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DUmmie FUnnies 08-16-05 ("I think the tipping point has been reached")

If you have ever wondered why the DUmmies continually act like Charlie Brown attempting to kick the football that Lucy inevitably pulls away, this THREAD titled, “I think the tipping point has been reached” gives the explanation as to why they won’t quit trying. They think that THIS TIME is when Lucy won’t yank away the football. THIS TIME the Acme Co. package WON’T blow up in the DUmmie Coyote’s face. And when they go flying into the air AGAIN and hear the Road Runner go “BEEP! BEEP” into the distance, why will dust themselves off AGAIN in the belief that the very next time will prove to be that oh so elusive tipping point. As usual, the DUmmie aspirations are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, kicking up a bit of Road Runner dust, is in the [brackets]:

I think the tipping point has been reached.

[I thought that was back on June 16, the Day When Everything Finally Changed.]

You can sense it at parties, on the street, in the stores and in the general mood of th the public. I have heard, "Did you see the profit that Exxon is pulling down?" during discussions of gas prices. I have heard numerous Bush supporters, including a friend I have been unable to budge for years, say they're fed up with the war and the economy and the lies and the scandals. I am hearing much concern that Iran will be next with no one but no one voicing approval. I'm even hearing jokes about the ever-vacationing president.

[You forgot to include the standard DUmmie “observation” about how some Republican aunt or uncle is finally coming around to thinking about opposing Bush.]

The tide is turning. You can feel it.

[And you felt it on June 16, November 1, and the evening CBS broadcast the letters about Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service. Please copy your “tide is turning” statement above and paste it into notepad for the many times you will use it in the future.]

You can definietly feel it. It's a lot different then before when people said it. The tied was turning but now there's a different sense and everything.

[All those other times, such as June 16 the Day When Everything Finally Changed were different. This time really really is the Day When Everything Finally Changed. However, just in case, I am copying and pasting this reply into my notepad in case I need to use it AGAIN.]

I can feel it! Smell it in the wind!

[Feel it! Smell it! Essence of The Day When Everything Finally Changed. Now available at your local perfume shop.]

Yawn. Heard it all before, I'm afraid. I'll believe it when I see it. Right now the smart money is on further gains by the Repukes in 06 followed by another repuke in OUR White House in 08, if dumbya doesn't find a way to cancel elections altogether. I'll wait for proof the day after the elections before believing "this is it" ever again. Sorry to burst your bubble.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

gas prices and war converge to snap us out of our hypnosis

[But, but, DUmmie mopaul. How could oil prices be going up if this war was about oil as you have often claimed?]

ExxonMobil, the biggest American oil company is small potatoes compared to the top 12 state-owned oil producers. Saudi Arabian Oil Company BY ITSELF control about 10 times as much oil as ExxonMobile. In terms of production, ExxonMobil actually looks better. They appear to be able to produce oil more efficiently than many state run oil companies. But it still amounts to about 2% of world oil production.


Ain't it funny how post 9-11 "Islamic" terrorist attacks only happen in Western nations when it's politically expedient for the government at the time?

[LIHOP. But don’t use that term out loud in DUmmieland since Skinner, in a weird attempt to mainstream his forum, has banned posting it.]

I've always noticed that in September...people seem to be more receptive to political messages (whether positive or negative)... perhaps because it is after a long holiday, and people are starting back to school or otherwise getting more serious about their work. And there's more eyes on tv... with the new tv season starting.

[Didn’t See-BS broadcast the phony Bush Texas Air National Guard letters last September? I remember a huge amount of gloat that day in DUmmieland…until a LOUSY FREEPER finally set the record straight.]

of course you're right, even my mom said it's coming soon

[The Apocalypse?]

I think that whatever the bastards cook up next is going to make 9-11 look like child's play.

[LIHOP on steroids. Or is it MIHOP on steroids?]

Nuclear, biological, or chemical. That would be pretext enough to declare martial law, and if that happens, do you really think that there are going to be enough pissed off people to march on Washington with weapons and take back the country?

[Yeah. Bush will sprinkle the country with nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons to boost his poll numbers. This is a rational premise...but ONLY in DUmmieland.]

Well, I plan to openly oppose the Pres and call for his...resignation if another 9/11 occurs. I won't care about my own life at that point. The nation will matter far more.

