ANYTHING on him, no matter how absurd. So let us now observe the rantings as you can see in this BLOG titled "The Flyover Presidency of George W. Bush" by Michael Huffington's unsatisfactory former partner, Arianna, in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, blaming President Cleveland for the volcanic eruption at Krakatoa East of Java, is in the [brackets]:

The president's 35-minute Air Force One flyover of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama was the perfect metaphor for his entire presidency: detached, disconnected, and disengaged. Preferring to take in America's suffering -- whether caused by the war in Iraq or Hurricane Katrina -- from a distance. In this case, 2,500 feet.

[Which lasted longer, Arianna? The President's "flyover" or your sham marriage to Michael Huffington?]

Apparently, the president "sat somberly on a couch on the left hand side of the presidential jumbo jet peering out the window" at the catastrophe below, joined at different times by White House staffers including Karl Rove and Scott McClellan.

[You make it sound like the President was just play-acting. Was he play-acting better than you did when you pretended to be happily married?]

McClellan later quoted the president as saying, "It's devastating. It's got to be doubly devastating on the ground." Ya think?? Hey, here's an idea, Mr. President: maybe you should, y'know, get off the plane and see for yourself?

[EARTH TO ARIANNA!!! Airports in that area are CLOSED to jumbo jets landing there. Would you prefer that his plane land atop a flood?]

Instead, he jetted on to Washington for a brisk 9-minute Rose Garden speech designed to let us know that his administration was doing everything in its power to mitigate the looming PR disaster the flooding of New Orleans could create for the White House... Uh, I mean, everything in its power to aid the recovery.

[And I bet if the President had landed at the scene of devastion, the Zsa-Zsa sound-alike would be crybabying that he was grandstanding. See, this is how it works with liberals. Heads, we win. Tails, you lose.]

The speech contained the usual Bush bonhomie (he's "confident" New Orleans "will be back on its feet, and America will be a stronger place for it"). But the most telling moment came when the president discussed the ways his administration was moving to help ease the suffering of profit-soaked oil companies impacted by the storm, pointing out that he had instructed Energy Secretary Sam Bodman to work with refineries to "alleviate any shortage through loans" and that the EPA had waived clean air standards for gasoline and diesel fuels in all 50 states. You could almost see him getting misty.

[As opposed to doing what, Arianna? Punishing the EVIL refineries by taxing them so as to make it HARDER to produce gasoline. Enforcing tougher clean air standards to make gasoline even more expensive? No wonder you LOST to Ahnold in a landslide for governor of California.]

He also unleashed a torrent of facts and figures: "The Department of Transportation has provided more than 400 trucks to move 1,000 truckloads containing 5.4 million Meals Ready to Eat -- or MREs, 13.4 million liters of water, 10,400 tarps, 3.4 million pounds of ice, 144 generators, 20 containers of pre-positioned disaster supplies, 135,000 blankets and 11,000 cots." It was as if by piling so many disparate numbers so high he might be able to block out the two most significant numbers of all: the number of National Guardsmen unable to help out in Louisiana and Mississippi because they are deployed in Iraq, and the tens of millions of hurricane and flood-control dollars that never made it to Lake Pontchartrain because they had been diverted to Iraq.

[Thanx for unleasing a torrent of BS, Arianna in the form of the Leftist talking points about the National Guard being in Iraq and diversion of Lake Pontchartrain flood-control dollars. Funny but I remember a TV movie around the time of the Clinton presidency about New Orleans getting flooded due to a hurricane. Why not complain about nothing being done back then? The scenario was only on national TV so it wasn't unknown.]

The president's Rose Garden speech followed an all-hands-on-deck press briefing earlier in the day featuring Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and as many cabinet members and agency heads could be crammed around a podium, including Bodman of Energy, Mineta of Transportation, Johnson of the EPA, Leavitt of HHS, and McHale of DoD. It had the feel of the old circus bit where clown after clown after clown piles out of the impossibly small car.

[And the best circus bit of all is your Zsa-Zsa impression including both voice and marrying useless wealthy men.]

