Monday, June 27, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-27-05 ("How many of us here take antidepressants?")

A couple of weeks ago we had a great deal of fun in the DUFU edition titled, What meds do you take? and today we go back to the same FUnnie territory in this THREAD titled, “How many of us here take antidepressants?” Especially since the November election I am sure the DUmmies are taking antidepressants in copious quantities. In fact, I think they probably just swallowed down whole bottles of antidepressants on Election Night after they found out that Kerry did NOT win despite their early victory celebrations when the exit polls came out. So sit back, pop your Prozac, and relax to the entertaining posts of DUmmies endeavoring to control their depressing demeanors in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, consulting a pharmacology dictionary in order to understand the many, many drug references, is in the [brackets]:

How many of us here take antidepressants?

[About 75% of all DUmmies are taking strong antidepressants and the other 25% are LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!]

Coming from a family with a strong history of mental health issues like OCD, Alcoholism, and manic depression, a state that has just cut mental health by $36 million, and nation of "mental health experts" like Tom Cruise, I wondered how many of us here are currently taking antidepressants or have family members that have been helped by these drugs? I have taken Paxil for 2 years and doubt I will ever go off the drug. Does that mean I am weak??

[It means you are a TYPICAL DUmmie.]

Effexor here. first i was on paxil but it made me too zombie-like. have been on effexor for about 4.5 years. and we are not weak. i just didn't want to feel that way anymore and decided to do something about it.

[Effexor. Hey, that sounds like a great DUmmie screen name!]

Effexor here, too. Paxil made me hear voices in my head (not the usual ones ) and made me feel very paranoid and think that I was being stalked, but Effexor XR has worked like a charm for me for the last year. No side effects except a little stomach queasiness for the first couple of weeks.

[And I know what those voices said: “Bush won! Bush won!” Yes, you had to take massive doses of Effexor to get rid of those horrible voices.]

You should hear what the voices in my head are calling you

[“DUmmie fool! DUmmie fool!”]

I Would Call You Strong. Weak would be not admitting there is a problem or thinking medicine is wrong. Strength comes with facing reality. I am a big advocate of "legal" drugs. If you were a diabetic, you would not hesitate to take your medicine; if you had high blood pressure, you would not hesitate to take your medicine; the same goes for cholesterol. Our mental health is just as important.

[All those antidepressants you are taking… DOUBLE the dosage!]

Manic here on Trazadone because everything else makes me to HYPER!!

[What gets you into the Depressive mood? Trazadont?]

I too have a family history of depression. I was diagnosed with a anxiety disorder that bordered on depression (I used to get panic attacks). I've been taking a very low dose of cilexa (sp?) for the past couple of years.

[I bet you swallowed a whole bottle of that stuff on Election Night.]

no stigma here! tom cruise can kiss my lily white ass!

[There would only be a chance for that to happen if you have a litly white MALE ass.]

prozac here, with no apologies. i spent years working out, meditating, eating perfectly, counseling, etc. etc. etc. always on the verge of suicide. i say praise prozac.

[Remember the suicide hotline number: 1-800-BUSH-WON]

Same here, although I am now taking the generic version of fluoxetine (Brand name: Prozac) as I don't have insurance and it is much cheaper. I have tried everything and it's the only thing that has saved me from going over the edge.

[I hate to be the one to tell you this but it DIDN’T work.]

I changed because Paxil affected me like electricty.. I would sudden what seemed like electrical sparks just sitting there.

[Maybe all you need is to spray yourself down with Static Guard.]

Meds at our house. And most of us know someone who has benefited from psych drugs if we aren't on them ourselves. Leave it to an ignorant @ss like Tom Cruise to put down one of the most beneficial technologies of the 20th century.

[I’m thinking that Tom Cruise was on some sort of powerful meds when he was hopping around like an idiot on Oprah’s couch.]

doc friend told me every professor at University was on meds.

[Finally. A DUmmie post that makes sense.]

I am on Strattera. It has its benefits, including some minor antidepressant functions (I'm not eating bags of potato chips daily any more)...

[So if I want to beat my potato chips addiction, I need to get addicted to Strattera?]

One other thing about Physic meds is though...For myself, it has helped my self esteem immensely. I used to have a real problem with that, but since I have been on anti depressants, it has boosted my saritonin levels to the point that I am on top of the world.

[So was Jimmy Cagney at the end of White Heat. “Hey Ma! TOP OF THE WORLD!!!”]

I'm glad these drugs are available to my husband, even though he's not a killer or a rapist, because his untreated brain has nasty side effects.

[We know, DUmmie sfexpat2000. We know.]

Cymbalta, Provigil and Lamictal. Provigil is an upper and Lamictal is a mood stabilizer.

[And Cymbalta stems the flow of your rabid drooling.]

I just switched from Prozac to Alexapro. I had been on Prozac for 11 years. I don't think i'd survive without one antidepressant or another.

[Try a Lithium cocktail for a nightcap.]

Too poor to get the right meds, have to self medicate which is not good at all

[Self medicate? Does that mean you have to knock yourself out with a rubber mallet?]

Maybe dems win it next time and someone will have the guts to get national health insurance passed. I know that untreated bipolar people are very destructive in a relationship. Hope he's a mild case. Don't give up.

[More likely the dems will LOSE next time and you will all have to TRIPLE your dosage of whatever it is you are taking now.]

Marijuana here. F*ck the Bush Administrations stance on it; I am still gonna smoke it in the privacy of my own home for medicinal uses.

[Puff the Magic DUmmie, Down by the Sea!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Savage is right. Liberalism obviously is a mental disorder. My goodness! I think my favorite is the last one--marijuana, for, "medicinal," purposes. I suppose he has glaucoma? Right!

12:58 AM  
Blogger Mongrul said...

I had to drink copious amounts of Canadian Club to make it through the post without exploding from laughter. I feel their pain……

12:13 AM  
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