[DUmmie stevietheman acting like Mr. Bravery despite the fact that there is absolutely NO risk involved.]

The next 911-type activity will be used for one purpose and one purpose only. To declare martial law so that the mission will be accomplished and the coup will be complete. When it is over, there will not be a country known as the United States anymore. At least not one we will recognize.
I think that men in power (military and CIA) are aware of what is going on and hopefully they will try to stop it. God (if you believe in him) help us all if they can't.

[Your butterfly net is in the mail.]

Every drop in poll numbers makes me cringe as that time gets closer with those drops. The traitors and criminals are in WAY to deep to ever allow themselves to be out of power. Think Jimmy Cagney type gangester characters: You'll never take me alive, Copper! Only the junta spends the lives of others and doesn't have any qualms about doing so.

[You’ll never take me alive, DUmmie!]

CALL the media (T.V. RADIO, NEWSPAPERS) AND MOST OF ALL, CALL THE CONGRESS - JAM THE PHONE LINES, and say you hope these stories circulating about why General Byrnes was really fired, and the Aug. 17, Aug. 22, etc. nuke 'drills' are not true, but that the American people will NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN - like we were on 9/11.
TELL THEM THAT WE WILL KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT, THAT IF WE ARE NUKED HERE ON OUR SOIL, THAT IT WILL BE A GOVERNMENT INSIDE JOB, JUST LIKE 9/11 WAS !! This is the ONLY way they can pull off bombing Iran, and starting a NEW WAR without Congressional approval.. THe stage is being set for this to happen. G.W.'s words reveal his intentions . For God's sake, let's DO SOMETHING THIS WEEK TO RAISE AWARENESS !
Any other ideas ?

[Yeah. I have an idea. Please include your home address in all those messages to the media warning them of the Operation Chicken Little attack about the Falling Sky so the men in the white coats know where to go to pick you up.]

We need to compile all evidence for this in one spot. If we want this theory to be easily explainable by those who would contact the media, we need to have all the backup material.

[You can compile all the evidence for this in the Happy Farms Asylum guest registry.]

Quite frankly...This is a bit much
Nuking South Carolina? I highly doubt it--Why would bushco nuke a red state?

[Nuking South Carolina? Been there. Done that. It already happened about 20 years ago on a TV show. And now I know one of the sources that inspires DUmmie paranoia.]

I don't know/I am a MIHOPer but even I can't easily embrace this. Hopefully I'm right! But to clarify I am certainly not saying anyone with a differing opinion from mine on this topic is nuts--NOTHING would shock me about this group of murdering thieves at this point.

[I’m an IHOPer and nothing would shock me about the nuttiness of the DUmmies at this point.]

The sheeple are too stupid to make intelligent decisions. 2004 should have been a calkwalk for the dems, but the sheeple would have nothing of it - too many of them made it possible to be stolen - again, if not outright elected that time.

[Stupid STUPID people. Why oh why do they keep voting for Republicans when the Bolshevik Democrats are such a great alternative?]

Causes me to reflect that Bush has eased off on the fear pedal since the election, and people are now probably a bit more relaxed. This would allow him to ramp up the fear machine nicely just in time for the 2006 elections, without putting people past the tipping point.

[Bush Fear Machine---The hottest video game since Grand Theft Ohio.]

I sense a sea change, and I don't think it is going to subside. People are waking up, and the only thing that will distract them at this point is lower gas prices and a decrease in fatalities in the sandbox and Afghanistan...and those greedy pigs are not gonna make that happen! Blood for oil, and when you get the oil, keep the profits at the max. I continue to hope, and fight, and work for change--we gotta. It's either that or leave, or curl up and die. Not quite yet....

[Is that you, Helen Thomas?]


Blogger FlaK said...

[I’m an IHOPer and nothing would shock me about the nuttiness of the DUmmies at this point.]

But what if IHOP stopped serving *gasp* Butter Peacan syrup!? The nuttiness might get worse!

3:48 PM  
Blogger free_kodos said...

I love how the DUmmies will talk about how stupid normal people are and then flub up and demonstrate their own stupidity:

"The sheeple are too stupid to make intelligent decisions. 2004 should have been a calkwalk for the dems..."

Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is a "calkwalk"?

6:31 PM  

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