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DUmmie FUnnies 05-02-05 ("The right punishment for the Bush Mob after exposure?")

The DUmmies NEVER disappoint in the Moon Bat department as this THREAD titled, “The right punishment for the Bush Mob after exposure?” reveals. There is not a chance in hell of a Bush impeachment yet the DUmmie Moon Bats are already arguing what type of punishment should be given to Bush after he is forcibly removed from office. Yeah, this will surely happen BUT only in the DUmmie Alternate Reality. Meanwhile it must really suck bigtime for DUmmies to be living in the REAL reality where nothing is going right for the DUmmies. Worst of all, is the fact that these ardent DUmmies, burning for revenge, are being consistently MOCKED on a certain popular Blog featuring a cigar-smoking beaver. As usual, the alternate reality rantings of the DUmmies are in Bolshevik Red while the real reality commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

The right punishment for the Bush Mob after exposure?

[Make them read insane DUmmie rantings over and over and over again.]

Recovering our history is more important than simple punishment.

[Isn’t that a quote from “Deep Sea Detectives?” But continue with your entertaining wackiness, DUmmie JackRiddler…]

The men who plundered the nation - twice, once in the 1980s, then again after the 2000 coup - the men who stole the elections of 1980, 2000 and 2004 - the men who thought up the two-war budget and Starwars and PNAC and engineered 9/11 and brought war to so many countries so that they and their clients could profit - the men of Enron and Halliburton and Carlyle - the creators of Bin Ladin and the War On Terror - the destroyers of the American dream and the American dollar - the true kingpins of the crack and heroine trades... are not geniuses. They are sick and fearful little animals.

[Engineered 9/11? So I guess that puts you into the MIHOP ward? Continue…]

When it all breaks apart, when the time comes for their punishment... I don't want to see them hanged... or abused... or mistreated.

[How humanitarian of you, DUmmie JackRiddler. Continue speaking from your couch. The shrink IS listening and taking notes…]

It's not (just) about being better than them. It's about getting the truth. They should be sequestered on an island.

[And considering your bizarre fantasies, that island should be Fantasy Island.]

Treatment and priveleges will be based on how well they recall and recount their crimes. The more they talk, and the more what they say can be confirmed as true, the better their treatment.

[“Okay, George. You can have some cheese on your crackers but ONLY if you tell us how you poured arsenic into the nation’s well water.” And speaking of treatment, DUmmie JackRiddler, the helicopter is standing by to medicvac you to the nearest ward for your Lithium treatements.]

We don't need them in a conventional jail. We need them as museum exhibits. They are a resource for the true history of the United States in the 20th and 21st century. The American people need an education about what was really going on more than they will ever need retribution.

[So I guess the big question is whether to incarcerate them at the Museum of Science or Epcot Center. And where is your exhibit, DUmmie JackRiddler? The Freak Show section of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not? Unless people see you ranting, they just won’t believe the nuttiness you spew.]

So I vote for the Napoleon Solution: Bush & Co. to St. Helena's!

[And for you DUmmie JackRiddler, I vote the Bird Cage solution. Put you on public display in a bird cage so people can laugh at your insane visions from the alternate reality.]

What I want is for them to be impeached in shame and all of them put in jail for their lives. All the way from Bush to Rice. I want John Kerry to prosecute them too.

[And to all the DUmmies who complain about insane quotes being quoted as if it represents the majority, DUmmie FreedomAngel82 just chimed in with that nugget whose theme I am sure will be repeated en masse by the DUmmie chorus.]

This Can Be Their New Home: The UN Prison at the Palace of Peace in the Hague. Home of convicted war criminals. pResidential pardons not accepted.

[Welcome to your new home, DUmmie AndyTiedye: The Happy Hague Palace of Fun, home of Moon Bat DUmmies. Sanity certificates NOT issued.]

I want...all of their assets to be liquidated and used to establish a universal health care system in America.

[The assets of Bush and Cheney aren’t even enough to cover one day’s worth of DUmmie meds.]

They must be impeached first...And then after, Bush and his order of the radicals must face prison and community service time.

[Make them wheel DUmmies to their wards. YEAH!]

yes, I want them caged and toured across the country & world a small fee to view them and a tad more if you want to bitch slap them, pinch them, or give them wedgies. This should raise enough money to repay our country and begin to repay Iraq. Saddam can join them on the tour. He can be hit with a shoe for a buck.

[You left out noogies. How about charging two bits for a noogie? The money raised can be used to help fund the Progressive Democrats of America.]

Three Words: International Criminal Court

[Three Words: Seek Help Now!]

Chuck Hagel and other big time GOP riders are turning against them....This is not a good time for them...Don't be afraid of them, and speak out in defiant free speech.

[A DUmmie endorsement of Chuck Hagel. Thanx for just killing Hagel’s chances of winning the Republican nomination in ’08.]

I wake up with a feeling of dread--that I almost don't even notice anymore, but it's there--because of these jackals. I can't think of a just punishment because there is none. These people are soul murderers. Furthermore, I don't think they'll ever be exposed or held accountable.

[Yeah, it is a bit tough to be exposed for committing imaginary crimes.]

Don't lose hope. Their Day of Reckoning will come. Probably sooner than later at this point, because too many people are really beginning to feel pain for the BFEE's deceit. Without relief, eventually the public's anger will explode into rage, riots and even revolution against the elites. This will happen because the middle class and their hopes and dreams will have been wiped out by the elitists' greed and foolish oversight of the reasoning as to why the middle class was created.

[But before you begin rioting, please don’t forget to send money to the Progressive Democrats of America. Pied Piper Pitt needs the funds to buy a new set of glasses to stare at his navel with.]

In my darkest moments, I see an end similar to Romania's Ceaucescu.....But then my higher thoughts win out, and I have to go with the International Criminal Court.

[And then a couple of rational thoughts slip in momentarily and you realize that you would be happy for just a few extra chunks of horse meat on your dinner plate when they slip it through your cell slot.]

I still favor the Mussolini upside down punishment. It has visual strength.

[That visual picture has been forwarded to the Secret Service, DUmmie aquart. I repeat the name: DUmmie aquart.]

Give each the Saddam treatment, starting with the spider hole and their internment could be Gitmo for awhile, where they might enjoy the prostitute/menstral blood treatment among the other spa offerings, and then lots and lots of solitary confinement alternated with lots and lots of interogation. Start by finding what they know about 9-11, and don't forget the list of all the sneaky underhanded executive orders and such they made. Get the list of media whores so they to can enjoy the accommodations at Gitmo. People like Ruppert Murdock should be invited for extended stays.

[Speaking of extended stays, DUmmie mandyky. Your shrink tells me you will be released from your extended stay in the Year 2525, if Man is still Alive.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what would make this a lot funnier, man?

If you were . . . uh . . . funny.

As it is, you're just a pathetic POS.

DemUnderground gets 10,000 hits a day, and you get two.

Gotta love the unseen hand of the marketplace, man.

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