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DUmmie FUnnies 04-11-05 ("Why shouldn't we give Andrea Dworkin the same respect we gave the Pope?")

I once had a friend named Fred who did some professional wrestling for a brief time. It was an amazing experience to visit Fred’s apartment because it was always filled with incredibly UGLY women who were like Fred’s sex slaves. They catered to his every whim. On top of that they gave him money and whatever else he asked. Finally I asked Fred about this and he told me that he discovered that it was really easy to get really ugly women to do whatever he wanted. It was simple. Fred was actually a fairly good-looking guy so he figured that he would pick up only really ugly women who rarely, if ever, had guys pay attention to them. Somehow Fred convinced the women that it was better for them to share him and at least get a piece of the action than have nobody at all. It got to the point where Fred actually preferred ugly women since he was able to manipulate them in his own private harem to the point where he didn’t need to wrestle for money. However, there was a tradeoff. The women in his Harem of the Uglies had to be hideous enough that they tolerated Fred’s manipulation. I once even offered to set Fred up on a date with a good looking woman but he flat out rejected that idea since he knew he couldn’t manipulate a woman like that. I often wondered just how ugly a woman had to be for even Fred to reject her. Years later I believe I found just such a woman---Anrea Dworkin. I had heard about her wacky writings but when I first saw her on TV I couldn’t believe it. She looked like Jabba the Hut in drag, dressed in bib overalls. Yes, finally a woman that even Fred would reject. And yet somehow the DUmmies are wondering why the recently deceased Andrea Dworkin is not being accorded the same honors as the Pope as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Why shouldn't we give Andrea Dworkin the same respect we gave the Pope?” Um, maybe it was because Ms Dworkin’s ugliness was exceeded only by her extreme anger? As usual the DUmmie mournings for the leftwing feminist are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, retiring his 10 foot pole for warding off Andrea Dworkin, is in the [brackets]:

Why shouldn't we give Andrea Dworkin the same respect we gave the Pope?

[Um…Maybe it might have to do to the fact that Andrea Dworkin spent her whole life seeking angry revenge on a world that allowed her to be born so ugly?]

I'm not a fan of Andrea Dworkin, nor was I a fan of Pope John Paul II. But it seems to me that both individuals were famous, controversial, somewhat anti-sex, and very polarzing. So why shouldn't we exhibit the same basic respect for Andre Dworkin that we did for Pope John Paul II? By that I mean shouldn't we restrain ourselves from posting jokes about her death and from making insensitive comments about her supporters? Good heavens, Andre Dworkin's corpse is still warm. Shouldn't we wait to dance on her grave until she is actually in it?

[She is in her grave now that they found a casket big enough to fit so dance and joke all you want.]

Nothing is sacred.

[In the case of the cosmetically challenged Andrea Dworkin, that would be true.]

Certainly, but it seems we have a double standard here. DUers were required to at least be respectful of the feelings of followers of JPII. Why should he rate above Andrea Dworkin?

[If you even have to ask that question, it shows just how far out you DUmmies are. But just to make you feel better, I support sending Hillary and Janet Reno to attend the Dworkin funeral.]

Why should anybody "rate" above anyone else? Strip away radical feminism's myopic fixation on male power and what you have is a wish for the banishment for all heirarchical structures, which I think is the noblest goal of all.

[Trust me. Even DUmmie Faye rates above Andrea Dworkin.]

After all, I'm sure somebody somewhere worshiped and admired her.

[I believe such people are called “blind.”]

...I think one of the mods even posted something to the effect that those with negative views of the Pope should keep quiet in part because it would make DU look bad to slag off a recently deceased Pontiff.

[The DUmmie Mods know you DUmmies better than you think. Without enforced censorship with deleted replies and threads, you DUmmies would have posted an orgy of Pope hating rants for all the world to see.]

Who is Andrea Dworkin? I seriously have never heard that name before.

[Just pray that you NEVER see her picture.]

Andrea Dworkin had a huge impact on the debate over pornography. Both in this country and in Canada. She was quite well-published and quite controversial.

[And quite UGLY.]

She gained minor notoriety in the 1980s for her anti-sex screeds. But you probably wouldn't have heard much about it if you lived far from the coasts.

[Those lucky people in flyover country.]

I think it's a disservice to write off Dworkin's writing as anti-sex screeds. Her take on sexual politics in general, and pornography in specific, did talk about inter-gender relations from an adversarial point of view.

[How the hell would Andrea Dworkin know anything about inter-gender relations? I bet she never had a date in her life.]

I'm a Dorothy Parker kind of woman myself.

[Good. Now thank God you aren’t an Andrea Dworkin kind of woman.]

I accept Dworkin as part of the history of the women's struggle. Maybe because she was seen as "fringe" by include others within the women's movement...a push was made to keep her outside the "mainstream" of the women's movement ( regards to thinking and literature)?...turning her into an obscure reference that only us "die-hard feminists" would know about. Also, getting into bed, politically, with right wing fundies is enough to discredit about sleeping with the enemy...

[Trust me. Neither “right wind fundies” nor anyone else ever had the slightest desire of getting into bed with Andrea Dworkin.]

As for Dworkin, I agree that now is not the time to discuss what I don't like about her. I hope her passing was painless, and I hope she finds peace now.

[One thing we know for sure---she still won’t find a boyfriend now.]

I fully embrace the "women's movement"....flaws and all. Doesn't mean I agree with everything ever said in the course of the struggle....just means I accept it's history without the revisions and commentary. Dworkin is a part of the history that icludes those other names.

[Go ahead and embrace Andrea Dworkin…and lose your lunch.]

I considered her intelligent and capable of inspiration -- but also a MAJOR retro mind on subjects like pornography.

[The only pornography that I am adamantly opposed to is any pinup of Andrea Dworkin. UGHH! Now I need to have my mind washed in hydrochloric acid for even entertaining that thought.]

Little to compare the two. There are vast differences between these two people. The Pope is the titular head of one of the world's largest religions. Dworkin is not even head of the American feminist movement, which is not religious but political. He has a vast following, she has a tiny following, if any at all.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity. Unfortunately for this DUmmie, the Kewpie doll will be in the image of Andrea Dworkin.]

Some people on DU seem to see her as the enemy. They have reduced her message to: sex is bad and porn is bad. Those are of course obviously the most important rights for them. They don't understand that her arguements and reasoning behind them. She made arguements that others had not dared to make. These arguements contributed to feminist thinking and enabled us to be able to see a more balanced view.

[Okay. Whatever you say as long as I don’t have to view Andrea Dworkin.]


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