Tuesday, June 21, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-21-05 ("Durbin Caves")

Oh how the mighty have fallen. A few days ago the DUmmies were in ecstasy because Senator Dick DUrbin wouldn’t apologize for his idiotic remarks comparing the pampered treatment of the terrorist Gitmo detainees to prisoners of the Nazis and Soviets. However, much to their great anguish, Durbin has offered a sort of apology for his stupidity a few hours ago. It wasn’t much of an apology but it was enough to set off extreme DUmmie rage at their former hero, DUrbin, as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Durbin Caves.” As usual the DUmmie frustration as they rage against the reality of their own impotence is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, chuckling at the YET ANOTHER DUmmie Disaster, is in the [brackets]:

Durbin Caves--Repukies say it's only the beginning

[Yes, it’s only the BEGINNING of MANY DUmmie frustrations to come.]

on lou dobbs--they showed dick's apology on the Senate floor. the reporter said something like the repubs are now going to go after nancy pelosi and howard dean. thanks for setting such a good precedent. we stuck up for what you said, dick. we emailed & letter wrote in your defense.

[SNIFF! DUrbin has now been relegated to the DUmmie DUstbin.]

Why did he cave? What possible excuse could he have given? He had the truth on his side. DAMN!

[Only in the DUmmieland Dimension could comparing the treatment of the air conditioned Gitmo detainees to the prisoners of the Nazis or Soviets be considered to be the truth.]

There was and is no reason for us to apologize...for anything. The Republicans plan is to do ANYTHING, to cry victim over EVERYTHING, and tell the truth about NOTHING, to keep people distracted and misinformed. Dean, please, PUNCH THESE BASTARDS OUT!

[Stand by! Your rabies shot is on the way!]

I apologize that our government condones torture

[Is that you, Dick DUrbin?]

Anyone in Illinois want to run for Durbin's seat? Find a good candidate and I'll help you raise money. At some point we have to face reality and accept that some of our Dem leaders are beyond rehabilitation and need to be replaced. Wishing and hoping they'll eventually see the light of day isn't going to happen.

[Maybe you should send some of those suspect Democrats to Re-education Camps.]

He has no fight, no will, no courage. Issues are great, but only if you have the will to make them happen. If Durbin can't fight or learn to outmaneuver the GOP, what good is his stand on the issues?

[DUrbin is always good for laughs.]

You Want To Replace Durbin? DU'ers Officially Makes Me Sick. Never thought I'd see the day that this place and the people posting here would sink this low.

[Actually the DUmmies sink that low on a daily basis.]

Dean has already said he's going to be in the GOP's Face and call them on their bogus crap.

[Which reminds me. What are Dean’s visiting hours over at Happy Farms?]

Let's hope that no other dems will use nazi references in their speeches

[Yes. Let’s hope MORE Democrat careers are destroyed.]

When you apologize, you show them signs of weakness and they attack again and again and again.

[It sounds like you need an attack of sanity.]

hell.....why even have a party? we need another way to get screwed

[Then spend an enchanting evening with Barney Frank.]


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