And, like the president, Chertoff and company came armed with plenty of designed-to-obfuscate numbers. In one head-spinning riff, Chertoff rattled off info on "39 disaster medical assistance teams," "1,700 trailer trucks," "truckloads of water, ice, meals, medical supplies, generators, tents and tarpaulins," as well as the Coast Guard's "three national strike teams" and other "ships, boats and aircraft" that had "worked heroically for the last 48 hours, rescuing and assisting well more than 1,000 people who were in distress." But still no mention of those unavailable Guardsmen or the funds that were taken away from shoring up Lake Pontchartrain and shipped over to Iraq.

[Damn Chertoff for not mentioning absurd Leftist talking points.]

Those are the blood red elephants floating belly-up in the middle of this deadly disaster -- and the reason for the full-court PR press.During his press briefing, Chertoff declared the aftermath of Katrina "an incident of national significance." It's clear from Bush and his team's actions how worried they are that, as the facts come out, it will become "an incident of political significance" as well.

[I have no fear that you and your leftist cohorts will pimp Katrina into an incident of political signicance. And now we hear from another of the Katrina political pimps on Arianna's website in the form of one Jamie Court who came up with this GEM:]

Hurricane Katrina should be a wakeup call to Washington, DC that oil companies maintain insufficient refinery capacity and inventories to serve the American public. If the Prez doesn't come around, Democrats need to remind Bush that just because Big Oil gives him big campaign bucks doesn't mean the companies should be allowed to collect between $3 and $5 per gallon at the pump.

[I guess rationality isn't your strong point, Jamie, since who was it that put restrictions on building more refineries to INCREASE capacity? Why NONE OTHER than your sacred fellow liberals. Of course, withdrawing troops from Iraq is also part of the Leftist agenda as you can see in this phony "ADVICE" from Trey Ellis:]

Dear Mr. President: I'm a lifelong Democrat and you're a Republican on the ropes, but for the good of the country I will give you a little advice. If you do not want to see your already shrinking Presidency disintegrate into political nothingness, you will get every National Guardsman from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama on the first thing smoking out of Baghdad. They joined the Guard with this very sort of catastrophe in mind, not to dodge IEDs in some far-off desert. The righteous white Southerner is all that is left of your base and if you do not bring their boys home on the double I promise you they will join our side, oppose this reckless war, and oppose you.

[Your concern for the President completely underwhelms me, Mr. Ellis. Now let us turn to this absurd STRETCH from Bree Walker who attempts to tie in Hurricane Katrina with the "fact" that we are on the verge of another Great Depresssion.]

While poor people along the Gulf Coast die amid rising flood waters, the rest of our nation's poor are mired in a rising tide not as swift, but surely as devastating in the long run as Hurricane Katrina's brutal splash. The U.S. poverty rate is up again, despite "strong economic growth and low unemployment." The Census Bureau reports 2004 was the fourth consecutive year in which the number of Americans living in poverty rose, now to nearly 37 million, or 12.7% of us. Household income, which reached its peak at $46,128 in 1999, fell again.

[Yeah. Things are so terrible here under the EVIL Republicans that perhaps Bree should enjoy the vibrant economy of North Korea. Their Beloved Leader, Kim Il Nuts, will enjoy her tales of American woe. Yes, as you can see the Katrina political pimps are out in force but perhaps none has gone to the absurd length of whoring their political ideology on the back of a tragedy as did Deanne Stillman with her dopey ALLUSION to A Streetcar Name Desire.]

New Orleans is the mythical city where Blanche duBois lives forever, relying on the kindness of strangers. No such kindness has been accorded the citizens of NOLA - the poorest urban area in the US - in a very long time. People keep saying that the tide is turning against Bush. Perhaps this flood is that literal tide and our very own Stanley Kowalsky - who tells us to go shopping when we're under attack and send cash when a hyperdeveloped coast is gasping for air - will soon find himself all alone on the world's stage, screaming for Stella, as we finally turn our backs on the big, handsome brute from Texas who is destroying our home.

[So did you come up with that political Katrina pimping idea while walking down Canal Street?]


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