Tuesday, June 21, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-21-05 ("Don't let them take the Hitler away from us!")

Senator Dick DUrbin has caught a lot of flack for his silly comparison of the well fed Gitmo terrorist detainees to the prisoners of the Nazis and the Soviets. The general consensus is that it is ALWAYS foolhardy to make comparisons of today’s America to the Nazi regime. Well, let me amend that to saying this is the general consensus everywhere EXCEPT in that asylum known as DUmmieland. In fact, the DUmmies seem to act like they have a proprietary interest in keeping the ability to make such absurd comparisons as can be seen in this THREAD titled, “Don't let them take the Hitler away from us!” It sounds like the DUmmies want copyright protection for using the Hitler comparisons. As usual the bizarre DUmmie comparisons are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, assuring the DUmmies that they can keep “the Hitler,” is in the [brackets]:

Don't let them take the Hitler away from us!

[Okay! Okay! And you can keep the Stalin and the Pol Pot if it makes you feel better.]

Think about it this way. I say ALL Hitler comparisons are valid. Hitler is the quintessential example that is seared into our memories of the insane corrupt power of totalitarianism. It represents the ultimate evil - deception of good intentions. Thus Hitler comparisons are an essential comparison. All it says is "let us not get on that hill of ice again".

[FUnnie but the one who fell down the slippery slope was Dick DUrbin for his dopey comparison of the air conditioned Gitmo detainees to the prisoners of the Nazis.]

If, as has been suggested on The Daily Show and Lou Dobbs, Hitler comparisons are out of order, then it disables the most powerful and obvious comparison.

[I’m all for DUrbin and DUmmies continuing to make fools of themselves.]

The victims of the Holocaust and those who fought totalitarian power have earned the right to reference Hilterm a right that is being lost because it has been distorted by the retort that nothing could be as bad as Hitler - "it's not as bad as the Holocaust". Well, the fact that is shrouded is that it was a slow but steady march into fascism. Hitler wasn't as bad as Hitler when he started. We as their progeny have inherited the DUTY of making comparisons to Hilter where ever we see them.

[Ah yes! Before the Bad Hitler there was the Better Hitler according to the DUmmies which they use to justify DUrbinizing themselves.]

As soon as they take away our abaility to associate with that memory, it enables them to repeat it.

[Perhaps you should copyright “the Hitler” and charge royalty payments from all those who make Dopey DUrbin type comparisons.]

So, no, I say this frog will remain ready to jump if the temperature increases only slightly. We need to respect the slope before we start the slipping.

[I say that frog needs to respect the temperature of the pot he is stewing in.]

Our situation now is comparable in many ways to Germany in the mid to late 30's. We need to recognize our situation for what it is, and prevent it from getting worse.

[Is that you, Dick DUrbin?]

I agree. Hitler should remind us that it can happen ANYWHERE. Germany was a nation which ELECTED its public servants, It was an EDUCATED nation, A WORLD LEADER in SCIENCE and INDUSTRY...And look what happened there. All it takes is some fear-mongering, a crappy economy, and a "leader" without a consciense. Oh yeah, and FLAGS. Lots of flags!

[Oh, yeah and FLAGS. I shudder in fear of the impending fascism every time I drive past a car lot.]

The Hitler stuff is not only valid but its true. The USA is occupied by the Nazis..you can callem busheviks ,BFEE,neo-cons, traitors BUT its a nazi occupation and all the insiders like Dobbs know it.!!

[It sounds like your body is occupied by the meds.]

It's the old duck thing. If it waddles like a duck and it quacks like a duck...etc. Loyality oaths. Fascism wrapped snugly in the flag. Snipping away our rights. Forcing their morality down our throat. If there is just a sliver of justification for comparison, then we ought to do just what we are doing, speaking up. We're stopping evil before it gets to the point that it did back then.

[And in your case it is the old Daffy Duck thing.]

I believe he is as bad a president as we have ever had, and I believe his contempt for working Americans (including our military folk) is both infinitely malicious and probably without precedent. But a more historically apt analogy is to some of our own (incipiently fascist) political bosses -- especially those who, in servitude to the ever-expanding greed of monopolist overlords, played off one minority against another in the interest of maximizing oppression and exploitation (just as Bush plays off Dominionist/Fundamentalist Christians against women and gays). And fascism does not inevitably a Hitler make. Think not Hitler but George Wallace, Bull Connor or even Robert K. Shelton -- the third name that of the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan during the Civil Rights Movement years, the aptness of the comparison growing from the fact Bush and his followers are surely as hateful to gays as Shelton and his night-riders were to blacks.

[Don’t let them take the Shelton away from us!]


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