Tuesday, April 05, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 04-05-05 ("What is the root cause of terrorism against the U.S.?")

Is it really any big surprise that the answer posed by the question in this DUmmie THREAD, “What is the root cause of terrorism against the U.S.?” is Bush and/or the U.S.A.? I mean, come on. This is DUmmieland we are talking about where they operate in a warped alternate universe. Do you actually expect they would blame the (GASP!) terrorists for terrorism? To them the terrorists are freedom fighters struggling against American Imperialism and the Bush Family Evil Empire (BFEE in DUmmie Talk). So let us now view the DUmmie freak show of warped reality. As usual the upside down DUmmie logic is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

What is the root cause of terrorism against the U.S.?

[The DUmmie answer to that question is NOT hard to guess.]

BFEE they are the root of the problem.

[Congratulations on being utterly predictable.]


[And MIHOP and IHOP.]

Lack of distribution of wealth in the Middle East, curtesy of Big Oil. Now they scramble to re-fix things and cover it all with a big fat myth.

[Saddam Hussein was forced at gun point to hog all that oil money for himself.]

The have nots...are tired of having naught.

[That poor billionaire, Osama Bin Laden, was definitely a have not….when compared to Bill Gates.]

PNAC. Not only the source of trouble Middle East, but the whole world. Nothing but "Manifest Destiny", regurgitated. Other nations consider it little more than a plan for world domination by the U.S.

[P-NACing, Mr. Pinnell? P-NACing?]

The root cause *is* the US. It's that fact that so many people in our country want to kill every single non-xtian alive today. Why shouldn't they hate the US when so many people in power in our country want to kill them?

[Is that a fact, Jack?]

Dick Cheney

[Karl Rove too!]

We keep stomping on their peoples for greater power and control. This includes supporting dictators, overthrowing democratic governments, and bombing entire swaths of countryside back into the Stone Age.

[And pouring arsenic into their soil.]

Easy...it all started w/ the US bases put in place by Cheney/Bush I in Saudi Arabia on the holiest of grounds & the knowledge of PNAC. OBL didn't like this one bit. I will even go out on a ledge and say that if Al Gore were president, there would not hv been an attack. I think OBL et al, would hv warned him to get the US bases out of Saudi Arabia. Gore wld hv done it too. Flame away.

[So you are admitting that the Father of the Internet would have caved in to OBL.]

The majority of "terrorist" bombings are against uniformed U.S. forces overseas. By traditional laws of combat these are fair and appropriate targets.

[Tell it to the Marines…if you dare.]

America is certainly number 1, public enemy number 1.

[A sentiment heard many times over in the DUmmie Echo Chamber.]


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