Tuesday, August 30, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 08-30-05 ("Hurricane Katrina proves that Bush must be IMPEACHED, and NOW")

The DUmmies NEVER fail to entertain. In their last Katrina thread, the DUmmies were defending the looters. Now they have gone completely OFF THE WALL with this self-explanatory THREAD titled, "Hurricane Katrina proves that Bush must be IMPEACHED, and NOW." Yes, I can just picture the impeachment proceedings. The same Democrats who loudly proclaimed that perjury is NOT grounds for impeachment will now put forth the proposition that failure to prevent a hurricane is an impeachable offense. Therefore, in the future, every president who happens to be an EVIL Republican will fear the appearance of tropical depressions in the Atlantic since some of them grow into hurricanes thus providing grounds for their impeachment. So let us analzye the Mental Front blowing out of DUmmieland in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who sat out Impeachable Offense Katrina, sipping white rum, is in the [brackets]:

Hurricane Katrina proves that Bush must be IMPEACHED, and NOW

[Bring on Barney Frank to make the case for impeachment! He's an expert on blowing winds.]

Just watch the FReepers howl: "Do the DUmmies think Bush can prevent hurricanes? Will they claim he LIHOP'ed Katrina like they claim he LIHOP'ed 9/11?"

[No. The Freepers will claim that Bush MIHOPed Katrina and watched the Storm Coverage at the local IHOP.]

No President can prevent a hurricane, but a competent President can prepare for the inevitable so that, when a natural disaster occurs, he can direct government relief agencies to respond accordingly. George W. Bush has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is unfit to sit in the Oval Office.

[Bush should have sent relief trucks filled with food into the path of Katrina so all the chow could have been ruined by the flood waters.]

Because he is so obsessed with plundering Iraq on the behalf of Halliburton, Monsanto, and all the rest, the National Guardsmen who would have been on hand to help their fellow Louisianians are located half a globe away. So is their high-water equipment, which would be better served in the streets of New Orleans than in the damaged marshes of southern Iraq.

[Funny. I thought that the problem with the marshes in Iraq is that they LACK water due to drainage by Saddam to punish the Marsh Arabs. Of course, only EVIL Republicans purposely destroy the environment so perhaps there is some other explanation.]

Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi are hurting. Badly. And where is Bush now that the red states need him?

[Bush is having a grand time golfing with his Halliburton and Exxon buddies...at least in DUmmie Mythology.]

See? Thought so. Impeach this Coca-Cola cowboy now.

[The impeachment proceedings will take place at the DUmmie Sanitarium. And now let us hear the other DUmmies chime in on the heels of the comedy act of DUmmie derby378.]

In total agreement, derby. In fact,
I was all for this action years ago!

[A soothsayer predicted the arrival of Katrina in 2003. Grounds for impeachment a couple of years ago.]

Puts the "War on Terror" in prospective, doesn't it?
While we are chasing non-existant boogeymen in the ME (fattening the profits of the War Profiteers and Big Oil), we are in a much weaker position to deal with the true Terror - a natural disaster like Katrina. When will the idiots wake up and see this? A single storm of Katrina's size is more destruction by several orders of magnitude than a band of terrorists could ever hope to wreck on this country. If this doesn't underscore the conceptual ridiculousness of the WOT, nothing will.

[I'm surprised we don't greet Al Qaeda terrorists with comfy mats upon their arrival in the USA.]

He was golfing as Katrina was touching down...
is this compassionate conservativism?? Attempting to make par while New Orleans floods??

[Or maybe, given the path of Katrina, he was only gulfing.]

Golfing, eating cake, strumming a guitar.
I guess he was having fun on vacation.

[Playing Scrabble, whistling, web surfing, munching on Famous Amos, and performing a sacred Hopi Indian chant.]

That's the thing
I, as just an unknown person out there, have been glued to the coverage and worried about those people out there. I can barely even get away from it for a few hours, so it's unfathomable to believe the president can just give it a 5 minute spot and 'go on with his life'. Sickening.

[It appears to me that rather than being glued to the coverage, you became UNGLUED years ago.]

For GOD'S SAKE! The hurricane hit RED STATES. I wonder how the Bush voters in them feel about his indifference?

[Bush personally didn't canoe to the flooded homes in the middle of the storm. RECKLESS INDIFFERENCE!!!]

All LIHOP/MIHOP all the time. He must stand trial in the Hague.

[All MENTAL/INSANE all the time.]

The nation is sick, diseased. It's leader is sick, diseased, and so the nation has become sickened and diseased. Sickened by denial of fundamental reality; strangled by secrecy and mass dysfunction on every level. The massacre of its environment, resources, it's very fundamental unity. Because the leader is sickened, diseased, the soul of the nation is sickened and diseased, starved by lies and dying because of a lost war a world away that is based on lies.
The nation has become sickened, diseased.

[Thus spaketh a sickened, diseased mind.]

He COULD have prevented the hurricane
Not all hurricanes, of course, but at least some of them... and lessened the impact of those that did happen. Much of the action that occurs in the Atlantic during hurricane season is Bush's fault. If he'd paid attention to the environment at all, there would be about 50% less hurricane activity in the Atlantic. And if he paid more attention to the Gulf Coast, New Orleans wouldn't be sinking at the rate of 3 feet a century. If Bush had any ability to lead in his head, he'd have had New Orleans shored up long ago.

[If Al Gore were president, he could have prevented Hurricane Katrina.]


Blogger George Berryman said...

There were some insanely asinine comments from the left at Harry Shearer's blog as well.


It'd be funny if it weren't so damn sad and scary.

3:36 AM  
Blogger SOTG said...

I SO want to physically strike some of these meatheads.

5:55 AM  
Blogger Laishly said...

These fruit cakes are completely incredible! They are SICK!! How is it possible to be so out of touch with reality and still function in day-to-day life? Maybe they don't. It would be interesting to know about their personal backgrounds.

With this mindset, I can see them adopting the tactic of blaming the volunteer army as the enemy that makes the war possible.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Icarus said...

Even for the always loony and ever amusing DUmmies, this thread takes the cake.


Truly hilarious. These comments are so painfully stupid, I'm seriously starting to wonder if all of DU has actually been taken over by Republicans who are just mocking them.

They weren't REALLY serious, were they? Seriously? They actually BELIEVE this stuff?

Too funny!

Yet again, I'll repeat the mantra: just let the liberals talk!

As long as people see them for what they are, no one will ever elect them.

Keep talkin', DUmmies. You're awesome!

8:27 AM  
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