Friday, June 17, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-17-05 ("DUrbin is NOT APOLOGIZING!!!!")

Once again it looks like the Democrats are well on their way to committing political suicide. This time the self-inflicted wound has been performed by Senator Dick DUrbin of Illinois who has accused the USA of severe mistreatment of the poor Guantanamo prisoners and then compared such “torture” to that practiced by the Nazis or the Soviets in their Gulags. Yes, pity the poor Gitmo prisoners freezing in 68 degree air conditioning and being stuffed with primo food. If prisoners of the Nazis or the Soviets “suffered” such treatment for just 10 minutes they would have thought they went to heaven. Of course the biggest cheerleaders of DUrbin are none other than the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD titled, “DUrbin is NOT APOLOGIZING!!!!” So let us now watch the DUmmies sink the Democrats in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, shocked at the Rice Pilaf torture of the Gitmo prisoners, is in the [brackets]:

DUrbin is NOT APOLOGIZING!!!! He is ripping them up, call to thank him

[Thank you Senator DUrbin for ensuring that the Democrats will be losing plenty of seats in the next election thanks to your absurd comments.]

Oh man, it great, putting the FBI Document in context, talking about the torture and how it was approved by this adminstration.

[“Please stop torturing me with having to make a choice between eating glazed chicken or sirloin steak!”]

He is not going to take back calling them NAZIs!! WOO HOO!

[WOO! HOO! Kiss any chance of Democrats gaining seats in 2006 goodbye!]

He's gonna get a lot of angry calls from freepers, they make sure to let their asshole voices be known, call Durbin to counter that shit, let him know that you like what he is saying, you approve and that you support him.

[Thank you, Senator DUrbin for making your fellow Democrats unelectable!]

Yay Dems with balls! I f*cking love it!!!

[Those Dems with balls will soon be bouncing off padded cell walls.]

This guy's got George Galloway in him!!!!

[Plus a touch of Dr. Kevorkian in him for administering assisted suicide to the Democrats.]

Durbin is being a man. Good for him!!! Other DEMs take note of DUrbin: No apologies, no surrender- the Base DEMANDS no less.

[No sanity- the Base DEMANDS no less.]

The Dems are getting some spine at last and learning that you must NEVER apologize to Neocons, or acknowledge their rhetoric and lies!!
No apologies from Dean!! And now none from Durbin!

[Dean and DUrbin. Two Democrat peas in a padded cell pod.]

framed NO MORE!! we gotta take it to 'em every time. DUNK! SWISH!

[FLUSH! (Sound of the Democrat Party future.)]

Dick Durbin is a real man and a real Democrat. I'm so proud he represents me and my family in the Senate.

[Dick DUrbin---the DUmmie senator.]

Hope that we can counteract the freeps.

[DUrbin needs no help to sink himself.]

As a daughter of a Holocaust Survivor and a trained historian, I know this camp is not unlike Bergen Belsen.

[Yeah. It’s a known historical fact that the Bergen Belsen prisoners were tortured with 68 degree air conditioning during the summer and forced to eat large helpings of rice pilaf and glazed chicken.]

Obama could learn a thing or two from Durbin

[How to commit political hari kari.]

I'm so proud of Sen Durbin. Damn, I'm proud of him!

[I’m so proud he smeared the USA!]

When it comes to the official imprimatur on torture, there is undisputed evidence that Rumsfeld and AG Gonzales authorized it!

[It’s horrible. Rumsfeld and Gonzales authorized the horrific ban on prisoner backrubs in Gitmo.]

Durbin has completely pulled the rug out!!!

[…from under his own feet.]


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