Thursday, April 21, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 04-21-05 ("Kerry: Don't tell me what God wants")

Have you noticed how energetic John Kerry seems to be lately? He spends 20 years in the Senate barely doing anything and yet it seems he is now putting himself into a whirl of activity that is saying to the world, “NOTICE ME! NOTICE ME!” And why is Kerry jumping up and down recently in order to get attention? For NO OTHER REASON than to keep attention focused on himself for his next try at the Presidency in ’08. It is truly a pathetic act, especially considering that there were reports that he barely made it through the last campaign due to constant exhaustion that was haunting him. Poor Kerry. He is now ruining his health again in a futile cause. Perhaps if he wakes up to political reality and realizes that he WON’T be nominated in ’08 he could relax and get back to the things he really wants to do: snowboarding and windsurfing. And the reason Kerry WON’T be nominated in ’08 is that Hillary has been designated by Karl Rove to be the nominee that year. Oh, and while we are at it, John Edwards can put down his can of hairspray since neither he nor any other candidate besides HILLARY will get the nomination. Right now Kerry’s shtick is to position himself far to the Left so as to gain the support of the DUmmiecrats which is vital in the primaries. However, as soon as it becomes obvious even to Kerry that he WON’T be nominated in ’08, he will pretty much disappear from the Senate. However, in the meantime all this futile activity by Kerry is quite amusing to watch as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Kerry: Don't tell me what God wants.” As usual the gullible DUmmie posts thinking that Kerry is a viable ’08 candidate are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who wishes that Kerry would just shut up and return to the snowboarding slopes, is in the [brackets]:

Kerry: Don't tell me what God wants

WASHINGTON - Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday attacked Republicans for having an ``orthodoxy of view'' and overly inserting religion into politics, accusing them of using God as a justification for appointing conservative judges.

``I am sick and tired of a bunch of people trying to tell me that God wants a bunch of conservative judges on the court and that's why we have to change the rules of the United States Senate,'' Kerry told a group of Bay State residents who traveled to Capitol Hill for U.S. Rep. Martin Meehan's annual legislative seminar.


And I’m sick and tired of all this phony political activity on the part of Kerry after 20 years of near inactivity in the Senate prior to his 2004 campaign.

I'm no Kerry basher, but we could've used that about 8 months ago.

[8 months ago, Kerry wasn’t running for renomination.]

so couLd have aL gore in 2000 and i certainLy appreciate what gore has said since then

[And I certainly appreciate what Al Gore has said since then as well. His bizarre ranting and raving is quite entertaining.]

Don't get me wrong at all - I'm glad he said it. I'm just lamenting that it came now and not October.

[Kerry needs to put on a crazed liberal shtick strictly because he wants to be renominated. The moment he realizes that HILLARY is the designated (by Karl Rove) nominee, he will drop his whole routine and return to fulltime snowboarding and windsurfing…after sleeping off some his exhaustion on Teh-RAY-suh’s couch in her Nantucket mansion.]

I swear I think our last two candidates were muzzled by somebody during their campaign. They are both turning into firebrands after the fact. I really think we need to figure out who keeps telling our candidates how to lose and then fire them.

[Sorry but Karl Rove has tenure. You CAN’T fire him.]

The real question is, will it be used by Dem Pres Candidate "X" in '08? We need someone with testicles (male or female...I'm thinking Barbara Boxer here folks) to say these things.

[The testicled candidate that will be nominated in ’08 will be Hillary. So Karl Rove has said. So it WILL be done.]

The Right owns the Press, the machinery of our Elections, and most of the capital in this country. It's not going to be an easy thing to surmount.

[The Diebold machines have already been preprogrammed for the “R” candidate to win in ’08.]

I think Kerry got himself an education when he ran. I don't think he understood how evil conservatives are. I predict that if Bush gets his way, they will end up being far worse than the Nazis. I don't see how right-wing policies will lead to anything but a series of wars fought to control resources for corporatists who really aren't interested in diplomacy or conservation.

[BFEE. Ooh! Ooh! Let me run off the rest of the paranoid acronyms: PNAC, LIHOP, MIHOP, CNP, IHOP. Oooooh! I feel sooooo much BETTER now!]

Obviously Kerry has yet to speak to Ratzinger! I fear for our liberal Catholic politicians!

[Thus spaketh DUmmie IndianaGreen. BTW, I DENY that I am posing as IndianaGreen in DUmmieland. Or maybe I am. I’ll NEVER tell. Hee! Hee!]

He needs to moon the Bush lackey, Ratzigwhatever his name is!

[That would be a grotesque sight---Kerry bending over and dropping his drawers to reveal his bony buttcheeks.... Hope it's on video!!!]

We need some more of this from the "religious left."

[Kerry is religious? Since when is snowboarding a religious rite?]

It's nice to see Kerry finding his "inner warrior" that the FRICKING election is over.

[Kerry will ditch his “inner warrior” the moment he sees his renomination is going NOWHERE.]

Could someone explain to me why when people like Kerry and Gore become presidential candidates they are wooden and careful and so slow to speak anything remotely approaching the truth but as soon as they are no longer candidates, they turn into the wonderful truth telling firebrands that they should always have been.

[Because being out of power brings out the “Inner Nutcase” in them.]

I think we can see one reason is "The Scream" Any fire-branding is automatically painted by the conservative MSM as "nuts" "whacko" "angry" "out of control" "angry liberal" etc.

[YEEEEEEAAAAAAGHHHH!!! Kerry should practice that scream for use during his nomination concession speech to Hillary.]

Sounds like Kerry is turning into the next Gore...ANGRY as hell for losing to a MORAN!!!

[Love it! Plenty of future DUmmie FUnnies material there.]

It's really too bad...... I truly think that if Kerry had the courage to speak like this last year, he would have won by a margin too large to steal. But, credit where credit is due, Kerry deserves a lot of credit for coming out and saying what needed to be said.

[Yes. I give full credit to Kerry for allowing his Inner Nutcase to come out. He is now on a par with Al Gore.]


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